Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mr. Hepplewhite?

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~An Excerpt from The Adventures of Raphael

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Civic duties attended to and good byes said, the expedition team piles into a Demlier German staff car with side mounted machine guns. It has two seats in front, geared for driver and Gunner/Navigator, but the rest are 4 rows that seat 4 each. Zachary and his Driver are in the front seats already.

As the long drive starts the vehicle clearly has great maneuverability and speed. It does seem to have a powerful motor but the mechanic in Rafe can't help thinking the engine sounds odd. As if cylinders are knocking.

Wrecker catches Rafe's eyes, quizzically, "That engine sounds damaged, doesn't it?"

Turning to lean forward he asks, "Hey, ah...Zach? What's wrong with the drive? Its making a funny noise?"

Zach laughs yelling, "Its talking to us! All engines talk!"

Wrecker snorts and yells back, "Really?!! What's it saying?"

Zach laughs maniacally and sings back,

Oh, du hübsche Chitty Bang Bang

Tschitti Tschitti Bang Bang Wir lieben dich.

Und in Tschitti Tschitti Bang Bang

Tschitti Tschitti Bang Bang Was wir tun werden.

Nah, fern, in unserem Auto

Oh! Was für eine glückliche Zeit werden wir verbringen.


Unser feiner Freund mit vier Kotflügeln.


Unser feiner Freund mit vier Kotflügeln!!!

And with the wings fully extended, it leaves the ground, flying north. A huge smile spreads across Rafe's face.

“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mr. Hepplewhite?”

Tears of joy, nostalgia and remembrance of family passed on stream down his cheeks. He turns to Zachary as he finishes his German rendition of a childhood favorite tune of Rafe's.

"Thank you. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one of my favorite movies as a child and it always brought my siblings and my parents together... And one of my grandmother's would sing songs in German when I was a child, I never knew what she was singing though... you have brought back fond memories. And helped cross something off my Childhood Bucket List; take a flight in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Thank you again, Zachary."