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Name: Vera Takahashi

Street Name: Rin

Her mother had a one night stand with the half-Japanese best friend of her husband, Vera was the result ten months later. Vera grew up the bastard child of her very traditional Japanese family. Three quarters Japanese she grew up like her siblings, but there was always that distance of the half-sibling. She has traditional Japanese appearance, freckles and hazel eyes instead of brown like her sibling.

She learned the ways of the street from her cousin Jin who ran shadows until his untimely death two years ago from some rival street gang who had a beef for Japs.

When her cousin died she got in on the run that paid back the gang that took out Jin. Since then she has gone by and been known by the name Rin and her life was forever changed.

Since Rin has taken to the streets she has practically disowned her family. She it closer to her cousins, specifically her cousin Jiro also known as Dataphile who is a hacker by night.

Around this time she met and "fell for" Takumi a sweet guy who works in the coffee house she frequents. They have been dating for almost a year now after a year of very risque flirting.

Takumi still works for Starbucks with what he thinks is his "super leet" DJ job on the weekends for the Techno/Rave club down town. He likes to think he's the hard shit in the relationship, but ultimately he is pussy whipped by his small Asian girlfriend. Taku is half-japanese and embraces both sides of his dual herratage.