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Silk a.k.a. Gavane a.k.a. Lei Zu a.k.a. The White Reaper
Night Caste (former) assassin in RttToFC

A man of wiry build with the tanned skin and dark eyes of the south. Short black hair and a finely trimmed beard frame the agelessly youthful face of an Exalt; only the hardness and hidden pain in his eyes betray his true age. In his clothes he prefers silk and fine leathers in tones of gray, cut so as to allow the maximum range of movement and conceal a multitude of weapons. Thin leather gloves, moccasins and a cloak of rough, gray cloth complete his appearance. He speaks softly and his demeanor is mild, that of a man who has nothing to prove. When he drops the pretense of normalcy his movements are extraordinarily graceful and almost completely silent.


To help usher in a new and better world order.


All I have left in this world is my daughter. She shouldn't have to suffer for my inadequacies. (5/5)
This Circle, these allies and friends may represent the best chance of creating a new and better world order. (5/5)


The colors of Silk's anima are a pale mix of white and gold contrasted by strange shadows of gray and purple flickering all around him. On the rare occasion that he is forced to reveal his totemic anima the shadows flow together to form the displays of a beautiful but dangerous looking bird with six powerful black wings in the air above him. Being aware of his status as one of the Wretched Silk is darkly amused by this imagery, which in popular tales is reserved for messengers of the celestial gods.


PHYSICAL: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 2
SOCIAL: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
MENTAL: Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 4


Caste Abilities[edit]

Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Dodge 5, Larceny 4, Stealth 5 (In Plain Sight +2)

Favored Abilities[edit]

Martial Arts 5 (Rope +2), Thrown 3, Performance 5 (Dance +2), Resistance 3, Investigation 3

Unfavored Abilities[edit]

Integrity 2, Lore 2, Linguistics 3 (Firetongue, Low Realm, Riverspeak, Old Realm), Occult 2


Artifact 3[edit]

Orichalkum Hearthstone Bracers & Infinite Wardrobe
When his flight from the past brought Silk to Nexus he was astounded by the enormity and attitude of the Riverlands' greatest city. Originally he meant only to stay long enough to fade into the chaos and let the thousands and thousands of people trample over any trails he might have left behind. But then while spying on a merchant of information he caught wind of something greater, something that brought up memories not his own. An item had allegedly surfaced in the inheritance left behind by an old and successful scavenger lord, an item of a material shining like gold but impervious to all harm. Gripped by a previously unknown fascination Silk pursued the artifact's trail from the old grave robber to his heir, sold to a Guild merchant, bought at extraordinary expense by the Immaculate Order seeking to destroy the unholy thing and finally stolen by a Merchant Prince's retainer. In the prince's heavily guarded palace finally he clashed with a strange green-eyed woman who apparently also sought the same item. It quickly became clear that her skill in the arts martial was greater than Silk's but in the end his own mastery of subtlety and shadows won out and he was able to disappear into the night with the much sought-after artifact.
Besides the usual powers of hearthstone bracers this pair has has an immensely useful additional power: It can spin new clothes of every possible sort - be they rags or courtly robes of the most exotic kind - from the Essence of its wielder at the cost of merely 1m. This has benefited Silk greatly as disguising himself has become much easier since he now always has the exactly right clothing for every possible situation and disguise at hand.

Resources 4[edit]

Much of Silk's money stems in part from the coffers of Harama's Dancers and the many hide-away caches prepared for its agents. Upon leaving all of that behind Silk took a good sum of unmarked silver and jewels with him, considering it payment for his long service and arguing that with the cult's destruction his would likely be the best hands the money could fall into. The rest comes from private deals he has made in the last few months. Coming up with capital to work with is easy when there is no burglar and few confidence men to match him. And knowing where to invest is a lot more comfortable as well, when taking a look at a merchant's book takes no more effort than a stroll in the park. All of this together means that there is a wide range of resources at Silk's disposal, from a few overtly in his many names to those impossible to trace.

Contacts 3[edit]

His old networks of informants don't reach into the East, but Silk has been well trained and despite his otherwise poor social graces he has a knack for finding the right people for the right job. Whether it is someone familiar with the games of the high and mighty or just someone who knows the street and will talk in exchange for a free drink, whether it is an honest moneylender, a corrupt guard, a learned scholar or just a few guys who will bash in anyone's head for a few pieces of silver - Silk knows them or at least where to look for them.



Easily Overlooked Presence Method (3m, remain perfectly unnoticed unless drawing attention to yourself)
Mental Invisibility Technique (5m, 1wp, roll Dex+Stealth, add Ess sux, everyone with lower MDV needs to spend 4wp to perceive you)
Invisible Statue Spirit (5m, defy all perception except touch as long as he stays perfectly still)
Hidden Sun Prana (5m, 1wp, extends ISS, perfect stealth for one scene unless attacking)
Concealing Mind Shadow (4m, impose (Ess) as external penalty on Awareness rolls or add (Ess) sux to Stealth. +1wp to extend the penalty to attacks, invalid target to ranged attacks)
Vanishing from Mind's Eye Technique (10m, 1wp, roll Wits+Stealth +(Ess) sux, vanish from all memory unless someone gets more sux than that on Wits+Lore, one roll per day)
Memory Prism Method (--, spend 2m to allow a person partial memories or even exclude them from VfMET entirely)


Graceful Crane Stance (3m, perfect balance)
Monkey Leap Technique (3m, jump as move action and double jumping distance)
Foe-Vaulting Style (1m, add Athletics in dice to reestablish surprise actions for one scene)


Shadow Over Water (1m, dodge at full DV)
Seven Shadow Evasion (3m, perfect dodge unless it goes against his Motivation)


1st Larceny Excellency
Perfect Impenetrable Disguise (7m, perfect illusionary disguise)


3rd Awareness Excellency
Keen Hearing and Touch Technique (3m, add two automatic sux to Awareness rolls, reduce penalties for blindness or darkness)
Unsurpassed Hearing and Touch Discipline (2m, double successes on Awareness rolls)
Surprise Anticipation Method (1m, notice unexpected attacks or other dangers)
Observer-Unveiling Meditation (1m, become aware of all observers, spies or sorcerers trying to watch or learn something about you)


1st Performance Excellency
Heart-Compelling Method (6m, arouse powerful emotions in others, UMI, 2WP to resist)
Phantom-Conjuring Performance (--, allows the creation of ghostly images, ethereal music and strange sensory effects)
Memory-Reweaving Discipline (10m, 1wp, create a specific belief up to the overwriting of memories, UMI, instant magical intimacy takes 1wp/scene to erode)


Tireless Sentinel Technique (3m, go without sleep for up to 5 days or until a set task is accomplished)

Martial Arts[edit]

Crimson Dance of Shadows Style

  • Shadow Dancing Concentration (2m, add 4d to shadow dance, 2d to actions requiring physical contortions)
  • Flowing Darkness Counterpoint (3m, Reestablish Surprise as a reflexive action, can be used no more than Ess times per action)


World-Shaping Song[edit]

A crystalline clarity comes over the world as Silk speaks. No sight is impeded by fog or shadow, no sound dampened or obscured by noise, every smell separate and yet one. His words have shimmering silver edges to them, a sweet pain to his listeners as they cut through all uncertainty, and his every motion divides perfect, shining truth from dark ignorance. None who let him touch their hearts are ever the same again. (Memory-Reweaving Discipline+1st Performance Excellency)

Ineffable Symphony of Shadows[edit]

All lights dim and reality becomes fluid around Silk, allowing him to easily evade all attacks. His every motion is part of a beauteous dance, of a transcendent composition that no merely human mind can grasp, and shapes the malleable nature of that which is only half seen into the sequence of events desired by the architect of the ineffable masterpiece. (Surprise-Anticipation Method+Shadow Over Water+Seven Shadow Evasion+Flowing Darkness Counterpoint)


Art of the Dead[edit]

Summon Ghost (Charisma, Diff 2, 15 minutes, summon a ghost by offering blood and grave goods)
Pierce Shadowland (Wits, Diff 2, 1 minute +1/additional person, pass through Shadowland border into Creation or Underworld at will)
Alarm Ward Against Ghosts (Perception, Diff 1, 1 hour, 20 feet radius alarm ward, range of alarm: sux in miles, duration: 1 day)
Deathsight (Perception, Diff 3, 5 minutes, perceive ghosts for one scene)


Essence: 3
Peripheral: 37/47 (43+20)
Personal: 18/18
Committed to Charms: 10 peripheral (Perfect Impenetrable Disguise, Tireless Sentinel Technique)
Committed to Artifacts: 8 peripheral (Nameless Weapon), 8 peripheral (Harness of Infinite Utility)
Anima Status: None

Dodge DV: 8
Health Levels: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incapacitated
(wounds are designated as bashing, lethal or aggravated)


OOOOO OOOO (Willpower 9/9)


Compassion: 2 - I'm not a monster, you know? But the math is simple: Better you die than one of my own.
Conviction: 5 - For a worthy cause, one I can truly believe in, I will accept the deaths of millions or even my own.
Temperance: 4 - To those who walk the path of the assassin absolute discipline is ever the harshest mistress.
Valor: 2 - You may call me a coward, I know that I'm the smart one. Meeting a stronger opponent in a straight-up fight, that I call suicidal.
(Virtue channels used: None)

Limit Break[edit]

Relentless Drive
While in Limit Break Silk will ignore everything but his driving motivation and accept no compromise. He will betray even what few principles and attachments he has in favor of achieving his goal. No instrument is too vile, no alliance to unsavory, no sacrifice too high as long as it brings him closer to what he wants.

Limit Condition: Being forced to compromise in the pursuit of his ambitions.
Limit: XX

Equipment & Combat[edit]

Soak: 1L/2B (+7L/+5B for 1m/attack from Essence Weave, +1L/+2B for 2m, up to +5L/+10B, Hardness 5, from Sheathing the Material Form)

Hand: Spd 5, Acc 11, Dmg 4B, PDV 6, rate 3
Kick: Spd 5, Acc 10, Dmg 7B, PDV 3, rate 1
Clinch: Spd 6, Acc 10, Dmg 4B (P), rate 1

Knife of Lightness: Spd 4, Acc 13, Dmg 7L, PDV 5, rate 3
Throwing Knife of Lightness: Spd 4, Acc 9, Dmg 7L, rate 2

Nameless Weapon: Spd 4, Acc 17, Dmg 12L, PDV 5, rate 4 (including Starmetal bonus)

Coral Snake Venom: Dmg 6L/1 tick, Tox 3, -5 internal penalty
Arrow Frog Venom: Dmg 8L/1 tick, Tox 4, -4 internal penalty
Ghost Serpent Venom: Dmg5L/1 tick, Tox 4, -3 internal penalty, can affect immaterial beings

Other equipment:
Perfect lockpicking tools of Fluidity (+4 dice)
A number of chimes, spikes and tripwires
Ritual implements for the Art of the Dead
Cold Iron amulet (2)
Cold Iron knife

Miscellaneous possessions of note:
1 Yasal Crystal (Max Ess 3, filled with Perronele)
1 Yasal Crystal (Max Ess 3, empty)
1st key fragment (cloudy orb)
2nd key fragment (golden rod)


"Sort of man they're like to send believes hard. Kills, and never asks why." -- Shepherd Book, "Serenity"

Silk was born in Chu, one of the desert kingdoms south-east of the Varang City States. His memories of his parents and of living with his family are unaccountably blurry and disjointed. Clear memories of his childhood begin only with being part of a group of seven children aged four like himself and sitting through long and boring hours of teaching broken up by much more interesting periods of physical exercise. An aura of sadness and an undercurrent of fear flavors those memories - he'd learned quickly, that the Cult of Harama's Dancers didn't look kindly on their young initiates crying or even mentioning his family and that following their every instruction was the easiest way to escape punishment. Forgetting about his parents who had sold him to the cult was probably the easiest way to cope with his situation. In any case the endless lessons and competitive games under the constant supervision of hard-eyed adults comprised much of Silk's - who at that point had not yet earned any name - childhood and adolescence. In time the subjects shifted from cult indoctrination to actual learning and exercise became training in truth. He learned the name and teachings of Harama, the Southern Goddess of Assassination, and of the things she demanded of her cult in return, he learned the lay of the human body and its vulnerabilities, he learned the dance of shadows and how to use them to his advantage, he learned to keep body and mind to strict discipline and how to use that body to kill with efficiency. With 16, now called by the name of 'Silk', he began to take part in the duties of these hard men and women that had taught him. The cold gleam of fanaticism in his eyes he was ready to do anything in the name of the cult and the kingdom of Chu that sheltered it.

And Chu's king as well as the masters of the cult made good use of their investment: Spying on the kingdom's more powerful nobles and later on foreign powers, delivering secret messages or intercepting them, blackmail, threats, and of course the highest of the disciplines, assassination. Initially he kept count of successful operations but as he grew in experience he abandoned the practice, consigning himself entirely to the pursuit of efficiency. Carried by singular determination his skill improved greatly and he rose quickly in the ranks of the cult, becoming a solo operative and then with only 24 a cell leader. It was only then that he began to notice things around him, became aware the precepts he'd been taught weren't always put to use. And where an off-duty life of decadent luxury might be excusable the discovery of factions in mutual conflict existing within the organization stood entirely against the singularity of purpose demanded of its members. After numerous attempts and finding him unable to do anything about it without being drawn into the conflict himself Silk reluctantly had to accept the state of affairs as reality and that particular principle as only theory. This was the first blow against his faith and it wouldn't be the last. Even harder hit him the desertion of Sari One-Hand, one of his mentors and - as far as that was possible within the cult - his friend, a few months later. Silk volunteered for the team to go after him, most to hear from Sari himself why in the world he'd do something like this, but the older man wasn't a master for nothing and the trail went cold quickly and he was left with only questions and no answers.

It was in this confused state of mind on a mission to the neighboring kingdom that Silk met Teja, a healer's apprentice living in Ilá's capital city. Where at first confusion reigned quickly fascination followed, then love blossomed between the unlikely couple. When Silk was recalled a month later he was conflicted but in the end indoctrination won out. He returned to Chu both happier and more sad than before, but also for the first time in his life with a secret he kept from the cult. Over the next few years Silk used every opportunity to get assigned to Ilá and be with Teja as long as his missions allowed. By the time his daughter Leah was born he had already stopped thinking about the split loyalties inherent to his situation, aided by the lucky circumstance that the two absolutes never met in outright conflict. In any case, the days he could spend with Teja and Leah were his happiest, an entirely new dimension added to the life of efficiency, the only joy of which was in an assignment well done. This state of affairs could have continued for a long time if Silk's superiors hadn't become - perhaps inevitably - suspicious of the all the time their star pupil was spending abroad. Convinced after covertly investigating the situation that he'd become ensnared by their opposite agency's trap they send a full cell to 'resolve' the matter.

And so when Silk returned to Teja's house one evening he found her lying dead in her bed, the shadows full of cold, judging eyes and Leah simply gone. From the moment of realization to his former colleagues' attack it was barely a second, but in that second his world burned to the ground and shattered into pieces along with all the faith in the cult he had left. His silent cry of pain vow of retribution for this injustice might have been enough to make Harama frown, but is wasn't she who heard it. Instead Silk was heard by Sol Invictus himself who smiled his perfect smile and in an instant derailed destiny's carefully laid plans. The cell assigned to Silk's liquidation died within seconds of the eruption of shadowed golden light, within a week much of the cults command structure was annihilated and Leah was the first child in decades to be freed from their clutches. Silk might even have gone after Harama herself, hat he known how to find her. After ten days only scattered cells of the once mighty cult remained and the kingdom of Chu had lost its most potent weapon against the now invading armies of Ilá, in whose wake traveled a Wyld Hunt. Now beyond caring for such things Silk along with his daughter left the falling kingdom behind and began his flight, choosing the East as his destination just as Sari One-Hand had done years before.

Several months ago, just after leaving Nexus behind him, Silk realized to his horror that among the things he'd tried to teach to Leah were not only some of the basic lessons that he himself had received from the instructors of the cult but also part of their indoctrination. His motives had been entirely noble, namely to help her remain beneath notice and keep up the disguise hiding the two of them from possible pursuers. But hidden among the simple techniques had been the roots of mental shapings that were the very reason he had fought to keep her away from the cult. Concluding that his own upbringing and one-sided education made him ill-equipped to be a good father without help from others and in fact even dangerous to be around too much - especially if he was indeed still pursued or if he started implementing his more ambitious plans - he searched long and hard for a good foster family for Leah. Finally he found a family in the city of Northeast Spoke that had already taken in one foster child to raise among their own children and appeared (in background checks and shameless spying) both compassionate and just. Although he visits her often it was a painful move for both of them, but Silk is certain that it will be for the best.


Seven positive words: Controlled, patient, determined, cautious, worldly wise, clement, hopeful.
Three negative words: Mistrustful, egoistic, a murderer.

Goals and Motivations[edit]

In order of scope from smallest to largest:
1. "For my daughter I want a better life than the one I've had. I will look out for her."
2. "I didn't ask to become one of the Wretched but it certainly has proven useful. Until I can be sure that I can trust this power however, I will have to investigate its nature and origins. No demonic force will claim mastery over me."
3. "Wherever you look the people in charge are cruel bastards that delight in fighting wars over nothing. Sometimes even the gods themselves who really should know better play at being kings, crushing mortals underfoot. This has to stop. Now I see two possible solutions to this mess: Either we find a good and sensible ruler for every throne or we find one just man with the right ideas and sit him down on all of those thrones. One way or another we shall have peace."


"An assassin lives efficiency, he kneels before necessity and his credo is discipline."

"In this whole world I trust only one person fully but that doesn't mean I can't like you or even call you 'friend'."

"Given the state the world is in, do we have reason to believe that the Sun is better than all the other figures of power in Creation?"

"If you're fighting a war it is a very seductive thought to shape the souls of your soldiers to be what you need, not what they want to be. One day we might be able to ask Sol about that directly, yes. But would we know, if he lied to us?"

Names and Disguises[edit]

There is great power in names, the people of Chu have always known that. Only someone who knows their own true name can become all he can be. A secret name revealed is leaves a person vulnerable. A secret name known gives power over the one to whom it belongs. Among ordinary men being careful with names is merely prudent, but to an assassin it is vital. Birth names are abandoned upon becoming one of Harama's Dancers and the true names the goddess gives to the youths upon becoming adults are guarded jealously. Those ascending to the higher ranks commonly devise schemes against and plot the deaths of those, who learned their true name in moments of youthful weakness.
That is, why beside the true and secret name everyone is given a personal name by which to refer to them. These first order names are usually derived from some quirk, habit or embarrassing event and can be given to trustworthy friends and allies without fear of surrendering power. Beyond those there are second order names, identities to be assumed in a certain context and often associated with a specific disguise. The least of all names are third order names, mere aliases to be given and discarded at a second's notice as the circumstances demand it.


This is the first order name, the one that is the truest name anyone other than himself will ever learn. Silk avoids lying while being himself and never uses this name while in disguise.


'Gavane' is the name by which Silk is known to the merchants of Nexus and Northeast Spoke. The associated appearance is that of a young man of south-eastern origin with brown black hair, clad in green and blue clothes of simple cut but good material.

Lei Zu[edit]

The identity of 'Lei Zu' was adopted by Silk after his previously used name became known to the Wyld Hunt. It is the one known to the highest officials of Lanterntown as an agent of the Lawgiver Society. Lei Zu is a Realm-born man with green eyes and long black hair tied back into an orderly braid. He wears expensive silk robes in a shade of blue so dark it is almost black.

The White Reaper[edit]

The White Reaper is a fictional persona that Silk has invented and invested some effort seeding rumors about. According to those rumors the White Reaper is a terrifying incarnation of death, dispensing brutal lessons to those opposing the Guild, the Council of Entities, the Harborhead Mercantile Association, or the High Houses of the Realm, depending on who is asked. The White Reaper wears robes of white that accentuate his inhumanly pale skin and smooth black hair. His twisted attractiveness is only marred by snake-like yellow eyes that speak of endless cruelty.


For his return to Nexus Silk has assumed the appearance of a small, elderly man wearing an embroidered jacket over a severely cut white shirt and black pants. Behind silver-rimmed glasses gray eyes examine the world with dispassionate intelligence. All in all he looks more like a successful mortal accountant or a lawyer than like a powerful Solar Exalt.


After having his Alraune-persona exposed to the Abyssals Silk has become Griid, a tall, well-muscled northern woman of noble bearing.


XP gained: 232
XP spent: 220 (Compassion 2: 3 XP, Thrown 2, Resistance 2, Investigation 2: 3 XP, Foe-Vaulting Style: 8 XP, Invisible Statue Spirit: 8 XP, Essence 3: 16 XP, Hidden Sun Prana: 8 XP, 3rd Awareness Excellency: 8 XP, Thrown 3: 3 XP, Investigation 3: 3 XP, Keen Hearing and Touch Technique: 8 XP, Lore 2: 2 XP, Occult 1: 3 XP, 4 Procedures: 4 XP, Performance 4: 5 XP, 1st Performance Excellency: 8 XP, Heart-Compelling Method: 8 XP, Phantom-Conjuring Performance: 8XP, Performance 5: 7 XP, Memory-Reweaving Discipline: 8 XP, World-Shaping Song (Memory-Reweaving Discipline+1st Performance Excellency): 6 XP, Ineffable Symphony of Shadows (Surprise-Anticipation Method+Seven Shadow Evasion+Shadow Over Water): 12XP, Valor 2: 3XP, Integrity 2: 2XP, Occult 2: 2XP, Unsurpassed Hearing and Touch Discipline: 8 XP, Observer-Unveiling Meditation: 8 XP, Concealing Mind Shadow: 8 XP, Flowing Darkness Counterpoint: 8 XP, Add FDC to Combo: 3 XP, Linguistics 3: 4 XP, Vanishing from Mind's Eye Technique: 8 XP, Artifact 3->4: 3 XP, Resistance 3: 3 XP, Tireless Sentinel Technique +1 submodule: 10 XP, Memory Prism Method: 8 XP, Resources 3->4: 3 XP)
XP unspent: 12

XP spending plans: Hypnotic Shadow Seal (8 XP), Add HSS to Combo (3 XP), Crimson Dance of Shadows Form (8 XP), Soaring Crane Leap (8 XP), Essence 4 (24 XP), Stepping Between Sunbeams Approach (8 XP), Blinding the All-Seeing Eye (Combo: Observer-Unveiling Meditation+Stepping Between Sunbeams Approach: 9 XP), Performance Essence Flow (8 XP), Unseen Army Method (8 XP), Dodge (Unarmored +1) (3 XP), Martial Arts (Rope +1) (3 XP), 3rd Martial Arts Excellency (8 XP), Supernal Hearing and Touch Understanding (8 XP), Spirit-Detecting Glance (10 XP), Feather Foot Technique (8 XP), Capturing the World's Song (8 XP), Perfect Poise Stance (8 XP), Integrity 4 (10 XP), 3rd Integrity Excellency (10 XP), Epic Zeal of Conviction (10 XP), Avatar of the Night (8 XP), 1st Investigation Excellency (8 XP), Judge's Ear Method (8 XP), Occult 5 (18 XP), All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight (10 XP), Larceny 5 (7 XP), Perfect Mirror (8 XP), Vile Anathema Shroud (8 XP), 1st Stealth Excellency (8 XP), Stealth Essence Flow (8 XP)

BP used: Abilities 11 + specialties 3 + virtues 6 = 20 (15 +5)


The Nameless Weapon (Artifact 3)[edit]

Starmetal bladed rope, Spd 4, Acc +5, Dmg +8L, Def -2, rate 4 (including Starmetal bonus)
As clinch enhancer: Spd 5, Acc +4, Dmg +5L (P), Def -3, rate 1 -- 8m to attune for non Sidereals
There are no great legends attached to this unassuming weapon, no histories recorded even in the endless libraries of Yu-Shan. It is in fact not even much to look at - a simple piece of blackened rope of varying length without any hint of its magical nature or the threat it poses. And indeed only an Exalted master of the arts martial can coax more from it, awaken the subtle threads of Starmetal woven into its design. In the hands of such a master despite its humble appearance it becomes a weapon no less dangerous than a daiklave. This is accomplished by taking on the respective destinies of other kinds of weapons at the moment of impact - a hammer to deliver blunt trauma despite it's lightness, the destiny of a blade to cut without an edge or that of a spear to pierce armor without a point. It is a strange sight indeed seeing this weapon employed.
One benefit of this peculiar modus operandi to those engaging in subtle operations is that the wounds left by it can point to any kind of weapon its wielder can imagine. It can even kill without leaving any mark at all. Who would suspect foul play when there are no signs of a violent death and who would halt the man carrying a rope when a murder victim was obviously cut by a heavy blade? The greatest power of the Nameless Weapon however, one that isn't immediately obvious yet particularly dangerous, is that those slain by it are destroyed entirely, just as if the Ghost-Eating Technique had been used on them (though with none of the other benefits of that Charm).
Finally it can also be used in the way its appearance suggests, in which case it follows the intent of its user almost as if alive, changing its length seemingly without limit and even moving on its own, granting its wielder three automatic successes on every non-combat action for which a rope is of use.

Harness of Infinite Utility (Artifact 4)[edit]

Attunement: 8m (for Solars), Repair: 1
While many in the First Age had the resources to keep and maintain an Armor of the Unseen Assassin, not every Night Caste was so inclined. There is something to be said for subtlety and flexibility over the sheer power of a full magitech powersuit. In its complete form the Harness of Infinite Utility looks like a harness of black cloth inscribed with orichalkum designs and bracers of similar design. Worn under the right clothes it is hardly noticeable. The Harness' features are as follows:
Hearthstone Bracers: Incorporated into the overall design are a pair of bracers, each with a hearthstone slot. This provides the usual benefits of the common orichalkum version, a +3 dice bonus to Dodge and +2 to damage.
Essence Weave*: With but a thought the Exalt can weave any sort of clothing he can imagine from ambient Essence, from rags to royal robes, from waterproof suits to the most exotic of camouflage clothing. The magical properties of this weave increases the bonus to Stealth or Larceny to +4 (instead of the usual +2 for perfect equipment). By temporarily increasing the output of the Harness' Essence projectors the Exalt can strengthen the weave to provide a +7L/5B soak against a single attack by reflexively spending 1m.
Elsewhere Access Points*: Virtual pockets into elsewhere provide sufficient storage space to carry up to a ton of assorted items safely out of reach of the world provided the objects could actually fit through a pocket opening no larger than a foot across. These pockets are available only to the attuned bearer of the Harness. Retrieving an object from Elsewhere is a Miscellaneous (Speed 5, DV -1) action.
Perceptual Augmentation*: Bands of pure black cloth without adornment can be worn over the eyes or around the ears to shift the Exalt's perception into the spectra of pure Essence, allowing him to see or hear through darkness, fog and light obstructions without penalty and perceive immaterial phenomena like dematerialized spirits and Charm effects (similar to All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight).
Upkeep: Maintenance is required every 100 hours of use; every 50 missed hours randomly disables one of the powers marked with an asterisk.

Custom Charms[edit]

List of all custom Charms

Things To Do[edit]

  • Gather the five fragments of the Key to Shebeth
    • Learn more about the Abyssal faction searching for Shebeth. Deflect, evade or eliminate.
      • Connection to Caran's capture? Mask of Winters? Source of knowledge about Shebeth? Ask Alyssa about (Rose Blossom).
      • Counterstrike against (Rose Blossom)'s Tepet connection? Use Desane and Neset, reveal Rose Blossom as Anathema?
    • Find out more information about the Sidereals who watch over Meru, control the Immaculate Order and have their HQ in Yu-Shan
    • Make preparations for Yu-Shan: Get-away plan, ...?
    • Find Yu-Shan fragment
    • Find Meru fragment
    • Find Speremin fragment
    • Take back Kaneko's fragment
  • Begin work on the foundations of the Lawgiver Protectorate
    • Find a good person to become the new Emissary of Nexus
    • Add Nexus to the Protectorate
    • Add Northeast Spoke
    • Commerce: Alyssa will know what to do
    • Reconnaissance: Work on Contacts, informants, convert to Spies?
      • Funding: Nexus merchants who hate the Bull, Lanterntown taxes, NEXUS!
      • Train my own operatives, build spy network with hubs in Lanterntown, Northeast Spoke, Nexus, Lookshy, ...
    • Military: Find an able general to build and lead our forces. Allied Celestial or indoctrinated Dragonblooded.
    • General support: Find and make contact with Cult of the Illuminated
  • Arrange for Leah's education
    • Ask Son about entrance requirements for his academy - done, Son

Exceptions from Vanishing from Mind's Eye Technique[edit]

  • Leah (full)
  • Leah's foster family (full)
  • Alyssa (full)
  • Son of the Metal Flame (full)
  • Nyara Sunswept (full)
  • Contacts and informations (partial: Guise, instructions, positive memories)

The Little Black Book[edit]

A small, thin book bound in black leather which Silk always carries with him. Within written in encrypted Firetongue is a list of names and facts ...

  • (drawing of a long haired man with a large hat) -- Most likely Night Caste Solar by the name of 'Sammorath', allied with the Bull of the North
  • (drawing of a large man with blonde hair) -- The Bull of the North, who is looking to claim the First Age city of Shebeth for himself
  • (drawin of a woman) -- Xera, the female Twilight who sent the DBs to steal from Son and tried to attack him with a trapped memory crystal.
  • (no picture) -- The stranger dressed in silver and black, who gave the necromantic orb to the Order of the Silver Chair and took Caran with him into the Underworld
  • (picture of a masked woman) -- The silver-masked horsewoman in Soulsteel armor who killed three of the Bull's DBs.
  • (drawing of an older man) -- Water Aspect Immaculate, probably in command of this Wyld Hunt, jade Tiger Claws
  • (drawing of two younger men) -- Fire Aspect and Dragonblooded of unknown aspect, both with the Wyld Hunt
  • (no picture] -- The Mask of Winters, Tyrant of Thorns
  • (drawing of a woman with black hair and a Twilight Castemark) -- The demon that stole the body of Son's previous incarnation
  • (no picture) -- Sidereals, Celestial Exalted living and working in Yu-Shan, don't like Solars coming there
  • (no picture) -- Harama, Southern Goddess of Assassination
  • (no picture) -- Ahlat, Southern God of War
  • (drawings of three men) -- Kainon (Fire), Cheyasa (Earth) and Issaga (Water), Dragonblooded allegedly in service to the Bull of the North. Stole from Son's academy and possibly manipulated a Tepet force to attack us.
  • (drawings of two men) -- The Tepet commanders, both Air Aspects, of the force that tried to occupy Son's manse. Memories of Thelaos's anima taken away, released.
  • (no picture) -- The Order of the Silver Chair, a secret society (allegedly less than a dozen members) nearly a hundred years old. Originally founded by the head of the Immaculate Temple of Lanterntown. Possibly connected to the disappearance of the city god, possible connection to a find among the First Age ruins. Great local power over mortal government and spirits. One of their number, likely the leader, a man called 'Wick' has displayed knowledge and powers of the Air Dragon Style.
  • (no picture) -- The Necromancer in Red, a man in a red robe hiding his face behind a piece of cloth, he used a screaming silver orb to raise the dead - most likely a member of the Order of the Silver Chair, see above
  • (no picture) -- The (reborn?) Barrow King