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“Cape, Cowls and Villains Fouls” is another one of Spectrum Games’s Genre games -- this time focusing on Comic Book Superheroes. The following one is 200 one for a regular modern day game

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Merica

Secret Identity: Jane Finnal

Height: 7 Foot

Weight: 190 lbs


  • Beautiful 7
  • Singing 8 [Regulated Signature 1x, Disadvantage: Mouth must be free.]
  • Athletic 8
  • Deadpan Snarker 6 [Not A Finisher]
  • Mermaid Knowledge 7
  • Super-Strength 8
  • Tail Control 8

Editorial Control: 4

Threshold: 14


  • Loyalty to the Merpeople
  • Can’t kill any seagoing animals (For samples: turtles, dolphins, sharks, and wales)
  • Soda Pop/Coffee/Tea makes her super-hyper at the cost of losing her mind.


  • Has a Lot of Fans
  • Loves jelly beans
  • History nerd

Character Description[edit]

Appearance: Merica appears semi-traditional mermaid with the top half being a familiar woman half and the bottom half being like the back half of alligator Her top half has sea-green hair, yellow eyes, and sea-green waterproof blouse, while her bottom half is that of a dark green alligator.

Background: Merica’s story begins sometime about 10 years ago. One day, she was looking over a shrunken ship that was off the course of Somali. This one was contained bootlegged books arranges from comic books to large novels. The only thing in common was that everything book had something to do a fictional mermaid/merman or a group of merpeople. She alerted the near tribe of merpeople who collected the books.

Merica returned to her tribe and her mother for a year before the ruler of the Merpeople, Queen Conzora show up. It turns out the boat was Merica’s grandmother, Lady Nayora, a Golden-Age superhero that help American out in the seas during World War I. The boat was sunk by American missile on the death of Lady Nayora off the course of Wales. Thanks to currents in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the items were brought to Somali where Merica found them.

Queen Conzora had come to asked Merica if she like to become a hero. Merica had only one word to give Queen Conzora: “Yes!”

After five years of training, Queen Conzora give her a sea-green waterproof blouse and send her to the surface to do “what a superhero does: fight crime and rescue humans.”

During an early caper of her, The Food King, a theme villain accidently force feed a lot of Dr. Sugar, a popular brand of soft drink, into Merica thinking she was a young adult human woman playing dress-up and hope that the Dr. Sugar would kill her. The Food King was wrong -- DEAD wrong -- it turn Merica into a hyper-active mindless mermaid. When the dust was clean, the cops entered to find Merica holding Burger, the Food King’s pet Octopus, in the the middle of unconscious The Food King and his aide. Merica wouldn’t mind the hyperactive mindless beat down of the Fool King and his henchman -- if it wasn’t for the fact that Burger lost half of his eight tentacles during the fight.

She was decide to go jail and attempt it to one of the jail by talking it over with a Judge. The Judge happen to be Katie Storm (a.k.a Muse), who decided took Merica to a laboratory. Here, the scientists found out that plain water, salt water, milk, or any kind of juice doesn’t cause the same effect as soft drinks -- but coffee and tea has the same effect. Any attempt to use alcohol in the test caused Merica to toss her shrimps (read: toss her cookies). Katie allow her to go continue her crime fighting career -- but to prevent Food King from finding her and giving her a nasty beat down as payment for putting him in jail -- she asked Merica to adopt a secret identity. Merica become Jane Finnal, the wheelchair bound head librarian of the Rich Port sector of the city.


Took me awhile to do this. I started this yesterday night between work and a Halloween party, and I finished today. I guessing 2 hours and half -- but I’m not 100% sure on that. I skipping “Usage” marking as I don’t call them as fitting the genre.