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A character for Gamma World Third Edition, created by g026r.

Much like my Paranoia character, Willie started out as a name. Given 'Maize', it was obvious that I'd have to choose the 3rd edition from the two editions I own (2nd and 3rd), since 2nd ed. doesn't allow mutated plants to be player characters.


Willie's designed to be a stealthier character. Sure, his strength isn't bad, but the fact that he's ignored by most animals and AIs means that he can slip past non-humanoid defences quiet easily.

No one ever suspects the corn.

Character Stats[edit]

Willie Maize
Mutated Plant (Corn)
Rank: 1 Tech Level: 1 HP: 62


Physical Strength: 15
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 15
Mental Strength: 17
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 9

Physical Mutations[edit]

Mobility, power 6
Death Field Generation, power 10
Bark, power 11

Mental Mutations[edit]

Mental Multiplier, power 11
Telepathy, power 10
Mass Mind, power 8


Scouting & Stealth


Bark, AC 2
Carapace buckler (-1CS to defense)


Hand-axe, 134GP

Character Description[edit]


Willie Maize is a mutated, telepathic corn plant. He moves by uprooting himself, and traveling on his roots as if they were a multitude of tiny feet. His mutations also make it possible for him to use his leaves like hands, though fine-manipulation is beyond him due to his lack of fingers. Willie is completely mute, and communicates solely by telepathy — this trait is one he shares with the rest of his tribe.

However, unlike other members of his tribe, Willie shows some additional mutations. The extra-thick bark-like outer-layer is abnormal, but not such that it would ostracize him. The death field, on the other hand…

Tossed out of his tribe with only a hand-axe and a small shield made from a giant beetle carcass to fend off potential threats ("We are not wild beasts, we are plants. Even those who cannot live with us deserve a chance to survive."), Willie searches for companionship, tranquility, and a place to call home among the harsh landscape of Gamma World.


Urgh... If it wasn't for the fact that 3rd ed. is the only version I have that does mutated plants as PCs, I wouldn't have touched this one with a ten-foot pole. The system is a rushed out, badly edited mess. There's no decent index, rules and tables alluded to in the book are found only on the GM screen or in the Rules Supplement, and there's at least one chart that has no explanation anywhere that I've found. In short, you find yourself searching everywhere to find even the simplest of things.

The action table system may have had its followers when it was used for Marvel Super Heroes, but you'd never see why trying to read this.