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Children's Games and other Disturbing Things[edit]

The kids of the resistance have taken to playing a Lets Pretend game known as "Pilots, Anchors and Monsters" - this is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin:

"I hit you with a sword, like swish slice!"
"Nuh uh! I'm made of sooper strong alien armor and stuff."
"Damn! (kisses Lily on the cheek) HA! Now it's a lightsaber!"
"No fair! Kissing another girl doesn't count!"
"MOM! Does kissing another girl count?!"
"Yeah, Missus Smith, it should count!"
"...did you both like it?"
" counted for Anna and Meredith, so it should count here."
"Aw, man!"

They also frequently beg the Pilots to play as the monsters, because "You get to pilot in real life, sooo..."

An extra Privileged Interlude to the first player who's 3+ Trauma pilot's... realistic... depiction of the monster makes the "Pilot" and/or "Anchor" cry. --Bliss Authority

Naturally, some of the tweens who still play use it as an excuse for sexual experimentation, of the variety where a "Pilot" will exclaim "...oh no, only my ultimate form will save me now!" with a lecherous grin, and the also-grinning "Anchor" will start pawing on them. At least.

Unusually for this sort of thing, Sara has few problems with the "clean" version of the game - they're kids, they're having fun, they're working out thier fears of the aliens in a safe way; let them have thier fun, so long as it doesn't get more heavy than pecking random friends on the cheek.

I suggest that Archer, on the other hand, would probably vehemently object - as his famous excess of gravitas rears it's head. --Bliss Authority

Jon whole-heartily approves of both versions of the game, especially as doing so feeds into GUPPI: the Grand Unified Polyamorous Pilot Initiative. Has no problems playing the "Monster," even though frequently, games might stall because he is hung up on inaccuracies, such as the lack of any such thing as an "Ultimate Form." --BarGamer 14:49, 27 October 2008 (PDT)