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Chan-Ra is a character for the 4e Talislanta role-playing game by Shooting Iron, and was created by Drohem.

Chan-Ra was created for a sea-faring campaign of exploration and treasure hunting set in the Southern Rim of Talislanta.


Chan-Ra is designed for a play-by-post campaign with only three players, including Chan-Ra. One of the two other characters is a Gao Sea Rogue, and the captain and owner of a Mangar carrack. The other character is a Cymrilian Magician who is finacing the voyage and expedition to the Southern Rim. Chan-Ra is a friend of the Gao Sea Rogue captain, and the first mate of his ship. The voyage and expedition was undertaken by us to find a magical fountain that rejuvenates all who drink from it.

Character Stats[edit]

Archetype: Sun-Ra-San Dragon Hunter

Hit Points: 24


  • Strength +2
  • Dexterity +1
  • Perception +3
  • Charisma +0
  • Constitution +2
  • Speed +0/+4
  • Will +0
  • Intelligence +0
  • Combat +7
  • Magic +0

Skills [w/ stat bonus]:

  • Artificer: +1 [+2]
  • Artisan: +2 [+3]
  • Cartography: +4
  • Climbing +3: [+4]
  • Conveyance +3: [+4]
  • Dagger: +3 [+10]
  • Harpoon: +4 [+11]
  • Nomadic: +7
  • Pilot (Dragon barque): +5 [+8]
  • Sign, Fluent: +3
  • Song: +3
  • Spear: +4 [+11]
  • Sun-Ra-San, Native: +10
  • Survival: +6 [+8]
  • Swim: +9 [+10]

Special Abilities:

  • Semi-aquatic
  • Can breath underwater for up to 24-hours
  • Can survive out of water indefinitely without discomfort
  • SPD +4 underwater


  • Armor of sea dragon scales [PR 4, 30 lb]
  • Boots of rainbow kra hide
  • Bone spear [DR 8, 4 lb]
  • Bone dagger [DR 4, 1 lb]
  • Dragon hunter's harpoon [DR 8, 8 lb]
  • Astrolabe
  • Kra scrimshaw case for sea charts
  • Quill pens
  • Crystal vial of sepia ink
  • 40 gold lumens in pearls, scavaenged treasure, and mixed coins

Character Description[edit]

Physical Description: Chan-Ra stands 6'2" tall and weighs 200 pounds. His skin is covered with fine silvery scales, and he has deep blue eyes.

Background: Chan-Ra's ship was damaged in a fierce storm near the Pana-Ku islands. The Sun-Ra-Sun sailors found a spot to dock and repair, but were discovered by the Na-Ku and attacked. Chan-Ra was knocked unconscious during the attack and taken captive by the Na-Ku cannibals. Chan-Ra thought that he would end up in a Na-Ku stew pot, but fate had other plans for him. The Na-Ku camp was attacked by Mangar Corsairs, and Chan-Ra became a reluctant sailor upon a Mangar carrack. Chan-Ra stayed long enough to earn the respect of the Mangar crew and captain, and his freedom.


This character was created using the 4e Talislanta rules as written.