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To honor old cartoons shows of the 1980's in "Cartoon Action Hour", campagins are series. I created Dr. Annabelle Archer for "The Outlaws of Skull Gulch", a fiction wild west/sci-fiction cartoon, as a semi-good mad sciencist. [See commentary for the reason]. In "The Outlaws of Skull Gulch", the PC characters are trying to face Gov. Phrax by any means.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Dr. Annabelle Archer

Tagline: "Ancient Mad Sciencist"

Series: "The Outlaws of Skull Gulch"

Hurt Points = 26

Size = Medium

Oomph = 2

Stunt Points = 2

Story Hooks:

Dislike goody-two shoes -- Moderate

Gov. Phrax wants something from her -- Major

Spolies Vemon, her cyber-spider -- Moderate

Traits: Armed Combat = 1 Athletics = -1 Body = -2 Coordination = 1 Driving = 1 Piloting = 1 Ranged Combat = 2 Riding = 1 Stealth = 1 Unarmed Combat = 3 Computers = 4 Demolitions = 4 Disguise = 1 Inventor = 4 Repair = 2 Science (Mad Sciencist) = 4 Willpower = 3 Appearance = -1 Streetwise = 1

Special Abilities:

Laser Ax (OSA, Power Level: Medium, Effect: Medium This is Dr. Archer's major weapon---it's a laser ax---ax make from a laser. If you get the Jedi's "lightsaber" feeling--you are right on the money here. Damage Rating = 7 + Body Restrictions = Disturbance, Minor [A flash of blue laser light], Item Total CP Cost: 11

Vemon (Animal Companions, Power: Low, Effect: Medium) [2] Vemon is Dr. Archer's cyber-spider she created by herself. She dotes on her as if she was a spoiled daughter of a rich man. Vemon was Dr. Archer's famous acenstor, Dr. William Vemon, who was a mad sciencist who lived in the old Wild West back on Earth. Animal Traits: Athletics = 1 Coordination = 1 Unarmed Combat = 2 Survival = 2 Appearance = -2 Body = 3 Stealth = -4 Willpower = 2 Oomph = 0 Stunt Points = 0 Special Abilites: Cyber-Claws (OSA, Minor; DM: 6 + Body) Laser Web (OSA, Minor; DM: 0 + 2; Bonuses: Advantage, Major (If Ifit's works, the person is trap for two rounds of combat or for one scene if combat is over]; Restrictions = Disturbance, Minor (A flash of blue laser light) Vemom Bombs (OSA, Moderate, DM 4 + Body, Bonuses: Area of Effect = 12 yards, Restrictions = Disadvange -- Minor: Has to take one round to open this mouth) Protection = 5 Primary Movement: Land Size: Very Large Story Hooks: Very Loyal to Dr. Annabelle Archer = Major Total SCPs: 44 Total CPs: 16

Electric Bombs (OSA, Power Level: Medium, Effect: Medium) Electric Bombs are well-known bomb used to drestory buildings. Phrax doesn't like it-one of his ship got hit by one of them. Many members of Galaxy's Laser Army Force wished the bomb got Phrax--insteaad drestorying his ship--Earthlings are one of the biggest wishers in the galaxy. Damage Rating = 6 + 2 Bonuses: Area of Effect = 21 yards Restrictions: Charges, Moderate (Dr. Archer can only carry 10 charges on person. Any more and Dr. Archer becomes a walking time bomb), Item Total: 20 CPs

Cyber-Eye (Misc SA, Power Level: Low) The right eye of Dr. Archer fall out of her eye socket when she was working on a project of her own--and she replaced that eye with a Cyber-Eye. It's easy knock out of her. The Cyber-Eye is a sliver eye with a pink iris. Bonuses: Adventage, Moderate (Allows her to X-ray a person) Restruticons: Item Total: 2 CPs

Total: 200 CPs

Character Description[edit]


Dr. Annabelle Archer appears woman that looked like she got run over by a mad robot. Her white is a weird mess that looks she got hit by lighting. Her left eye is green, and her sliver Cyber-Eye has a pink iris. She wears blacksmither clothing under a purple lab-coat. She always covers her hands with a orange gloves and her feet with red boots. To protect her eyes from her hair--she has a yellow bananna around her head.

Vemon is a purple cyber-spider. Dr. Annabelle Archer is usually riding him when entering or exiting a town.


Dr. Archer has a mind for mayham. She doesn't like goody-twoes shoes one bit--but she doesn't care much for Govern Phrax either. She spoils Vemon rotten.


When she was younger, Dr. Archer discover that her best-know anscetor was Dr. William Vemon, a mad sciencist who play a blacksmith durning the time of the Wild West back on Earth. Dr. Archer become a well-known trouble-maker to many planets--but she kept ahead of the law. This all changed when Gov. Phrax come to power. Dr. Archer is annoyed by Gov. Phrax trying to get something from her--Dr. Archer doesn't know what Phrax wants. With Phrax in charge of the froniter, Dr. Archer is well-liked by lower rank members of Phrax's goons--but Phrax and his best pals don't like her.


Usually a mad sciencist is consider a evil dude helping the bad guys out with their plans to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Some of my superheroes have some traces of mad science: Peter "Spider-Man" Parker, Kal-El (a.k.a Superman), Reed Richards, and Bruce "Batman" Wayne.

I thought of a old woman that was a mad sciencist that can easily hide from goverment agents, but could not hide from crooks. The best fictional series for my mad sciencist was "The Outlaws of Skull Gulch". She can use as a PC character, friendly NPC, or an enemy NPC. It's up to the Game Master to figure out place for Dr. Archer.

Usaully when I do special abilities in Cartoon Action Hour, I forget to write down the Total CPs or SCPs for a character before putting it on line.

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