ChildrenOfChildren:The Dream Realm

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The dream-realm, while it somewhat resembles the real world, is heavily shaped by emotional residue. Alcatraz is a blasted, bloodstained wasteland: the Castro is muggy and lush with deep colors and strange tempting fruit: So-Ma is buzzing with electric energy: and so on. TIJCC is warm, inviting, romantic, hauntingly beautiful - but only due to the recent victories: The rest of the island is desolate, grim and dark from the repeatedly shattered dreams of trainees and poverty-stricken families in Section 8 housing.

Distances and travel have more to do with emotional links, as well - a place that seems connected thematically with another place will be easy and quick to reach. Think Exalted: The Fair Folk shaping combat, specifically Waypoints. (Naturally, this is only color.)

Across the dreamrealm, no matter where you go, the moon is now permanently a crescent, convex side facing down, and it's a rare night when shooting stars are not present - Anna, Josh and Sara blew up the alien base on the dark side of the moon with such force and conviction that the dreamrealm itself was re-shaped to reflect thier victory.