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A character for Dark Ages: Inquisitor.


Sister Jeanne was originally created for a PbP campaign set during the Massassa War. She could, however, be easily worked into any Dark Ages: Inquisitor campaign that wasn't heavy on combat — though one centred in a French-speaking region would obviously be better suited for the character.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Sister Jeanne de Clermont Order: Sisters of St. John Nature: Penitent Demeanor: Caretaker Impulse: Masochism



  • Strength: **
  • Dexterity: ***
  • Stamina: ****


  • Charisma: ***
  • Manipulation: **
  • Appearance: **


  • Perception: ****
  • Intelligence: **
  • Wits: **



  • Alertness: **
  • Athletics: **
  • Dodge: *
  • Empathy: **


  • Crafts: **
  • Etiquette: *** (Courtly Manners)
  • Melee: *
  • Ride: **
  • Stealth: **


  • Hearth Wisdom: *
  • Investigation: *
  • Lingusitics: * (French, Latin)
  • Medicine: ** (First Aid)
  • Seneschal: *
  • Theology: *


  • Exposure: **
  • Influence: *
  • Holy Relic: * (Finger-bone, purportedly of John of Patmos)
  • Resources: * (Pony)



  • Self-Control: **
  • Conscience: ***
  • Courage: **

Superior Virtues[edit]

  • Faith: *


  • Blessings/Curses: Order benefit/drawback (Visions)
  • Orison: Moral Compass
  • Piety: *****
  • Willpower: **
  • Conviction: ****


Jeanne de Clermont was born into a poor family from the province of Auvergne. At a young age, she was taken on as a servant at the estate of a local Baron, and by the time she was 18 her talents at observation and keeping unnoticed until needed meant that she had risen to become the Baronne's principal maid/lady-in-waiting.

She wasn't going completely unnoticed though. Not unattractive, the Baron himself took a fancy to her, and eventually one thing led to another, which led to another thing and she found herself leaving the household in disgrace. An unwed mother-to-be, she took the only option she saw open to her and joined a nearby convent run by the Sisters of St. John.

(It is worth noting that shortly after his birth, the Baron re-appeared and claimed his illegitimate son. She has no concrete information as to what happened to him after this, but eagerly follows any rumours that reach her ears.)

Having decided to stay on with the Sisters, Jeanne led a relatively unmemorable life for the next several years. Her days were spent with helping around the convent and with learning things she had hereto been unable to learn: Latin, the art of healing, theology -- though the later she only learnt somewhat half-heartedly, never fully believing it at the time.

All that changed with the arrival of the visions.

They were terrible and frightening: inhuman yet man-like creatures that stalked the shadows of the world, demons, monsters, the End Times.

The visions changed both her status among the Sisters and her outlook towards faith. She now sees the visions as both punishment for her previous sins and lack of faith, as well as an opportunity to work towards her own redemption.

Physically, she is a small woman, nearing 40 in age. She is clad in a black nun's habit and her hands are covered by gloves, such that the only skin visible is her face.


Nothing, really. Go figure.