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A character for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd edition. Created using completely random generation — name, eye colour, height, weight, sibling, the whole works.

Shallya's Mercy was taken on Agility, which was also the subject of the free advance for the starting Agitator career.


This character was created for a 2nd ed. The Enemy Within play-by-post, but could easily be adapted for use in any campaign taking place in the Empire or Tilea.

5'11", 135lbs. Dark brown hair, copper eyes, and a broken nose.

Character Stats[edit]

Personal Details[edit]

Race: Human
Age: 27
Eye Colour: Copper
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Star Sign: The Two Bullocks
Gender: Male
Weight: 135lbs.
Height: 5'1"
Number of Siblings: 4
Birthplace: Reikland
Distinguishing Marks: Broken nose

Main Characteristics[edit]

WS: 36
BS: 34
S: 32
T: 29
Ag: 36
Int: 31
WP: 30
Fel: 29

Secondary Characteristics[edit]

A: 1
W: 12
SB: 3
TB: 2
M: 4
Mag: 0
IP: 0
FP: 2


Flee!, Luck, Public Speaking, Sixth Sense, Street Fighting


Academic Knowledge (Law), Charm, Common Knowledge (The Empire), Concealment, Gossip (+10%), Perception, Read/Write, Speak Language (Tilean), Speak Language (Reikspiel) (+10%)


Leather jack/Light armour, one set good craftsmenship clothes, 12 leaflets, 11 gold, plus standard adventurer trappings (bag is a sling bag, hand weapon is a short sword).

Character Background & Description[edit]

Born in a small Reikland settlement under the sign of the Two Bullocks, Rudiger was the 5th and final child of a pair of fervent members of a local cult of Verena. Though physical luxuries were often wanting in his childhood, his parents ensured that he received at least the basics of an education, teaching him how to read and write.

It was on a childhood trip to Altdorf that he first got his exposure to the larger world outside his settlement's confines, and what he saw excited him. At the same time, he saw his parent's plans for him as constraining and tethering him to the same life as they had.

Leaving home at the age of 14, he quickly discovered that it was not as easy as he thought to make it in the world, and soon fell to a life of petty crime. Fleeing from the law, he eventually made his way to Tilea, where he learnt the language and noticed the living that others made inciting the local populace. Eventually finding his way back to the Empire, he has attempted to put his newfound skills to use -- sometimes seeking employment from nobles to incite the populace, sometimes inciting the populace in order to exact payment from nobles. His attempts are not always successful, with his most recent attempt having earned him a broken nose and the ire of at least several businessmen.


A bit much to keep track of when you're rolling everything up, but it all comes together nicely in the end.