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A character for Cyberpunk 2020, Chalkline's house rules, character created by Shadowjack.

A gleefully stereotypical triggergrrl, following in the footsteps of Revy Two-Hands and Molly Millions.


Cecilia "Zilla" Nimitz, known to law enforcement under various aliases.

Female; age about 20 (b. 1990?); dirty blonde, grey eyes, light skin tending toward tan. Small but tough. Heart-with-skull tattoo on upper right back.

Rough and rapid character sketch:

Stats & Skills[edit]

Attractiveness 4[edit]

  • Personal Grooming 2
  • Wardrobe & Style 2

Body 5 (Average)[edit]

  • Endurance 7
  • Swimming 7

Carry: 50kg Dead Lift: 200kg BTM: -2

Cool 7[edit]

  • Interrogation 3
  • Intimidate 6
  • Oratory 3
  • Resistance 7
  • Streetwise 6

Empathy 6[edit]

  • Human Perception 8
  • Interview 3
  • Leadership 1
  • Seduction 4
  • Social 2
  • Persuasion 7
  • Perform 1

Intelligence 6[edit]

  • Accounting 1
  • Awareness 10
  • Bureaucracy 1
  • Communications 2
  • Computer 2
  • Education & General Knowledge 2
  • Expert: Religion 1
  • Forage 1
  • Hide/Evade 7
  • History 1
  • Information Gathering 5
  • Instruction 1
  • Pilot: Sailboat 2
  • Scrounging 3
  • Wilderness Survival 2
  • German 6 (native)
  • Cantonese 3
  • English 6
  • French 3
  • Hindi 4
  • Italian 1
  • Polish 2
  • Portuguese 3
  • Russian 4
  • Spanish 4

Luck 6[edit]

Current Luck: 6

Movement 8[edit]

Run: 24m Leap: 2m

Reflexes 8[edit]

  • Athletics 7
  • Brawling 6
  • Dance 1
  • Dodge/Escape 7
  • Drive: Powerboat 4
  • Drive: Wheeled 7
  • Handgun 8
  • Heavy Weapons 1
  • Melee 8
  • Motorcycle 4
  • Parachute 1
  • Rifleman 8
  • Skateboard 2
  • Snow Ski 3
  • Stealth 5

Technical Aptitude 5[edit]

  • Basic Tech 2
  • First Aid 2
  • Lockpicking 1
  • Paint/Draw 1
  • Photography 4
  • Play Guitar 2
  • Scuba 5
  • Weaponsmith 2


Chalkline's house rules have a different skill list and allotment rules, and include default skill amounts. The skill numbers above include the freebies.

For reference, the tagged skills were:

  • Three at +8
    • Awareness/Notice (incredibly sharp)
    • Handgun (natural born killer)
    • Rifleman (an assault rifle is a girl's best friend)
  • Four at +7
    • Endurance (refuses to quit)
    • Hide/Evade (small and easy to overlook)
    • Melee (doesn't hold back)
    • Resistance (holds her liquor)
  • Five at +6
    • Athletics (wants to take up parkour)
    • Dodge/Escape (hard to hold)
    • Human Perception (knows when she's being screwed over)
    • Intimidate (doesn't seem to care)
    • Streetwise (been around and around)
  • Seven at +5
    • Brawling (likes to tussle)
    • Drive: Wheeled (backup getaway driver)
    • Information Gathering (in tune with the modern world)
    • Persuasion (cute girl fast talk)
    • Scuba (favorite pastime)
    • Stealth (experienced criminal)
    • Swimming (loves to bodyboard)


Chalkline mentioned a taste for detailed kit lists, and I can oblige. Weapon load-outs are tentative, pending confirmation.


  • Wallet with current (false) identification, incidental cash, library card, pre-paid VISA.
  • Utility knife (for messing with people).
  • Pocket tool (for messing with stuff).
  • Cellphone with all the features (camera, texting, web browsing, GPS, etc.) and headset.
  • MP3 player with shockproof case and earbuds.
  • An interesting rock.

Total weight: including clothing and sneakers, maybe 2-3 kg.

Belt Pack[edit]

  • Her money roll.
  • Big fat marker pen.
  • Duct tape roll.
  • Rugged flashlight (the kind you can whack people with).
  • Cigarettes and lighter.
  • Condoms, a couple.
  • Candy bars, a couple.
  • Glow-sticks, a couple (one red, one blue).
  • A little green tritium illuminator shaped like a boat, inscribed with the words, "North Carolina Beach Party 2008".
  • Laser pointer (for messing with dogs, cats, and drunks).
  • Memory card for camera, a spare.
  • Battery for camera, a spare.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Wipes.
  • Tiny plush tiger.
  • Polarized sunglasses, impact-resistant.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Road flare (in case she wants to set something on fire).
  • Earbuds, spare (because the damn things always break).
  • Tiny speakers (for MP3 player).
  • Makarov 9mm pistol.
    • 3 x 8 magazines (one in the pistol, two spare).
    • Ammunition: 16 rounds loose.

Total weight: about 4 kg.

Gym Bag[edit]

  • Crowbar.
  • 9mm Makarov ammunition: 40 rounds loose.
  • M16A3 with:
    • Patrol sling.
    • Reflex illuminated sight.
    • Underbarrel tactical light.
    • Baffle suppressor.
    • Brass catcher.
    • 1 x 90 drum magazine.
    • 2 x 30 box magazines.
    • Ammunition: 250 rounds loose.
  • Knit bag with grenades:
    • 2 x frag
    • 1 x smoke
    • 1 x flash-bang
  • Canvas web gear (cut down for her size and preferences).
  • Beach towel, very dirty, Hello Kitty (used when she's cleaning her guns).
  • Jacket. In the pockets:
    • Thin leather gloves.
    • Knit ski cap.
    • A little spare cash.
  • Snorkel and swim fins.
  • Kevlar helmet.

Total weight: about 20 kg.

Web Gear[edit]

When ready to rock-and-roll, she preps the web gear with the following:

  • 2 x M16 magazines.
  • 2 x grenades.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Road flare.

Total weight: about 2.5 kg.


  • Change of clothing, socks and underwear, bathing suit, etc.
  • Beach towel, sunset over palm trees (used at the beach or pool).
  • Cheap folding poncho.
  • Toilet kit:
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste.
    • Hand sanitizer.
    • Soap, shampoo, and washcloth.
    • Birth control pills, condoms.
    • Nail clippers.
    • Pads and tampons.
  • Medical kit:
    • Sunscreen.
    • Advil.
    • Band-aids and ointment.
    • Ace bandage.
    • Sterile gauze and tape.
  • Water bottle.
  • Trail mix.
  • Rugged plastic garbage bags, a few.
  • Small plastic liquor flask. (Currently holding: pear brandy.)
  • Light bedroll and air mattress.
  • Really sweet digital camera with telephoto lens and night-vision mode.
  • Camera tripod.
  • Camera kit (cleaning stuff and lenses).
    • Gun-cleaning kit (hidden in the camera kit).
  • Binoculars, Russian military surplus.
  • Godzilla lunchbox (with a bullet hole in it).
    • Thermos bottle.
    • Freezer pack.

Total weight: about 13-14 kg, if she brings lunch.


She also owns an old Kevlar police helmet and a vehicle, but she didn't bring either.

Most of the time she doesn't bother with all this – maybe half the stuff in her beltpack, and a gun and a jacket in her gym bag if she's working. But since she's embarking on yet another World Travel Adventure!, she likes to be prepared. She'll ditch most of the kit in the hotel room or wherever as soon as she can.

Obviously, the knives and such have to be checked with her luggage, instead of carried onto the plane, and she can't bring the flare at all; assume she re-equips herself as soon as possible.

Most of the personal shit she already owned, or grabs for trivial cost at the first convenience store she sees; she can easily play the role of the college-age backpacker, since she often is one. The major expenses are the binoculars and skin diving gear (purchased second- or third-hand), and the totally irresponsible purchase of the camera, all of which probably leaves her with about $3800 remaining of her cash allotment. Not that the camera may not be useful, but she really only got it because she wanted it.

The rest of the money she's keeping for arms and travel expenses. The thought of equipment other than weapons honestly has not occurred to her yet. A little of her money is on pre-paid VISA, but most of it in cash.


Born Cecilia Nimitz in East Germany just around the time of Reunification, and grew up on the bad side of a bad town. Lived in the U.S. for a time with other family, and ended up living and working in that shady interzone that cyberpunk characters know so well.

Cheerful; brutal; might be cute if she cleaned up, which she doesn't, of course. About what you'd expect for the archetype.

Her best friend in the whole world is her M16A3 assault rifle. That's the full auto version.

She's made a name for herself lately in the Los Angeles underworld riding shotgun for couriers or doing enforcement work. But she likes to travel, and has been to many countries, sometimes for work, and sometimes just as a tourist. She's only been in prison once. She does not count her kills.

Lately, those who know her may have noticed a sudden shyness in her, which seems to have to do with something that happened on a job in France that went bad. It's known she was shot up pretty badly. She laughed off the obvious rumors and ordered another beer. And pulled a knife on one guy who pressed too hard, since she's that kind of a gal.

What maybe only one or two other people know, thanks to a prolonged bar crawl last Christmas: When she was wounded badly back in France, she thought she encountered God. What she thinks happened between the two of them is something she's refused to talk about. It hasn't stopped her from working the streets like before, though, whatever it was. Well, any gunslinger has to be a little crazy, right?

Sanchez hired her because he knows she's travelled, she's a sharp fighter who can sometimes play well with others, and she's lately turned down work with people like human traffickers, which suggests she might not be the type to turn around and re-sell the rescuee. In the team, she fills the role of the "loose cannon that you point at the enemy", though I figure she's also good at playing the smiling tourist girl and gathering intel with her cellphone camera. But the lady plays drunk mumbletypeg and sleeps with an assault rifle. She ain't no-how sane and pleasant company.