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Savage World is a game that's claims" it's fast, furious and fun!" The following is Raye "Sailor Mars" Hino from DiC's dubbing of Sailor Moon just the day after she gets her power--prefect for anime campaign or a "Sailor Moon" campaign.


Name: Raye "Sailor Mars" Hino Race: Reborn Humaniod Alien* Agility: D4 Smarts: D6 Spirit: D8 Vigor: D6 Charisma: 0 Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 5

Rare Skills: Fighting = D4; Guts = D6; Persuasion = D8; Taunts= D4

Common Knowledge Files: Tokyo, Japan; Japanese Language; English Language; Cherry Hill Temple & The Hino Family.

Hindrances: Big Mouth (Minor); Delusional (Major - Think she's the rightful leader of the Sailor Scouts); Enemy (Major - The Negaverse), Mean (Minor)

Edges: Arcane Background (Superpowers -- Reborn Human Alien -- a Sailor Scout), Attractive; Rich

Arcane Powers:

  • "Mars Power!" (Armor) - Raye raises her Mars Pen to the sky and yell, "Mars Power!" summoning the strange Sailor Scout armor of Sailor Mars.
  • "Mars Fire Ignite!" (Blot) -- Sailor Mars puts her hands together--with her index fingers touching--and yells, "Mars Fire Ignite!"

Gears: Mars Pen* (Allows her to transform into Sailor Mars)


Background: Long time ago, the universe was at peace--the most peaceful was the Moon Kindgom ruled by kindly Queen Serenity. But on day, the evil Queen Beryl unleashed the powerful Negaforce from the Negaverse on the Moon Kindgom destroying it. Queen Serenity sent her daughter, Princess Serenity and her court to their future on Earth.

Born to a politician daughter and his wife. When his wife died while he was away, Raye went to live with her grandfather, a old priest at Cherry Hill Temple. When Jadeite tried to use busses to get energy from humans who were visiting it--she was visited twice by Serena and Luna. On the second visit, Luna left behind the Mars Pen. It turns out that Luna was right on the balls--for the second time--Luna was little confused on Amy "Sailor Mercury" Anderson, who told Raye to use the pen to transform into Sailor Mars, who used to defeat the Nega-Monster.

Appearance: As Raye Hino, when not in her Sailor Scout's uniform, T&A Private School for Girls's School Uniform, or her Shinto temple dress, usually wears a black shirt, with a red jacket, blue jeans, and sneakers.


Took me a hour to do it--I am new to the Savage World system.