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A character for Guardian of Order's generic Tri-Stat dX rulebook. Created by g026r.


The Elder is actually created as an NPC for a Tri-Stat game I've promised to run. The game is a mostly mundane low-powered game (so d4s) featuring squirrels. Some minor supernatural abilities, but nothing incredibly powerful. I believe it's a 30-point character (plus 10 skill points), but I can't find my notes at the moment.



Mind: 4
Body: 2
Soul: 5

Derived Stats[edit]

Attack Combat Value: 3
Defence Combat Value: 1
Health Points: 35
Energy Points: 55
Shock Value: 7


  • Precognition 10 (Vague)
  • Energy Bonus 1
  • Heightened Awareness 1
  • Natural Weapons 2 (Claws, Teeth)
  • Special Movement 4 (Cat-Like, Balance, Wall-Crawling)


  • Limited Use, Ongoing 3 (Precognition)
  • Burns Energy 6 (5/min) (Precognition)
  • Physical Impairment 1 (Arthritis)


  • Wilderness Survival (Forest) 1
  • Unarmed Defence (Strikes) 1
  • Area Knowledge (Forest) 1

Character Description[edit]

It seems like the Elder's been around as long as you can remember. Even when you were young she seemed like she was old. Respected but slowing down with age, she now spends most of her days sleeping in the branches, and occasionally dispenses advice based on cryptic visions she receives.


Before some one asks "Where's Diminutive?": because all the characters are considered to be squirrels, I figured it would be easier to use diminutive for creatures significantly smaller than that. Anything bigger than they are that actually is going to interact with them will just have one or more levels of Awkward Size to represent their larger mass.

Eh. No other real commentary that's not in the campaign description. Except maybe: how did I get roped into this? Oh right, I suggested it.