Christa Emily Clark

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Basic Information[edit]

Portrayed by Stormraven

First Appearance Creation

Age 20

Known Ability Mindfire Control


Gender Female


Occupation College student

Significant Others


Christa is in college studying Linguistics. She's always had a gift for languages, and speaks quite a few. She's got a scholarship and everything, and if she can keep her grades up she might just get a fellowship. Recently, a bad experience with a frat boy resulted in a frat boy who now believes he went on a really bad trip - and Christa discovering that, when she's stressed, her head bursts into an eerie blue flame. How does one keep from stressing during finals week?

Evolved Human Ability[edit]

Christa is a Pyrokinetic, essentially. Currently, her power manifests as a blue flame (alternately dark or light) that surrounds her head and neck. She has yet to gain much control, if any - it manifests when she's stressed. She can also send a blast of that fire from her eyes, and the fire itself protects her from harm - mostly against other fire, but also in general - but only where it manifests.

Character Sheet[edit]

Str:10 Dex: 12 Con:15 Int: 18 Wis: 16 Cha: 16 (27)

Toughness: +2 Fort: +4 Ref: +6 Will: +9 (13) Attack: +2 Defense: +2 (8)

Skills (12) (Values include characteristics) Bluff +9 Computer +6 Knowledge (Linguist) +15 Knowledge (Current Events) +12 Knowledge (Pop Culture) +12 Languages 9 (English (Native); Latin; Greek; Farsi; Arabic; Mandarin; Japanese; Finnish; Swedish; Tagalog) Notice +5 Swim +2

Feats (11) Attractive 2 Equipment 2 Connected Eidetic Memory Luck 3 Contacts 1 Well Informed 1

Powers (21) 'Mindfire' Control (As Hellfire Control) Rank 6, Cost 12 Force Field Rank 6 (Force Field Duration is increased to Continuous, but is limited to Head and Neck; Force Field is Impervious against Fire only) Cost / Rk 1.5 Cost 9

Drawbacks: Her power can only be used at Full Power -1 Power manifests, whether she wants it to or not, when she's stressed -1

Recurring Complications Responsibilities (College Student) Secret

Equipment Cell Phone (iPhone) 2 Laptop Computer 1 Baseball Bat 4 Scooter 3