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Character in Shadow of the Long White Cloud, played by Psyke.


  • Civilian Name: Arapeta Ruruku
  • Virtue: Justice
  • Vice: Envy
  • Path: Obrimos
  • Order: Adamantine Arrow
  • Legacy: None yet.
  • Concept: Māori youth caught between two cultures.



  • Intelligence: •
  • Wits: ••
  • Resolve: •••••


  • Strength: ••
  • Dexterity: ••
  • Stamina: ••••


  • Presence: ••
  • Manipulation: •
  • Composure: •••



  • Investigation •
  • Occult ••• (Māori Traditions)


  • Athletics ••••
  • Brawl •
  • Drive •
  • Stealth •
  • Weaponry •• (Knives)


  • Expression •
  • Intimidation •
  • Socialize •
  • Streetwise ••• (Youth Culture)
  • Subterfuge •



  • Artifact
  • Destiny •
    • Bane: Tie not the ribbon, nor the feather wear; yea, the peacock is your enemy.
  • Embodied Familiar ••••
    • Kuri
    • Dog
    • Spirit of Assertiveness
  • High Speech
  • Shared Sanctum (Security) •
  • Unseen Senses


  • Allies
    • Māori youth •
  • Iron Stamina •••
  • Library
    • Māori traditions •
  • Language (Maori)


  • Time •••
  • Forces ••
  • Prime •



  • Time •••
  • Stamina 4 + Athletics 4 + Time 3 + Rote Specialty (12 dice)

Glimpsing the Future[edit]

  • Time ••
  • Resolve + Investigation + Time (9 dice)

Supernal Vision[edit]

  • Prime •
    • Wits + Occult + Prime (6 dice)

Dispel Magic[edit]

  • Prime •
    • Resolve + Occult + Prime (9 dice)

Perfect Timing[edit]

  • Time •
    • Composure + Occult + Time (9 dice)


  • Gnosis: •••
  • Wisdom: 7
  • Willpower: 8
  • Nimbus: a mild burning in the muscles, as of exertion
  • Health: 7
  • Size: 5
  • Defense: 2
  • Initiative Mod: 5
  • Speed: 9
  • Mana: 7/11











Arapeta grew up in a family where "reclaiming our heritage" was dinner table conversation. His parents believed that it was more important to learn whaikorero and the ways of the tipuna than to hold a job, or go to school. He attended school when required, but the lack of parental support meant he was always behind, and that in turn caused his interest in academics to wane. More physical activities brought him into contact with other youth, and were an area where he could excel... he was never much bigger or quicker than the others, but his stamina and resolve helped him to stand out.

His parents lack of focus on education or employment did not lead to a luxurious childhood, and his social situation brought him in contact with the less savory elements of youth culture. Still, he managed to struggle through. Sometimes, knowing about thing like the "haka" was cool. Other times, it was knowing how to jump a fence, or buy a couple grams of meth. Whatever it was, Arapeta tried to fit in.

His awakening came when running from a pack of wild dogs; he found himself surrounded and boxed in. His eye caught a bright light shining from the top of the building, highlighting a ladder, an escape, dangling 12 feet above the ground. He knew he couldn't make it, knew he had to try. As he bolted for the ladder, it seemed as if time slowed down, as if his feet found solid purchase on air. He climbed the ladder... and climbed. When he reached the top of what seemed like the endless, towering building, he left his tag, so he could always find his way back to this, the place of his triumph.

When he came home, that day, his perspective had changed. The brush with death had taught him something, and he was no longer willing to listen to his parents demands, to follow his friends as a simple member of the pack. He had to take charge, to stop living for others. He had to decide his course, and dedicate himself to it; whatever the challenges, it was his life to live, his questions to answer.

Now, he must find that course. He has become enlightened. Now, he must become wise.