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A character for Land of Og, created by g026r.


You can dress it up in plots involving plagues, famines, marauding creatures, or conflict with other tribes, but there's really only one type of campaign in Land of Og: trying to stay alive whilst avoiding the daily pitfalls of caveman life. You're outclassed by nearly every creature you'll encounter and are going to have trouble performing even the simplest tasks -- and that's not even taking your limited vocabulary into account.

Character Stats[edit]

Class: Strong Caveman
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Attitude: Kinda Good
Health Points: 3

Abilities & Attributes[edit]

Strength: 9
Damage Adjustment: 0
Break Things: 22%

Brains: 6
Figure Things Out: 14%
Forgot How To: 38%
Max Number of Words: 5
Known Words: Go, Bang, Fire, Rock, Food

Speed: 6
Dice Reduction: +1
Initiative Adjustment: +1

Banging: 6
Missile Dice: -1
Non-Missile Dice: -1

Health: 2
Health Point Adjustment: -5
Out Cold: 60%

Grunting: 3
Make Something Happen: 03%
Save Your Ass: 03%

Equipment & Skills[edit]

Main Weapon: Short Pointy Thing (aka Knife)
Main Defense: Big Leaves
Number of Attack Dice: 3
Number of Defense Dice: 0
Hit Number: 1

Things You Can Do: Find Home
Things You Can't Do: Cast Magic Missile

Character Description[edit]

In Ugh's own words: "Go bang! Go bang food! Rock bang food! Fire food!"

Ugh is your standard caveman: not too smart, not too bright, and not in the best of health. He knows what he likes (Food!), and he knows how to get it (Bang rock!). It is likely that Ugh is one of the main hunters for his tribe. Though he lacks the Find Food skill, his Find Home means that he won't be left holding a dead animal carcass with a (more) puzzled (than normal) expression on his face while he tries to figure out where he is.


This one surprised me. Land of Og bases all the attributes around 1d6 with the exception of the prime attribute, which gets 2d6. As such, the string of sixes and the above-median nine means that, as far as first level cavemen go, Ugh's actually slightly competent. (Though not terribly competent, given that stats are technically in the 1-18 range -- though only creatures are likely to have above 6 in more than one attribute or above 12 in any attribute.) However, his low health score, with its corresponding heavy health adjustment, means that though he might be able to dish out comparatively high damage for a caveman in Og, he can't take it.

Unfortunately, Og's sparse background makes it difficult to come up with a decent character description. The game's really more about trying to communicate and understand ideas given your caveman's limited vocabulary than it is about making nuanced, detailed PC backgrounds.