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[Treasure Island][edit]

Treasure Island is an artificial island built for the 1930's World's Fair, a marvel of engineering then and now, built on a reclaimed landfill.

RIGHT NOW, it houses a Job Corps center - a Federal job training facility for at-risk youth ages 16-25. While it's most famous for it's advanced Culinary training, turning out supremely skilled bistro cooks, garde-manger cooks, and bakers - there are dedicated machine, electrical and carpentry shops; obstacle courses for security cadets; medical training facilities for CMA trainees; and computers for secretarial and graphic design work.

The main dorms at California and Avenue C have been converted into 3 ANIMa creches, one at each prong of the big tower: the lobby has been converted into a command center. The towers, in the dream world, act as vertical catapults for the manifested ANIMa mecha, most of which fly or at least have jump-jets.

The recreation hall and snack-bar connected to that building, on the south side, still exist: and there are looted TV's, dvd players, Wiis, X-Boxes and Playstations, with eclectic game and DVD librarie - all looted from the Blissed or dead students. One end of the hall has been walled off with bookshelves taken from wherever they could be found and stocked with whatever could be scavenged from the student population's collections.

As with all electrical systems, they are powered by generators near each building, altered to run on gossamer - a threadlike, opalescent substance made of dreamstuff that leaks into our world through the waters, fished out of the glowing seas and used as currency with the gangs on the unsecured parts of the island and from Yerba Beuna. On a related note, ever since the Farside Base was destroyed, the moon in the local dreamtime is always a downward-facing crecent, and it's a rare night when there are no shooting stars - gossamer meteorites - visible over the Bay.

On the west side of Avenue H is the main medical building, past the gym / training hall and main barracks on 4th St. between Ave. D and H, which the locals have started to call "Avenue E" even though no signs say this. It's not fully stocked even at the best of times, but there's a pharmacy that usually has analgesics (and a wide range of contraceptives), and several exam rooms.

A walkway up Avenue C, from 5th St. to 9th street, have in order the carpentry shop, machine and electrical shop, computer labs, fully equipped if poorly stocked kitchens with functioning walk-in fridges and dry storerooms, and a fully equipped cafeteria, dining hall and auditorium.

The fields between 4th St and 9th Streets east of Ave. D and west of Av. H have been converted into a field of corn, squash and beans, with assorted tomatoes and such, and orange, apple and Meyer lemon trees.

It is, in short, the perfect place to rebuild society... and to fight a siege.

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