ChildrenOfChildren:Closing Sequence

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CoC Closing Theme Song: Sleep - Azure Ray. These lyrics are being used for non-commercial purposes: no challenge to the copyright held by Azure Ray is intended.

Imagery in Italics

Sara lies in her bed, awake, staring at the ceiling. At her side, under the sheets, is a happily sleeping Archer.

Fill these spaces up with days. She hauls herself up, looking at Archer.

In my room you can go - She smiles, half sadly, half lovingly.

- You can stay. Scratches Archer's head. Archer rolls his neck, unconscious, and smiles deeper.

I can't sleep. She sighs. I can't speak to you. Kisses Archer's brow. I can't sleep. Rolls - naked but with strategically placed hair over her breasts and the bottom cut off and in shadow - out of bed.

Now these years locked on my drawer. She walks over to her desk, taking a small box from it. I'll open to see just to be sure. Inside, a picture of her, with Josh on her right arm, and Nathan at her left side.

I can't sleep. She looks up at the ceiling, trying not to cry. I can't speak to you. Brushes the picture with her fingers - rubbing Josh's chin, then Nathan's. I can't sleep. She puts the photo away.

And so I'm reaching out for the one. She looks to Archer. And so I've learned the meaning of the sun. Walks back over to her bed. And all this like a message comes to shift my point of view. Crawls back under the sheets. And watching through my own light. Cradles Archer's head under her neck. As it tints the shade of you. Closes her eyes, and breathes his scent deep.

Hold my wine hold it in. Looks across the way to a framed photo of herself trying to be big and scary for laughing and playing 7-10 year old Ariana, Jess, Jon and Lily. Nobody's lost but nobody wins. Sighs, even deeper.

And I can't sleep - I can't speak to you. Kisses Archer's forehead. I cant sleep, I cant speak to you. Closes her eyes. I cant sleep, I cant speak to you. Rolls onto her stomach, one arm draped over Archer's shoulders. I cant sleep, I cant speak to you. Opens her bloodshot eyes, and looks out the window... I cant sleep, I cant speak to you. the ordinary, leftward facing crescent moon in the sky, and the reflection, in the bay of the dream-world, of a crescent moon, convex side facing towards the surface of the water. I cant sleep, I cant speak to you. The bay reflects an unseen dreamtime shooting star.