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A character for Ghosts of Albion, created by Tim Brannan (Web Warlock).

Character Stats[edit]

Dirty Nel
aka: various human guise names are Alice, Little Mary, Tommy Atkins
Character Type: Faerie (street faerie)
Description: Victorian street prostitute
Motivation: To make some money and have a good time while doing it.

Life Points: 33
Drama Points: 15

Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Constitution 3, Intelligence 2, Perception 4, Willpower 5

Skills (+3 from drawbacks)
Armed Mayhem 2, Athletics 2, Crime 6, Fisticuffs 1, Influence 2, Knowledge 2, Languages 1, Marksmanship 1, Notice 4, Occultism 7

Blink 2, Contacts (Criminal 3, Supernatural 3), Elven Soul Flame, Faerie, Glamour, Hard to Kill

Addictions (Hashish 1, Opium 1,Smoking 2, Sex 2), Adversaries (Police, various rivals, various demons she owes money to), Criminal (Prostitute), Emotional Problems (Covetous, Cruel, Faerie Arrogance), Minority (Woman), Resources (start at -6 works up to +2)

Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 10 Defence action
Grapple 6 Resisted by Dodge
Punch 4 4 Bash
Knife 10 4 Slash/Stab* Plus Elven Soul Flame

Character Description[edit]

One of the more notorious Street Fae is a pixie name Nel, also known as Dirty Nellie by human occult researchers. Nel is Street Faerie prostitute often working in the theatre district of London. She got her start at the dawn of the Victorian age as a simple street walker. She would use her minor powers of Glamour to appear as whatever she felt her clients were looking for. A low level empathy helped her to seek out those who need was great (and thus able to pay more) and what they were looking for. Her most oft used guise is that of a coster girl who has lost all her snells and needs to make back all her lost money or her cruel stepfather will beat her. She has also been known to appear as dusky beauty from the Orient, or a young lad lost in the city after leaving his boarding school.
Though guile, deceit and lots of hard work, Nel worked her way into the prominent occult societies of the time. As her clientle increased in wealth and status, so did her own. She gained not only monetary wealth, but a wealth of information about such organizations as the Algernon Club, the Rosicrucians, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (where she was Crowleys lover for a time), and the Theosophical Society. By World War I no living being knew as many secrets (and it is amazing how many secrets a man is willing to share in the cloak of night in the lovers bed) of the occult underground as she did.
Note to Modern Directors: Dirty Nellie has not been seen since the Blitz of WWII. If she survived (and many suspect she did not) she must be using a new guise or has moved on to another city.

Roleplaying Dirty Nellie[edit]

Nel is the archetypical good-time girl. When not working she can be found in gambling houses, public houses, or even an opium den. Her looks in any form are striking. She is a bit vain and proud of her looks, so in any guise her midnight black hair (cut short), green eyes and many piercings remain. She is fond of soldiers and once traveled to India to be with an entire troop. She returned to London with a pierced nose and an addiction to the cigarettes smoked there. Her favorite trick is to produce one she has pre-rolled from nowhere and light it with the tip of her finger. As a Faerie, Nel is immune to the harmful effects of her addictions to smoking, alcohol and drugs. She is also immune to the diseases that plague her trade, but Directors may decide she is a carrier and say there is a chance that her paramours could contract syphilis themselves. Nel in any part of the Victorian age is a wealth of information and can act as a Criminal or Supernatural Contact. In the time of Ghosts of Albion (early Victorian) she is worth up to 3 points of Criminal Contacts (she knows everyone and most owe her) or 2 points of Supernatural. As the 19th Century progresses she can be bought for up to 3 points of Supernatural but only 2 of Criminal.
Nel is not a fighter. She not above threatening someone with her knife or even throwing a bit of fire at someone, but she will not engage in most forms of combat. Nel would rather seduce someone and then poison them in the bed chamber if she wants someone dead. Usually though trouble finds Nel and not the other way around. A possible introduction would be having her running for her life and smack right into the Cast.
Despite some of her addictions, arrogance and her rather rude habit of calling humans monkeys, Nel is actually a very sweet faerie girl. She is also just determined to do things her way. One thing is certain, it is never boring with her around.