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This is a character for the 'Justifiers' role-playing game, created by Drohem.

Justifiers is one of my favorite role-playing games and I couldn't believe that there wasn't a character already made. So, I decided to create the first Justifiers character for the challenge.


Rocky is owned by the TTMS Corporation. He has finished his training as a Justifier pilot and is waiting for his first mission.

Character Stats[edit]

Beta-Humanoid Type: Raccoon
Level: 1
Career Class: Field Operative (Pilot)
Rank: Warrant Officer Third Class
Buy-Back: 8,200,000 C
Bank: 500 C
Experience Points: 100

--- Attributes ---
Strength- 65
Dexterity- 130
Constitution- 74
Intelligence- 16
Wisdom- 20
Agility- 96
Presence- 09

--- Statistics ---
Mental Strength- 38
Body- 17
Resilience- 17
Base Speed- 58
Base Skill Level- 02%
Base to Strike- 43%
Damage Bonus- 7

--- Racial Package ---
Armor: Lt Hide
Speed: 35
Attribute modifiers:
-- DEX +35
-- Climb 75%
-- Night Vision (as cyber-eye)
Natural Weapons:
-- Bite (small)
-- 2 claws (both small)
Track by scent 30%

--- Basic Training Skills ---
Basic Math- 52%
Communicator Operations- 17%
Computer Operations- 17%
E-Suit Operations- 27%
Emergency E-Suit Repair- 22%
First Aid- 17%
Hand-to-Hand Combat- 17%
Navigation- 17%
Pilot Ground Vehicle- 17%
Projectile Weapons (Hand)- 17%
Scanner Systems Operations- 27%
Speak Native- 77%
Transmatt Operations- 27%
Read & Write Native- 77%
Zero-G Training- 17%

--- Career Class Training Skills ---
Advanced Navigation- 27%
Advanced Zero-G Training- 17%
Aircraft Technology- 12%
Air-to-Air Combat- 23%
Combat Driving- 23%
Pilot Aircraft/Submersible- 22%
Pilot Hover Craft- 22%
Vehicle Mounted Weapons- 22%

--- Cross-Training Skills ---
Advanced Mathematics- 22%
Beam Weapons- 22%
Cartography- 27%
Electronic Counter Measures- 17%
Hand Weapons- 22%
Martial Arts- 22%
Photography- 17%
Projectile Weapons (Rifles & Shotguns)- 22%

--- Elective Skills ---
Carousing- 02%
Corporate Structure- 02%
Cuisine- 02%
Exo-Skeleton Operations- 02%
Philosophy- 02%
Physics- 02%
Swimming- 02%

--- Equipment ---
Backpack 50C
Boots 50C
Chronometer 35C
Map Case 25C
Mess Kit 50C
Sub-machine Gun 500C
SMG Clip x4 340C
CD Player/Recorder 150C
CD Collection x10 300C

Character Description[edit]

Rocky Quicksilver has the typical markings of a Raccoon Beta-Humanoid, although he does have silver streaks radiating from the edges of his eyes (hence his nickname). He stands at 5'6" tall and weighs 145 pounds. He is a young hot-shot looking for the 'action.' He hasn't gone on his first Justifier mission yet and he is anxious to do it. He is an adrenaline junkie and is always looking to push the edge of the envelope.


Rocky Quicksilver was created using the Justifiers (Revised, color cover) RPG rules as written.