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A character for Chain of Being, created by psychojosh13.


Thagron is a possible character for a campaign I intend to run in the near future, in which a few local nobodies wind up defending their country from an invading army.

Character Stats[edit]


Prowess			Maneuver		Resolve			Intuition
  grappling  11		  agility    6		  concentration	 11	  awareness  9
  strength   9		  aiming     6		  endurance	 10	  instinct   10
  swinging   9		  dexterity  5		  evocation	 7	  savvy      6
  thrusting  5		  wits	     6		  resilience	 10	  wisdom     8

Eloquence		Intellect		Vision			Presence
  creativity  6		  crafting	 6	  aether  9		  aether  4
  elocution   8		  inventiveness	 5	  cosmos  6		  cosmos  4
  emoting     5		  erudition	 9	  force	  9		  force   5
  subterfuge  4		  reasoning	 7	  matter  8		  matter  5

Armor: 1/1/1/1 1/1/1/1
Pain Threshold: 6
Renaissance Points: 1
Idiosyncrasies: Right-handed, Appearance: Ugly, Butt Grip, Dislike Bright Lights, Egocentric Worldview, Fear Immunity, Grammatical Incompetence, Magic Rage, Racial Stereotype (stupid), Tough Hide
Spells: Inaudibility, Knowledge Blast
Equipment: quill pen, ink, paper, spiked club, 12 silver coins

Character Description[edit]

Thagrom is one of the rarest specimens in the entire universe: a literate, well-spoken troll. He runs the library in his village, which also serves several neighboring villages. Thagrom likes peace and quiet, and likes to read the magical tomes on the back shelf of his library. He has recently learned to cast some magic himself, but discovered one slight problem - doing so causes him to fly into a violent rage that could probably even scare off other trolls.


Thagrom was built on 200 points, which is the default starting amount in CoB but less than I normally like to start people with. His Magic Rage idiosyncrasy is something I made up myself to fit the character (this is often necessary, as the book contains only racial idiosyncrasies and some guidelines on creating your own).