Character:Star Katchiko

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Names/Alias Star Katchiko aka Katchiko
Apparent Age: 25
Gender: Female
Apparent Nationality: Japanese
Physical Description: Small Asian woman in a sensible dark colored business suit. Her hair is dark and kept back from her face generally in a pony tail.
Education: Yes, much.
Occupation: Secretary
Motivation: Do the job right the first time, serve her Diamyo.

Character Sheet[edit]
Type Source Permissions
Super Normal Driven One Power [2]
Intrinsics: 2

Body Coordination Sense
4d 5d 4d
Brains Command Cool
3d 3d 3d
Base Will/Willpower: 6/6 110

Skill Dice Total Skill Dice Total Skill Dice Total
Acrobatics 2d 7d Interrogation 1d 4d Stability 3d 6d
Athletics 1d 5d Martial Arts 5d 9d Stealth 2d 7d
Bluff 1d 4d Melee Weapon [sword] 3d 7d Streetwise 1d 4d
Brawling 4d 8d Pick Lock 1d 6d Survival 1d 4d
Catch 1d 6d Pick Pocket 1d 6d Swimming 1d 6d
Climbing 1d 5d Resist 1d 5d Tactics 1d 4d
Dodge 1d 6d Running 1d 6d Throw 3d 8d
Endurance 1d 5d Security Systems 1d 4d Touch 1d 5d
Escape Artist 2d 7d Sense Motives 1d 4d
Hearing 2d 6d Sight 2d 6d 92

Miracles Qualities Dice Extras / Flaws / Notes
Deadly 0/9/0 Unarmed [3], Bladed Weapons [3], All Attacks [3] 36
Go First [Hand to Hand] [ADRU] 0/1/0 10