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Icon is a superhero role playing game with a random rolling of 2 six-sided dice for creating your superhero. The following superhero is with any generic superhero game set in the modern times.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Synergy Origin: Transformed

Abilities: Prowess: 6 Coordination: 7 Strength: 6 Intellect: 6 Awareness: 6 Willpower: 6


Mental Blast (Offensive): 6 Illusions (Mental): 6 Flight: (Movement): 4 Interface: (Sensory): 5


Computers Electronics Business Stamina: 12 Determination: 2

Quality: "I am very real." Quality: "If I was player character in a fantasy RPG, I would have a 18 on all my stats" Quality: Lydia London, a person who can act as her replacement when Dr. Carol Muter is off being Synergy.

Challenges: "Never meet a computer I don't like." Challenges: "Forgets Synergy's blue wig time to time." Challenges: "Lydia London won't know the plug of the toaster from a plug of computer." Challenges: Most villains can't believe Synergy is real.

Character Description[edit]

Background: When Dr. Carol Muter was only 3 years old, she take apart her mother's computer and then part it back together working even better -- never did her mother saw the blue screen of death after Carol got her hands on it.

When she was 15 year old, she was able to repair Dr. Vileheart's destroyed computer for the government to get all of his files on the superheroes from A to Z.

When she was 20 years old: Caynon Mytone, died and Dr. Carol Muter inhabited his computer company. The computer company got even better. Much of the richer business man, the armed forces, and the government buy her computers as never crash unlike the regular computers from the other computer business.

With much money, she suffers though a bout of bored down though the 2008. A random attempt to cure her by reading a random magazine. This magazine was a video game magazine that had rumor that Nintendo was creating a 3D portable system that won't need glasses. She had a dream of creating a real-life version of Synergy, the hologram-making computer from "Jem and the Holograms". She was able to do that, but just as she was able to put energy core, two things happen, a thunderstorm and a earthquake. She woke up just after E3 2010 on June 30, 2010. The results were started off bad, the thunderstorm and the earthquake totally ruined her planned computer system, not even the blueprint were left in one piece and Nintendo revealed the Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010.

Ironically, sometime later, while eating, Dr. Carol Muter discovered two meals. She puts her hands though one of them -- revealing that it was a illusion. She reason that the thunderstorm, the earthquake, and the energy has transform herself into a superhero.


Synergy appears a blue-haired with two blue eyes woman wearing a blue blouse, white belt, blue skirt, white leg warmers, and blue sandals. Dr. Carol appears to a blond hair woman with two blue eyes usually dressed in a pink sweater, blue jeans, black Leg warmers, and old sneakers.


I assumed the Game Master decide to change my "swinging" to "flight" and my "shrinking" to "inferface" in order to theme my character correctly.

And yes, I say Synergy's blue-hair is really a "wig".

Took me a good hour to do this.