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Couwrodilin (Barges if you're not a cop) :: Level 1 :: Eladrin :: Rogue :: Barely aligned[edit]

Oh, now don't be that way. I even used your deck.


STR 10 +0 Save (+0) || DEX 16 +3 Save (+3) || CON 10 +0 Save (+2)
INT 10 +1 Save (+0) || WIS 13 +1 Save (+1) || CHA 16 +3 Save (+3)

Skills and Feats[edit]


Athletics, Deception(E), Insight, Perception, Sleight of Hand(E)
Playing cards, Thieves' tools
Proficiency Bonus +2



Common, Elvish, +1 from gambler, Cant


AC 14 | HP 8/8 | HD 1d8
Initiative Modifier +3
Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach Spell To Hit/Save Damage Range/Target
Unarmed +0 1B melee 5'
Shortsword +5 1d6+3 melee 5'
Shortbow +5 1d6+3 80/320 Weapon 0 0d0+0 20'

Racial Features[edit]

Darkvision 60', Resist charm, Immune to sleep, Trance, Fey step 30' 1/short rest

Class Features[edit]

Sneak attack 1d6
Expertise (sleight of hand, deception)

Background Features[edit]


Deception, Insight
Playing cards
One language (???)
Feature: Don't tell me the odds!



Daggers (2)
Shortbow, Q20




Burglar's pack
Thieves' tools
Purse (10gp)


 Barges, or Coral, or Mark-out, or whatever nickname she'd picked up most recently, has been haunting the archipelago off and on for at least two centuries now, and records that old often are not detailed enough for anyone to say it's been only two.  She was gay and adventurous, once; she sought out the most dangerous beasts, the most treacherous waters, for their own sakes.  She was a terrible influence on several generations of the islands' youths, but the ones she traveled with made it back.  She would come for a few years, vanish for a few more, and tell wild stories of adventure to anyone who caught up with her to ask.
Then she stopped coming back. Ten years, twenty, thirty: half a century later, an elf fitting her description sailed a dinghy into Corcraven, started three bar fights that merged into a small riot, and sailed away on a yacht. A crew came along later, and the vessel became a menace to any merchant ships risking the trip out from the mainland. After three years of this, the Gyrfalcon continued to be spotted, but the elf was gone, and they raided under a new captain until eventually forced aground in a storm and captured. All were hanged.
It was close to a decade more before the merry thrill-seeker began to show up again, making short visits and mostly to the larger communities. She didn't gamble with her life anymore, just coin, and the ebullient wonder had become a sharper cockiness. And she was reduced in body as in spirit—still nimble and fast, but with a weary slump when she was distracted enough. That was thirty years ago, and she hasn't stayed put more than three seasons in one spot, or laid hand on a rope, in all that time.

Personality Traits: Ideal: Bond: Flaw:

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