Character: Qurina Qoriun/Princess Akirra

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This is a critical section for Prime Time Adventures (PTA) characters. Every character exists in the series and the series is a character in tself, in a sense. So this campaign is called "Vortex." "Vortex" is about the cast and crew of a fictional sci-fictional game show called, "Vortex". "Vortex"'s close real life match is the medievel themed British game show, "Knightmare". The meta-plot of series, the Vortex is a planet under attack by the evil Lady Zorigaz and her goons, while Princess Akirra and her friends try to hole off their attacks and recover stolen treasure stolen by Lady Zorigaz's goons years and recause kidnapped people ranging. Unlike "Knightmare", they have been more successful "vistors" and their three-man mission control. One of them even changed the entire series, Qurina Qoriun who plays Akirra was a vistor who completed her adventure--and become of one the actors when the old host decide he had enough of things.


Name: Qurina Qoriun/Princess Akirra

Issue: Forgetting the Past -- Qurina would have been aheading back home a winner if it was the old host annoucing that he was retiring at the end of his own adventure. She offer Vortex a new rival leader--with suprized the most of the cast. Most of the crew and cast belive she is doing a fine job of playing Princess Akirra.

Screen Presence: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3

Edge: Clever Talking -- Qurina is good enough to fowl up anyone she dislikes with her clever talking.

Edge: Trivia Knowledge -- The writers are very happy with Qurina as she knows very odd trivia from all kinds of books.

Connections: Ronald Regal -- The original host of the series. He is usually calls Qurina's cell-phone's number.

Connections: Terri Stone -- A writer that who handle the questions for two fictional AI computers, "Mike" and "Joel"--who gives the missions to the Vistors on Vortex. Qurina and Terri quizzes each other on odd trivia.

Nemesis: Coris Loria -- A network suit for RGN (Real Gaming Network -- covering all things gaming -- tabletop RPGs, game shows, and video games). She loves Ronald Regal's preformance and has plans to get Qurina off the set--but so far, it's unknown if Coris will get Qurina

Character Description[edit]

Qurina is a actress who think she can't get rid of her past. Her plot goes slowly reaching a climax on the final episode of the season.


Pretty good--even know I didn't have the book. I had copy the format from Screen Monkey's character for Prime Time Adventure.