Character:Serenely Triumphant Spear of the Kissing Maiden

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Serenely Triumphant Spear of the Kissing Maiden

Serenely Triumphant Spear of the Kissing Maiden.png

Character in Land of Sand, played by Andrensath.

Caste: Chosen of Serenity
Concept: Gold Faction sexpot martial artist.

Description needs to be written

Iconic Anima[edit]

  • An expanding circle of translucent violet light.


  • Prevent the excesses of the First Age as the Solars return to power.


  • Gold Faction (Loyalty) (+)
  • Her spouses (Love) (+).
  • Zelethar Jones (Lust) (+).



  • Intelligence ••
  • Perception ••
  • Wits •••


  • Dexterity •••
  • Stamina •••
  • Strength •••


  • Appearance ••••
  • Charisma •••
  • Manipulation •••


Auspicious Abilities[edit]

  • Craft
  • Dodge •••
  • Linguistics ••• (Old Realm, High Realm, Firetongue)
  • Performance •••
  • Socialize •••

Favoured Abilities[edit]

  • Lore •••
  • Integrity ••
  • Martial Arts •••
  • Presence •••

Unfavoured Abilities[edit]

  • Awareness ••
  • Bureaucracy ••
  • Medicine ••
  • Melee ••
  • Occult ••
  • Stealth ••


Artifact 2, Starmetal Daiklaive[edit]

  • Undefeated Lover's Blade.
    • Passed down to Triumphant Spear from her previous incarnation, Undefeated Lover.

Backing 3, Gold Faction[edit]

  • Triumphant Spear believes that only by working with the Solars can Creation be saved.

Celestial Manse 3, Precision of Form Gemstone[edit]

  • Earned through dedicated service to her Faction and the Bureau.

Connections 1, House Tepet (Blessed Isle)[edit]

  • Even decades after her Exaltation as a Sidereal, Triumphant Spear manages to maintain a relationship with the members of her birth family.

Salary 5[edit]

  • Earned through long service to the Bureau. And sharing a bed with one of the most senior Sidereals in Yu Shan almost every night.

Sifu 3, Toran Sedir[edit]

  • Master of the Violet Bier of Sorrows and Scarlet Patterned Battlefield Styles.
    • Has also mastered one other Sidereal Martial Art, although she refuses to tell Triumphant Spear which it is.



Enchanting Features 4[edit]

Quick Draw 2[edit]



First Integrity Excellency[edit]

  • Add dice to rolls involving Integrity.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 126.

Heroic Essence Replenishment[edit]

  • Allows for motes of Essence to be regained by Channeling Willpower through Valour.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 178.


Favourable Inflection Procedure[edit]

  • This Charm can force another to gain a one-dot Intimacy toward the user. If the target is hostile, he becomes calm. This has no effect on Exalts in Limit Break.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 146.

Martial Arts[edit]

Joy in Adversity Stance[edit]

  • Roll pool equal to permanent Essence when attack fails to overcome DV, each success grants two motes of Essence back.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 182.

Flight of Mercury[edit]

  • Reduce speed of Martial Arts attacks to min of 3.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 181.

Secrets of Future Strife[edit]

  • Doubles base Join Battle pool
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 180.


Harmony of Blows[edit]

  • Can make two more attacks using Archery, Martial Arts, Melee or Thrown, ignoring multiple-action penalties and his attacks’ listed Rate.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 155.

Impeding the Flow[edit]

  • Reduces successes on an incoming attack with a physical aspect that is not unblockable to zero.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 155.


Cash and Murder Games[edit]

  • The Sidereal chooses two people—a beneficiary and a victim—and twists their fates to grant the beneficiary an emotional dominion over the victim. The victim might fear the beneficiary, desire her sexually, revere her or otherwise define himself in terms of her. (The Sidereal can name herself the beneficiary in such a relationship.) Regardless, the victim cannot resist succumbing to the beneficiary’s will.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 149.

Life Without Compunction[edit]

  • If a character commits a social faux pas or otherwise violates some cultural taboo, a Sidereal can use this Charm to mitigate the social backlash. She can do so either for herself, or on someone else’s behalf.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 149.

Shun the Smiling Lady[edit]

  • An office of the Bureau of Destiny holds a list of every person in a generation who is destined to fall in love. A spurned, vindictive or simply overprotective Sidereal can remove a person’s name from this roster for as long as the Sidereal commits Essence to this Charm.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 149.

You and Yours Stance[edit]

  • Using this Charm, a Vizier can make other people want to please him; actually harming him seems unthinkable.
    • Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, page 150.


  • Permanent Essence: 3
  • Personal motes: 2/12
  • Peripheral motes: 27/33
  • Committed: 5 Peripheral
    • Undefeated Lover's Blade
      • 5 Peripheral
  • Willpower: 5/6


  • Compassion ••
  • Conviction ••••
  • Temperance •
  • Valour ••

Limit Break[edit]

  • 0/10



  • Undefeated Lover's Blade, a Starmetal Daiklaive. Modified stats are Accuracy +4, Damage +9L.


  • Royal clothing.
    • Imperial jewellery.
  • Grand palace in the Imperial City.
    • Fully staffed by high-quality slaves and concubines.
    • Posh furnishings.


  • What is your character's name? Is it self-given? A title? Or was it just given to them by their mom and/or dad?
    • When being formal or talking to those she dislikes, the Serenely Triumphant Spear of the Kissing Maiden insists upon the title granted to her as a Sidereal, but amongst friends she prefers her birth name of Tepet Anelsi, and her lovers/spouses simply call her Anelsi.
  • What does your character look like?
    • Anything she wants, although her preferred appearance is that of a beautiful young woman.
  • Where in Creation is your character from? If they are local to Chiaroscuro, are they Delzahn, or some other tribe? City-Dweller or Desert-Dweller? If they aren't from the area, have they leaved near here long or are they new to the area?
    • Tepet Anelsi was born and grew up on the Blessed Isle, but has spent much of the time since her Exaltation in Yu Shan. She has only recently arrived in Chiaroscuro, following information gained from Caena Aniri, one of her wifes and a fellow member of the Gold Faction.
  • What is your character's family like? Parents? Did they live in an extended family with a lot of their relatives, or do they only have a few that they know? Were their parental relationships nurturing or not-so-nurturing? How does this affect your character now?
    • The only child in her immediate family, Tepet Anelsi grew up in the House palace, surrounded by the other members of her House, and their slaves. Her parents were fairly loving, by Realm standards.
  • What about close friends? Lovers? Is your character married? How close are your character's friends?
    • Tepet Anelsi has several fairly close friends, but no lovers per se, as she's married to all eight of them.
  • Are their any organisations or nations that your character is loyal to? Why?
    • Tepet Anelsi is loyal to the Gold Faction, because she believes that only with a full sphere of Exalted can Creation be saved. She's also loyal to her group marriage, half-jokingly known as the Ninefold Nymphos.
  • What ideals does your character uphold? Are there any that they would be willing to die for?
    • Her ideals are basically that love is the greatest virtue, and must be upheld above all else. That's also the only ideal she's willing to die for.
  • How does your character feel about their Exaltation? Are they gung-ho, ready to use their newfound power to shake the world to its foundations, or are they more cautious, wanting to learn more about their power before they unleash it?
    • Tepet Anelsi has actually been Exalted for several decades, so she's quite used to the power, even if she doesn't actually have all that much of it.
  • How is your character's relationship with his or her divine patron? Is it distant? Is your character particularly pious towards any religion, whether that of their patron, or any of the others in the setting?
    • Anelsi is fairly close to her divine patron. She's an extremely devout worshipper of Venus, but only moderately devout towards the other Maidens and the rest of the Incarnae. All other religions she assesses on their own merits and what she can get out of them, but doesn't follow them.
  • What are your character's goals? What do they hope to accomplish? What is your character's Motivation?
    • Anelsi's goals are to create a circle of Solars with herself as the face of the group, forge a new Deliberative composed of all the Solars, Lunars, and Sidereals, and, more mundanely, have great sex with her spouses. Her Motivation is to 'Prevent the excesses of the First Age as the Solars return to power'.



  • Dodge DV: 5
  • Parry DV: 3 base, 2 when kicking, 4 when punching, and 4 with her daiklaive.


  • Dodge MDV: 5
  • Parry MDV: 4


  • The Lovers •••
  • The Musician ••
  • The Peacock ••

Health Levels[edit]

  • -0
  • -1
  • -1
  • -2
  • -2
  • -4
  • Incapacitated

Wounds are designated as bashing, lethal or aggravated


  • Bashing: 3
  • Lethal: 1



  • 30/7/20009: 5XP



Merits (2XP/dot)[edit]

  • 1/8/2009: Quick Draw 2