Cheng Ling-Jing, the Mirror Master

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Cheng Ling-Jing[edit]



Strength -1

Stamina 10

Dexterity 0

Agility 0

Fighting 0

Intelligence 0

Awareness 10

Presence 0


Parry 10

Dodge 10

Toughness 10

Fortitude 10

Will 10


Acrobatics 0 (+0)

Athletics 0 (-1)

Close Combat (Mirror Style) 10 (+10)

Deception 14 (+14)

Expertise: Any (+0)

Insight 10 (+20)

Intimidation 0 (+0)

Investigation 0 (+0)

Perception 10 (+20) Persuasion 12 (+12)

Ranged Combat 0 (+0)

Sleight of Hand 0 (+0)

Stealth 0 (+0)

Technology 0 (+0)

Treatment 0 (+0)

Vehicle 0 (+0)


All-Out Attack


Attractive 2

Evasion 2

Extraordinary Effort


Improved Initiative 3

Language 2 (Cantonese, English, Native Mandarin)

Luck 2

Power Attack

Precise Attack 4: Melee And Ranged

Skill Mastery: Insight

Takedown 2

Uncanny Dodge


Mirror Style: Array

-Ming Jing Gao Xuan: Deflect 15, Reflection, Reduced Toughness 5, Accurate 5

-Fen Chai Po Jing: Damage 10, Multiattack, Linked to Dazzle 10, Visual, Close, Limited Degree, Multiattack

-Smoke And Mirrors: Illusion 10, Visual, Selective

-Mirror of Truth: Remote Sensing 7, Visual, No Conduit, Simultaneous, Subtle 2

-Through the Looking-Glass: Teleport 7, Portal, Extended, Medium (Mirrors), Change Direction, Change Velocity

Qinggong: Array

-Flight 4, Platform

-Leaping 2, Safe Fall

-Speed 2, Wall Climbing


Motivation (Doing Good)


Confused Identity

Power Lose

Point Total[edit]

Abilities 38 + Defenses 20 + Skills 28 + Advantages 24 + Powers 40 = 150


Ling-Jing was a shy and meek boy with a slightly girlish appearance. His Mother died when he was very little, and his Father is often abroad collecting antiquities for trade. Ling-Jing grown up loving two things: wuxia and romance, in that order, from reading novels in the school library. One day when Ling-Jing came home, he found a gigantic mirror in the lobby, another strange antiquitie that his Father had acquired. But when Ling-Jing looked into the mirror, he didn't see his own reflection. Instead, he saw an attractive young girl, slightly resembling him and wearing the same clothes as him. Ling-Jing felt himself being sucked into the mirror and lost consciousness.

Ling-Jing woke up in his room, but he wasn't himself anymore - she became the girl she saw in the mirror! Majorly freaked out by the incident, Ling-Jing ran to her best bud Andy. Posed as a performer auditioning for a spot in the family theatre, Ling-Jing lives in the smae house as Andy and goes to the Wuxia Academy with him. Unbeknown to Ling-Jing the girl, though, is the fact he she is not the real Ling-Jing - not the only one, in any case. Somehow, the ancient mirror made the manifestation of Ling-Jing's ideals - an attractive girls who is also a xia - into reality and transferred Ling-Jing's consciousness to her. Or maybe it's the other way around?