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Tulki :: Kitsune Cleric :: (Beauty Domain)[edit]


Base Matrix[edit]

Ht: 4'11" | Wt: 85lbs | Skin: Light brown |Hair: Black, straight, medium length | Eyes: yes (grey-blue) | Lv: 4 | Aln: NG |


STR 8 / -1 Save (-1) || DEX 12 / +1 Save (+1) || CON 11 / +0 Save (+0)
INT 10 / +0 Save (+0) || WIS 16 / +3 Save (+5) || CHA 20/ +5 Save (+7)


Proficiencies: (Proficiency Bonus +2)
Athletics +3
Deception (Double Proficiency Bonus) +9
Insight +5
Sleight of Hand +3
Stealth +3
Acrobatics +1
Arcana +0
Animal Handling +3
History +0
Intimidation +5
Investigation +0
Medicine +3
Nature +0
Perception +3
Performance +5
Persuasion +5
Religion +0
Survival +3


Common Tongue


AC 16(14) | HP 23 | Hit Dice: 1d8 | Initiative Modifier +1

Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach


Shadow Touched +1 to CHA. You also get to learn Invisibility, and Ray of Sickness (Necromancy). You can cast each of these spells without expending a spell slot. Once you cast either of these spells in this way, you can't cast that spell in this way again until you finish a long rest. You can also cast these spells using spell slots you have of the appropriate level. The spells' spellcasting ability is Charisma.

Racial Features (Kitsune)[edit]

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 (While not carrying anything in your hands you can drop to all fours and increase your movement speed to 35 feet)

Kitsune Trickery: You can appear as a human equivalent of yourself indefinitely using a very simple illusion magic, you cannot alter your illusionary human self. A creature looking directly at you can make a Intelligence (Investigation) check, to tell that you are not what you appear to be, though they still cannot perceive your true form. The DC for this check is equal to 10 + proficiency + Charisma = (17,). This magic is detectable by spells such as detect magic and dispelled in an antimagic field or by a successful dispel magic. Your proficiency bonus is considered the level of the spell for the sake of d+ispel magic. If your illusion is dispelled you cannot use the effect again until after a long rest.

Kitsune Awareness: You have the ability to hear falsehoods for what they are. You know if you hear a creature willingly lie. A creature hidden from divination magic reveals nothing.

Kitsune Divinity: You know the produce flame cantrip, with the exception that your flame is blue. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the bless spell once and need to finish a long rest before you can cast it again. When you reach 5th level, you can also cast the calm emotions spell once and need to finish a long rest before you can cast it again. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Second Language: You can speak, read and write Celestial.

Class Features[edit]

Domain: Beauty
Proficiencies: Light armor, medium armor, shields, simple weapons. Deception (double proficiency bonus)
X -
Channel Divinity - 1/rest Used: 0/1
Turn undead: As an action, I present your holy symbol and speak a prayer censuring the undead. Each undead that can see/hear me within 30' must make Wis save
If it fails, turned for 1 min. or until it takes damage. Turned creature must spend its turns trying to move as far away from me as it can, cannot willingly
move to a space within 30'. Also cannot take reactions. Can use only Dash action / try to escape from an effect that prevents it from moving. If nowhere to move, can use Dodge action.
Beguiling Beauty

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to infuse your appearance with the power from your god to ensnare a creature with your beauty. As an action, you present your holy symbol, and one creature you choose within 30 feet of you that can see you must make a Wisdom saving throw. If you or your companions are fighting it, the creature makes the saving throw with advantage. On a failed saving throw, the creature becomes charmed by you for 1 minute or until you or one of your companions do anything harmful to it. When the effect ends, the creature knows you charmed it.

Spellcasting Logistics

Spell Slots: L1 | 4 || L2 | 3

Spell DC: (8 + Prof 2 + Wis 3) 13

Spell Att Mod: +5


Sacred Flame
Domain: Friends
Kitsune: Produce Flame

Spells Prepared (Wis 3 + Lvl 4 = 7)

Cure Wounds
Guiding Bolt
Shield of Faith
Domain: Charm Person
Domain: Heroism
Locate Object (L2)
Spiritual Weapon (L2)
Domain: Enthrall (L2)
Domain: Suggestion (L2)
Kitsune: Bless 1/day

Background Features (Prisoner)[edit]

Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Feature - Time on the Inside: As a prisoner, you quickly learned how life inside a prison works. It didn’t take you long to understand the various routines and tricks involved with surviving in such a place. As such, whenever you are in or dealing with a prison that you spend at least four hours studying, you always have at least some idea concerning the following (the GM has final discretion on what information is available to you, but these are some examples): how to find the major figures among the jailers and inmates, what general types of threats and hazards might be present to the occupants, the best way to contact the outside world, who might deal in contraband or be able to smuggle items in or out, and possible avenues to infiltrate or escape.
Personality Trait: I don’t share my food.
Ideal: Freedom. Being locked up is the worst thing imaginable.
Bond: I still owe a debt to the person that helped get me out of prison.
Flaw: I‘m plagued by nightmares and horrible memories.



0 gems
0 pp
0 gp
0 ep
5 sp
12 cp


Light crossbow and 20 bolts


Chain shirt


Priest´s pack
Backpack 5lb
Antitoxin (vial)
Chalk (10 piece)
10 candles
Tinderbox 1lb
Alms box
2 blocks of incense
Ink (1 ounce bottle)
Ink pen
Kit, disguise 3lb
Parchment (3 sheets)
Perfume (vial)
Rope, silk (50 feet) 5lb
Sack 1 cp 1/2 lb.
2 days of rations
Waterskin 5lb
Holy water (flask) 1lb
Clothes, traveler’s 4lb
Component pouch 2lb
Holy symbol Sune
Oil (flask) 1 sp 1 lb.
Pouch (coins) 1lb.
Signal whistle
Fine clothes

Bedroll 1 gp 7 lb. Caltrops (bag of 20) 1 gp 2 lb. Grappling hook 2 gp 4 lb. Kit, climber’s 25 gp 12 lb. Kit, forgery 15 gp 5 lb. Kit, herbalism 5 gp 3 lb. Kit, healer’s 5 gp 3 lb.


A dead sprite inside a clear glass bottle
An old divination card bearing the likeness of a mystical half-fox, half-human being

Magic Items

Healing potion