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A character for Toon, created by psychojosh13.


Toon is not about campaigns, it's about a series of more or less unconnected one-shots. As such, Seamus does not belong to any campaign.

Character Stats[edit]

Seamus O'Primate
Species: Gorilla
Occupation: Leprechaun
Natural Enemy: snakes
Beliefs & Goals: "I'm a lucky creature, and I should grant luck to anyone who deserves it"
Hip Points: 8

Muscle 6
Break Down Door 8
Climb 9
Fight 8
Pick Up Heavy Thing 9
Throw 8

Zip 3
Dodge 5
Drive Vehicle 3
Fire Gun 3
Jump 6
Ride 3
Run 6
Swim 3

Smarts 4
Hide/Spot Hidden 4
Identify Dangerous Thing 4
Read 4
Resist Fast-Talk 7
See/Hear/Smell 5
Set/Disarm Trap 4
Track/Cover Tracks 5

Chutzpah 2
Fast-Talk 2
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods 2
Sleight of Hand 4
Sneak 2

Incredible Luck 5

Possessions: Green coat and hat, bananas, small pouch full of gold coins, pipe and tobacco

Character Description[edit]

Seamus is a large black gorilla who, for reasons that aren't worth explaining, believes himself to be a leprechaun. He dresses the part, speaks with a rather disconcerting Irish accent, and certainly seems to have a leprechaun's luck. Perhaps unsurprisingly he is rather gullible, but if he does catch on that someone is trying to trick or take advantage of him, he gets mad easily. And you don't want him to be mad.


I don't think I've played Toon since I was 10 or so, but writing up this character really makes me want to give it a go. You can be literally anything you want, and if you're not sure the book has plenty of suggestions (ranging from standards like cats, dogs, and humans to such options as were-penguins, toasters, and science-fiction writers (yes, the book lists that as a species, not an occupation)).