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In Feng Shui, you are a group of people protecting Feng Shui sights from evil forces. Tina Coin is a spy that can give you a lot of help.


Name: Tina Coin Job: Russian-American Spy

Junction: Modern Day


Body = 8 Chi = 2 Mind = 5 Reflex = 8


Decieit +10 (=11) Fix-It +2 (7) (Max 13] Guns +5 [10] [Max 12] Info/Fashion +6 (11) Info /Food and Drink +6 (11) Info/Politics +4 (9) Info/Media +4 (9) Intrusion +4 (9) [Max 12] Martail Arts +5 (10) [Max 13] Seduction + 5 (10) [Max 13]

Schitcks: Fast Draw

Weapon: AK-47

Unique Schtick: People can't resist telling you things. You may spend a Fortune Point to get a reluctant or hostile GMC to tell you something they shoudln't. Best used when you're captured, to induce gloating in villains

Wealth Level: Rich



Tina Coin was a Russian-American born in the Midwest in America in late 1950s. When JFK was killed. She joined the CIA to hopes of finding out the KGB was behind JFK. She conviced to become a triple-agent with in the KGB. Tina Coin was able to kept her CIA agent hidden from KGB. It helped that she got her mother's Russian accent.


Very serious, won't dare smile, but may offer a word of wise or warning to villians. Enjoys sci-fiction media from all corners of the world


A blonde hair and green-eyed woman dressed in red slik shirt, red skits pants, yellow belt, and yellow shoes. Usually carries a Soviet AK-47 with her.


Took me a half-hour--but only I wanted a good background for Tina.