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A character for SenZar, created by Tog.

Character Stats[edit]

Varoom (pronounced 'Var-UM') The Inconveniencer
Race: Nazar Ethan
Profession: Warrior, Level 1
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Nazar Eth
Zodiacal House: The Thunderer
Power Sign: Arcturus
Stats: Strength 16
Speed 16
Dexterity 16
Consitution 16
Willpower 11
Intelligence 12
Presence 13
Perception 13
Power 14
Base CV 7
HP Regeneration 6/day
Hit Points 22
Power Points 19
Fate Points 3
Karma: Attitude 15 (Grim), Confidence 10, Discipline 11 (Wanderlust), Fear 10, Greed 10, Harmony 15 (Hatred for Mokarrs), Luck 11, Sanity 10
Codes: The Cause 10, The Good Earth 10
Special Powers: Magick Sense (sees magick as auras), Immunity to Aging, Telepathy, Status - Rich
Skills: Professional Combat, Semi-Professional Magick, Weapon: Grimfang, Boxing, Riding (warhorse), Mounted Combat (warhorse), Weapon: Greatsword, Weapon: Warhammer, Weapon: Pistol .44/.45, Weapon: Mace, Weapon: Bastard Sword Equipment: Bastard Sword (DC 4, 3-32 damage), Lamellar Armor (AV +7), Large Shield (AV +3, Bash: 3-26 damage), 3950 Silver Stars in cash


I THINK I have everything I need for this guy; SenZar is not exactly the most well laid-out RPG ever (to put it mildly) and there might be one or two details I missed. Also, VtI is pretty much a wuss for a SenZar character; there's a lot more twinking I could have done.