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A character for Traveller, created by g026r.

This character was created using the rules from the Starter Edition boxed set, as they are the only ones I own.


Due to his few terms of service, Captain Asu is best suited for a campaign with either a large group of PCs or the Traveller equivalent of "lower level" challenges. His high strength and assortment of combat-related skills make him appropriate as either the muscle in a party, or a member of a mercenary-oriented campaign.

Character Stats[edit]

Army Captain Rodney Asu		A7B659	Age 26
2 terms				      Cr10,000
Rifle-1, Cutlass-1, SMG-1, ATV-1, Tactics-1
1 Rifle, 1 Low Passage

Character Description[edit]

Born to a prosperous, but not wealthy, military family, Rodney's dream once he reached the age of 18 was to follow his father (and father's father, and father's father's father… you get the idea) into the Imperial Marines. Unfortunately, though he passed the physical section of the qualifying exam, his intelligence was deemed unsatisfactory and he was summarily rejected.

Drafted into the Army instead, he spent most of his two terms involved in more physical maneuvers. Finally catching the attention of higher-ups, he was commissioned and rose quickly in rank. It finally seemed that things were turning around for Captain Asu when, as part of a general cost-cutting measure, he was mustered out with only a rifle, some credits, and a low berth passage to the starport of his choice to his name. He now seeks excitement, adventure, and the chance to finally make a name for himself that he feels was denied him in the service.


Having failed the attempt at enlisting and then mustered out after the second term, this guy didn't get much of a chance to acquire skills or rank. On the other hand, at least he got drafted into the Army where the automatic skills occur at low ranks.