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A character for Yaquinto Games' Timeship. Created by g026r (of course).


I never really got the feeling that Timeship was good for much else other than one-shots, what with the rolling for energy before each mission and then using that to create weapons. Eh. Who knows. It's a time travel campaign. The character is the same as the player. (Well, not quite. I may have taken a few liberties as some of the creation rules are a bit unclear.)


To Hit Numbers By Weapon Type[edit]


Fists: 60
Martial Arts: 60
Kicking: 60

Bladed Weapons[edit]

Knife/Dagger: 45
Sword: Light (i.e. foil): 60
Sword: Medium (i.e. sabre): 60
Sword: Heavy (i.e. broad): 60


Bow: 55
Sling: 60
Slingshot: 60


Spear: 60
Javelin: 60
Rock: 50
Grenade: 50


Club: 45
Staff: 60
Mace: 60
Morning Star: 60


Hatchet/Tomahawk: 55
Chopping Axe: 60
Battle Axe: 60


Handgun: 50
Shotgun: 60
Rifle: 60
Machine Pistol: 60
Machineguns (held): 60
Machineguns (mounted): 60

Heavy Weapons[edit]

Rocket Launcher: 70
Flamethrower: 70
Artillery: 70


Maximum Personal Energy for this Adventure: 188
Current Personal Energy: 188
Maximum Group Energy for this Adventure: 188
Current Group Energy: 188
Combat Reserve Energy: 108


  • Pocket-knife. (Damage Modifier +5)
  • Wallet.
  • Street clothes (sweater, T-shirt, jeans).
  • Wristwatch.
  • Pencil. (Damage Modifier +1)
  • 1902 British half-penny.

Physical Abilities[edit]

Speed: 50
Endurance: 60
Intelligence: 60
Strength: 50
Dexterity: 65
Agility: 55
Running Ability: 60
Jumping Ability: 50

Character Description[edit]

It's me! Well, me as accurate as I could be when generating this. No, I'm not going to say any more.


The character creation rules are, admittedly, a little unclear. I'm supposed to adjust To Hit Numbers based on an honest assessment of my abilities in Step A. However, there's no commentary on if the adjustment of To Hit Numbers in Step B is to follow this, nor is there any comment on the final step other than that there are no limitations to how much an ability may be increased.

I've left out any equipment that would cost energy to generate (as that would all depend on the adventure), and I've left Group Energy the same as Personal Energy, assuming a group of one. Obviously GE would change if more players were involved.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible with this character and yes, the equipment listed is what I had in my possession when I created this one.

One final note though: why are the To Hit Numbers roll-over and the Physical Ability numbers roll under? Eh. Who knows.