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Mutants and Masterminds is a superhero RPGs that can set in any style of comic book you can think off. Vacuum, this female super-heroine can be used in a Sliver Age-style setting.

Character Stats[edit]


Name: Vacuum Power Level: 10 Power Points: 150 Max Attack: 10 Max Defense: 10 Max Toughness: +10 Max Save./Ability Bonus: +15 Max. Ability Score: 40 Str: +7 Dex: +7 Con: +12 Int: +12 Wis: +12 Cha: +8 Attack Bonus: +4 Defense Bonus: +2 Fortitude Saves: +4 Reflex Saves: +2 Toughness Saves: +0 Will Saves: +2 Movement: 12 Rounds Size: Medium

(Don't do farther then 15 in rank for skills/powers)


Acrobatics: +4 Bluff: +4 Climb: +4 Computers: +8 Disguise: +4 Drive: +8 Gathering Information: +4 Intimidate: +8 Knowledge (Popular cultures): +4 Profession (Writer): +8 Search: +4 Swim: +4


Ambidexterity: +1 Benefit (Alternate Identity: Eve Mark, writer -- fictional novels): +1


Absorption (Both Types): Rank 3 (Like a vacuum, Vacuum can suck up damage like a vacuum)

Blast: Rank 3 (She can use the energy she sucks up to attack)

Flight: Rank 5 (Vacuum is know to fly around with a bored face--until she spots evil causing trouble)

Immunity: Rank 9 (Vacuum has been know to take very dangerous items like time bombs to outer space)

Space Travel: Rank 9 (Vacuum has been know to take very dangerous items like time bombs to outer space)

Character Description[edit]


Age: About 30

Appearance: To the normals of her city, Vacuum appears to a blonde hair-ed, blue eye-ed woman around the age of 30 and about 6 foot high. Her costume is make up the following: a blonde wig, two blue-eye contact lens, a orange form-fitting jumpsuit, and a pair of orange boots. Vacuum told only the Police Commission and her mother, Erica Mark, about her superhero career.

Origin: A brown hair-ed and brown eye-ed Eve Mark was just your normal fiction writer of novels of many types. Her most famous was a young reader book about a mermaid named Gakina that have outrageously styled adventure in many different locations that some critics compare to the Sliver Age Superman of the late 1950s/early 1960s. One of her planned stories plot with a crime plot to steal unbreakable contact from a local factory know for making glasses and contact out of some strange chemicals. While studying the strange chemicals--unknown to anyone put the lab rats in charge (who were out on a lunch break at the time), she was dose with a enough chemicals to make the Sliver Age Flash's accident look like just one bottle slip it's contact on him compare the chemicals dumped on Eve. Lucky, her mother was planning on surprising Eve with a dinner and the movie--was the one to discover her. Eve stayed at Erica's house for the following week after the accident. Eve discover her powers--and decide calling her time-time sci-fiction partner and boyfriend, Fred Eyestorm, to get items for a future story--which in reality was her Vacuum costume items--though Fred decide that Eve was trying to figure out a new heroine name for one of her science-fiction adventures.

Personality: As Eve Mark, Eve Mark is well-known writer--and has written dozen books in many genres. Eve Mark's boyfriend is Fred Eyestorm. She has a good relationship with her mother. As Vacuum, Vacuum usually allows the police to handle capture villains thought she will help protect rookie members of police from villains. She is a firm believer in truth, justice and the universal way of freedom for everyone.


This took me about a hour and a half to do.