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Jace Sangorith was born in Tir Tairngire into a strict Military upbringing. His father was a decorated member of the "Tir Ghosts", and all he wanted for his son was to continue in his footsteeps. Jace was well on his way of doing just that, as he was the top of his class and had just been promoted into the SWAT/Training Squad at Hayden Slough Armory in Salem.

Shortly after arriving and settling down at the Armory, things seemed to go as smooth as ever, until late one evening when he was awakened by several unknown assailants who had beat him into unconciousness and dragged him out of the base. He was later found outside of the base wandering aimlessly, with no idea what had occurred from the time he had been beaten until that moment on the side of the road where he was awakened by the Military MP's who had located him. He would sadly realize that he had been considered AWOL from the Armory for nearly four months, and was now being arrested and placed in the brig. With resistence, he tried to explain the best he could that he was not trying to escape the Military, but was kidnapped and had no idea what has taken place the past four months he was missing. This was not taken lightly by the Military, who had kept him in the brig for nearly two months for the insubordination.

After being released from the brig, Jace had a hard time dealing with the unknown four months that were taken from him. He would be unfocused with what was happening around him and slowly began losing his mind. It seemed every waking moment he had would force him to delve deeper into a puzzle he had none of the pieces to. His madness began to take hold as one night after training he was drinking alone in his barracks. The rest of the squad had gone out to celebrate a well earned break. He had just enough alcohol to place him in a stupper, when behind him a hand had grabbed his shoulder. It was at that moment that an image of his original kidnapping rushed back into his head, causing an adrenaline boost that caused him to react without a moments thought. He grabbed the hand and whirled around, snapping the mystery hand instantly, while with Jace's other hand, pulling a pistol from his holster and shoving it directly into the face of the unknown, pulling the trigger point blank. As fast as his reactions were, his mind began to lighten quickly as the next thing he remembers, he awakens next to the dead body of his superior officer.

Needless to say, this was the final straw for his career and possibly his life. He was arrested and tried by the Military courts for murder of a superior office and was ordered to be executed shortly after. Fortunately, his father being tight within the Military, he was able to convince the courts to not execute him, but to send him to an Asylum instead, due to his unfit condition. His father was able to site that his son was not of the right mind and that somehow, something must have happened to have him snap in such a fashion. Jace's father was allowed to take him into his custody and admit him in the Asylum.

One year later, Jace was considered of right enough mind to be checked out of the Asylum, but his past life would not be there for him to regain control of. During the year in the Asylum, Jace had come to terms that as long as he remains in the place, he would never be able to find out what happened long ago that had altered his life so permanately. He did his best to remain as level headed as possible and focus on getting out of there post-haste. Now that he was out, he would attempt to restart his life, but it would not be in Tir Tairngire. His father had completely disowned him and felt his son had died the moment he first disappeared nearly a year and a half before.

His status as a soldier was done and his SIN was now marked as a criminal, due to the crime he had commited. There was no chance of making an honest living now with his past. Who would consider an ex-soldier convict, who was just released from an asylum, to be good stock? Nobody in the real world, but he did have an edge that would help him. He still had his Military training to rely on. He knew there would be no legit job he could take that would give him the resources to survive and to also begin searching for his missing past. He would have to go underground.

With an ex-soldier friend named Fleece, living in Seattle, to keep an eye out for odd jobs that required Jace's expertise, he would slowly begin his path back into a solid, somewhat normal life. Eventually, Jace had dealt with the pain of not knowing his missing past, but learned not to forget that eventually he would stumble over a piece of the puzzle. Jace's story does not end there, for it has been about a year since he arrived in Seattle and things are about to get very interesting...