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A character for 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Created using the 4d6 drop lowest method. Done in memory of E. Gary Gygax.


Snorglash is best suited for a campaign where assassination is expected. One where back-stabbing and skulduggery are to be treated as unsurprising. The lack of dungeoneering equipment suggests that a city-based campaign would be best. A good ol' fashioned dungeon crawl is also possible, though the equipment would need to be changed.

Character Stats[edit]

Snorglash Comes-By-Night
Class: Assassin
Race: Half-Orc
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Weight: 131lbs.
Height: 65"

HP: 6
AC: 7


Strength: 12
Intelligence: 14 (Two additional languages.)
Wisdom: 14
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 18 (Hit point adjustment: +2. System shock: 99%. Resurrection Survival: 100%)
Charisma: 10 (Max henchmen: 4)

Saving Throws[edit]

Paralyzation/Poison: 13
Petrification/Polymorph: 12
Rod, Staff, or Wand: 14
Breath Weapon: 16
Spells: 15

Special Abilities[edit]

Infra-vision, 60' -2 Charisma adjustment to non-half-orcs


Languages: Common, Neutral Evil, Orcish, Dwarfish, Goblin
Weapons of Proficiency: 3 (Dagger, Crossbow, Sword)
Non-Proficiency Penalty: -2
Hit Die: d6

Gear and Encumbrance[edit]

Dagger & scabbard (1#)
Leather armour (15#)
Light crossbow (5#)
6 bolts (0.6#)
Mirror, small silver (0.5#)
Boots, soft high (3#)
Belt (0.3#)
Cloak (2.5#)
Belt pouch, small (x2) (1#)
Candle, wax (x2) (1#)
Tinderbox (0.2#)
Purse (0.1#)
3 gems worth 10gp each (0.3#)
4gp, 2sp (0.6#)

Total encumbrance: 31.4#

Character Description[edit]

"Need someone killed? Snorglash do it for you. Reasonable rate. Done real quick like. Or real slow like, if that what you prefer."

Kicked out of her tribe after she stabbed the chief's son in his sleep, Snorglash now haunts the streets and seedier parts of cities, offering her skills as a "problem solver" to anyone with the cash to pay.


1st ed. isn't my favourite D&D. In fact, it's probably one of my least favourites. There's a certain charm to the rulebooks, but the organization leaves a lot to be desired. If there's something missing, it's because I couldn't remember where it was and couldn't be bothered to spend too much time searching.