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A character for D&D 3.5, created by Thanatos02.

All of my characters follow the same basic rules, as noted here, though I don't expect anybody else to follow them. All of the characters are starting characters as outlined in the books. In generic books where a setting is assumed, I build a character that would fit in the setting. Where no setting is assumed, I build towards the contemporary era as the setting allows. In games that have no set point values or start character generation rules, I'll list specific guidelines built towards my assumptions of a 'beginning' or starting character.

My rules regarding fat-splats or series of games that utilize the same core mechanics is that when rules create suitably diverging types of characters, I'll construct one per setting I own. (For example, using Exalted, Dragon-Blooded and Solars are sufficiently different. In OMage, Order of Hermes and a Hollow One are not sufficiently different. In games with classes, different classes are not enough. They must essentially be different characters. Other people's opinions on what are different 'enough' really arn't my area of expertise. I build in good faith.)

In any event, should the character posted not be according to the assumed structure of the Challenge Wiki, it will be alter shortly, and was probably the result of a time crunch. Thanks! I hope you have as much fun with this as I did. ^_^


My assumptions for this game is that generic splatbooks are allowed (if not actively encouraged) and thus I chose a character type I've been dying to make for quite a while: a Scout from Complete Adventurer. Since it's listed here, I won't note it below, however this is the only non-Core material I used at 1st level.

Even though it's not practiced at my own table, I'm keeping straight tabs on weight as per the rules.

Character Stats[edit]

Character Name: William Sommerset McAllister
Player Name: Weston
Class and Level: Scout 1
ECL: 1
Race/Template: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion/Patron Deity: Heironious
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Looks: Good in a uniform.

Ability Scores:
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 10

Hit Points: 11 (8+3)

Base Attack Bonus: +0
Weapon: Dagger (Melee): Attack: +1 Damage: 1d4+1 Critical: 19-20 x2 Range: 5 ft. Type: Slashing/Piercing
Weapon: Dagger (Ranged): Attack: +3 Damage: 1d4+1 Critical: 19-20x2 Range: 10ft. Type: Slashing/Piercing
Weapon: Handaxe: Attack: +1 Damage: 1d6+1 Critical: 20x3 Range: 5 ft. Type: Slashing
Weapon: Shortbow: Attack: +3 Damage: 1d6 Critical: 20x3 Range: 60 ft. Type: Piercing Notes/Ammunition: 20 Arrows

Speed: 30 (Fully Laden): 20
Initiative Modifier: +3
Grapple Modifier: +1 = + 0 Base Attack + 1 Strength Modifier.

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +3 = + 0 Base + 3 Ability Modifier.
Reflex: +5 = + 2 Base + 3 Ability Modifier.
Will: +1 = + 0 Base + 1 Ability Modifier.

Armor Class: 16 (10 +3 Armor +3 Ability Modifier)
Touch AC: 13
Flat-footed AC: 13
Armor Worn: Studded Leather. Max Dexterity: +5 Weight: 25 lbs. Armor Check Penalty: -1

Starting Possessions:
Dagger 1 lb.
Handaxe 3 lb.
Shortbow 2 lb.
20 Arrows 3 lb.
Studded Leather 20 lb.
29 lbs.

In or on the Backpack.
Backpack 2 lb.
Bedroll 5 lb.
5 days of trail rations 5lb.
50 ft. Silk Rope 5 lb.
Oil (1 pint) 1 lb.
Sewing Needle - lb.
Soap 1 lb.
Waterskin 4 lb.
Whetstone 1 lb.
Sealing Wax 1 lb.

Carrying Capacity: Light Load: >50 Medium Load: 51-100 Heavy Load: 101-150
Current Load: Without Backpack: 29 lbs. With Backpack: 54 lbs.

Current Money: 18 gp, 3 sp, 8 cp.

Balance: 6/5/2 (3 Ranks, +3 Attribute Bonus)
Climb: 5/4/1 (4, +1)
Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher): 3 (2, +1)
Disable Device: 5 (2, +3)
Hide: 6/3/2 (3, +3)
Jump: 4/1/0 (3, +1)
Listen: 5 (4, +1)
Move Silently: 6/3/2 (3, +3)
Knowledge (Nature): 6 (3, +3)
Search: 4 (3, +1)
Survival: 5 (4, +1)
Spot: 5 (4, +1)
Swim: 3/1/-5 (2, +1)
Use Rope: 5 (2, +3)
Tumble: 5/4/1 (2, +3)

Feats: Weapon Proficiency: (Simple, All)
Weapon Proficiency: (Martial, Handaxe)
Weapon Proficiency: (Martial, Throwing Axe)
Weapon Proficiency: (Martial, Short Sword)
Weapon Proficiency: (Martial, Shortbow)
Armor Proficiency: (Light, All)
Point Blank Shot (General)
Precise Shot (General)

Abilities: +4 Skill Points at First Level (Human)
+1 Skill Point Every Level after the First (Human)
+1 Bonus Feat at First Level (Human)
Favored Class: Scout (Human)
Skirmish +1d6 (Scout)
Trapfinding (Scout)

  •  : '/'s indicated that the skills suffer from encumbrance penalties in certain circumstances. The first number indicates the character wearing no armor and under no encumbrance. The second represents a light or non-existent load with armor penalties. The third represents the character with his backpack and armor on.

Character Description[edit]

Here is a dude who is ready to go. I envisioned him as a lord, or something, on a back-water estate. Perhaps a younger brother to the Lord at home, or a guy trying to build up fame and cred by enlisting in the army in a position he's experienced in. Now he's back, and has time to kill. Can't take over the roost, so perhaps he can enforce the law on his territory or work for the king in an official capacity. Might make a good NPC, but frankly, he's a decent PC too.


Rolled for stats, even though I don't usually like to do so, that's the official way of going about it. 4d6, drop the lowest, and place where you want 'em. Still, I did really well, don't you think?

Rolled Gold, too, and got dead-average 100 GP. Double that would have been better, but I'll take what I can get. At least my level 1 character can afford weapons and armor! He's outfitted with your standard Adventurer's or Explorer's gear.