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Played by Tigerbunny

Quiet, almost painfully shy, Victor clearly didn’t have it very good before he made it to TI, walking across the creaking, decaying Bridge all by himself with only the clothes on his back at 5. He has a hard time talking about it – talking about much of anything, actually.

Victor isn’t the brightest kid ever, and he’s clearly got some emotional scars from *something* that he’s never shared with anyone, but he is a hard worker. He is great, though, with animals. Tender, gentle, and sensitive, but not a bit squeamish. His rabbits and chickens are a critical part of life for TI.

Puberty is not being terribly kind to Victor. He’s grown 5 inches in the last year, and his voice is all over the place. Girls are a great mystery, but he’s fairly sure no girl’d ever want to hang around with the weird kid. He used to play with Anna sometimes, but they’re on the outs now for some reason he can’t fathom. That leaves him all alone, the youngest boy who’s not one of the littlies.

Scrawny and gangly in that way only a preteen boy can be, freckles everywhere, a shock of curly and unkempt red hair, and eyes as blue as the Bay. He’s rather nearsighted, but hates to wear the glasses Anna & Ethan made for him.

He's also a musician, self-taught but pretty decent. He's fond of traditional music and hopes to find himself a fiddle someday.

Currently Unharmed


Jon"He’s cool, I guess. The girls sure think so, anyway. He’s gonna protect all of us." 1/3

Ariana"Um, yeah. She’s the Commander’s kid. I... I’ll bet she never even noticed I exist." 2/1

Noah"He’s not ‘from here’, like me. I feel like I could maybe talk to him a little bit." 2/2

Archer"The old Pilot. He’s almost grown up. Maybe he can stay awake like the Commander." 1/2