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A character for Pendragon 4th Edition, created by Screen_Monkey.

This is the first character created in my Player Character challenge. Pendragon was topmost and leftmost on the shelf of all my games.


This character is designed as a classic Salisbury knight for the Pendragon classic era of 531. This is the era of high chivalry for Britain, and is at the period when the enchantment of Britain and the kingship of Arthur are at their peak. It is an age of glory, chivalry, romance and adventure.

Character Stats[edit]

Personal Information[edit]

Adventurer Name: Sir Briant of Stapleford
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Homeland: Salisbury
Religion: Christian
Culture: Cymric
Father's Name: Maddog of Stapleford
Father's Class: Vassal Knight
Son Number: One
Lord: Sir Robert, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class: Vassal Knight

Personality Traits and Passions[edit]

Chaste 13/7 Lustful
Energetic 18/2 Lazy
Forgiving 13/7 Vengeful
Generous 10/10 Selfish
Honest 10/10 Deceitful
Just 10/10 Arbitrary
Merciful 13/7 Cruel
Modest 13/7 Proud
Pious 10/10 Worldy
Prudent 10/10 Reckless
Temperate 13/7 Indulgent
Trusting 10/10 Suspicious
Valorous 15/5 Cowardly

Loyalty (Lord) 15
Love (Family) 15
Hospitality 15
Honour 15
Hate (Saxons) 14

Italics indicate religious (Christian) trait


Glory: 1291

SIZ 16
DEX 11
STR 11
CON 14
APP 12

Damage Bonus +4D6
Healing Rate 2
Move 2
Hit Points 30
Unconscious 7

Distinctive Features[edit]

Thick, black moustache


Awareness 10
Boating 1
Chirurgery 0
Compose 0
Courtesy 3
Dancing 4
Faerie Lore 1
Falconry 3
First Aid 10
Flirting 3
Folk Lore 2
Gaming 3
Heraldry 3
Hunting 15
Industry 0
Intrigue 3
Orate 3
Play (Drum) 3
Read 0
Recognise 3
Religion 2
Romance 2
Singing 10
Stewardship 7
Swimming 2
Tourney 5

Battle 10
Horsemanship 15
Sword 15
Lance 14
Spear 6
Dagger 5

Family Characteristic[edit]

At home in nature (+5 Hunting)

Coat of Arms[edit]

A silver Quatrefoil on a field verdant.


Name: Hembon
First Aid 6
Battle 1
Horsemanship 6
Compose 5


1 Librum cash
Reinforced Chainmail Armour (12)
2 spears
5 jousting lances
Clothing worth 1 Librum
Personal Gear, Travel Gear, War Gear




Old Knights 0
Middle Knights 3
Young Knights 5
Other Lineage Men 14
Levy 64

Character Description[edit]

Ser Briant is a young country knight. Used to a time of peace and prosperity, Sir Briant has spent his youth and young adulthood in noble pursuits, riding the field and hunting the woods of his home county. He has never visited court nor the city, and enjoys the wild places. He is the typical country squire, and his rough edges are apparent. Nonetheless he is a restless and dynamic young man, eager to experience life and constantly on the move.


Sir Briant was created using the basic character creation process in the 4th Edition Pendragon rules. the intent is a basic character creation process that will allow a group of characters with similar backgrounds (Salisbury) to be created. The process is simple, but I felt many of the traits and characteristics of a group of players using this method would be too similar. I found it hard to find something unique and idiosynchratic about Sir Briant using these basic rules. Mostly I think I prefer rolling the traits rather than assigning.