Chloe (the Infernal)

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Chloe, the Infernal

Chloe wasn't anyone special. A quiet, mousey girl with bad acne and poor self esteem. But then, one summer, she was down at the beach with a metal detector, looking for coins and scrap to recycle for extra change so she could save up, and found this funny looking oil lamp. She took it home, figured she could probably get some decent money for it at a pawn shop, and cleaned it up. Blue-purple smoke began to fill the room.

“I am the Genie of the Lamp! Your wish is my command!”

“I wish for infinite wishes!”

“Ha ha! You are a clever girl indeed! Your wish is granted!”

Chloe is beginning to learn that infinite wishes isn't all its cracked up to be.

Look: Anxious, Flickering Eyes

Origin: Bearer of Wishes

Stats: Hot -1, Cold =0, Volatile +1, Dark +1

Moves: Soul Debt: Get 2 bargains. 5 strings triggers Darkest Self. Can't Save Myself: When someone else saves me from forces too powerful for me to reckon with, they mark xp and I get a string on them.

Bargains: The Power Flows Through You: Give dark power a string to get +2 to a roll. Strings Attached: Ask the Dark Power for something you want. MC will attach a price and a curse.

Dark Power: Zagzagel the Trickster, the Genie of the Lamp

Strings: Joshua the Fae: 1 Veronika the Queen: 0 Kenzie the Werewolf: 0 Robin the Mortal: 3 Annabelle the Ghost: 1

Strings on Me: Joshua: 0 Veronika: 0 Kenzie: 1 Robin: 2 Annabelle: 0 Dark Power: 1