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CAH: Season Two (From this point on will be called CAH:S2) is the second edition of Cartoon Action Hour: The 1980s Action Cartoon Role-Playing Game. Which is exactly what it says on the tin--as the guys from TV Tropes might say. To fit to a tube box route, chapters are called "channels" and "Campaigns" are called "series". For first edition, I did characters for "Transbots", "Warriors of the Cosmos", and "Dark Brigade" , cover the series that were in the rulebook and the two splat books. Once again--for CAH:S2- "Warriors of Cosmos" and "The Transbots" on back with a few more characters--but they are joined by a new series, "Strikeforce Freedom". "Strikeforce Freedom" is a military series forcing on the named group battle against the SPIDER,. Characters must following this rules:

Proof of Purchase Points: PCs are created using 30 PoPPs. Maximum Trait Ratings (Regular Traits): 4 Maximum Trait Ratings (Action Features): 8 Miscellaneous:

  • The characters must be members of Strikeforce Freedom, therefore a military background is required.
  • Most Action Features should be derived from technology. Very few “weird powers” exist in the series.
  • Members of Strikeforce Freedom have a code name that they primarily go by in the series.


Name: Confuse "Spy"

Traits: Spy Mistress 4 [Specialty], Disguise Suit 6 [Enhancer +3, Advantage: Allows her to add the Enhancer to her 'Spy Mistress' Trait, Accessory], Agile 2, Tricky 3, Whip 4 [Enhancer +2, Accessory], Smarts 5 Stats: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 6

PoPPs: 30


Factoids: "Former actress", "Her fictional character aren't trusted by The Widow", "Gets along with Mayday" Subplots:

  • Fear (Arachnophobia -- Fear of real spiders)
  • Emotional Ties (To Mayday)
  • Archenemy (The Widow)

Background: Sometime, they is a huge fight between the SPIDER higher branch members with the expect of General Arachnid or The Widow--this is usually was a sign that Confuse [File Name: Amelia Matter] had caused some mischief within the terrorist group. Amelia was a once a actress getting bored with Hollywood and joined the military where her skin in disguising herself was noted by Jumping Jack--and was taken into Strikeforce where she used her disguises against SPIDER. Thought she has one fear: arachnophobia -- the fear of real spiders). She was rescued by Mayday, when this fear exposed her to The Widow.

Appearance: When not on a disguising job deep undercover with SPIDER, she is a strawberry red-hair woman with brown eyes usually dressed in a light pink blouse, brown skirt, green combat boots, and a green army vest.


A few days ago--Cynthia Celeste Miller, the "Cartoon Action Hour" Mistress, give me a free copy of the PDF file of the rulebook. I downloaded it. I thought about a Spy for Strikeforce to play hardball with SPIDER's Widow. It only took me a about 20 cartoon themes instead of 40 cartoons themes which the original version was about--but don't quote me, I'm not 100% sure on that--but I am 100% positive that Season 2 is better then Season 1.