Christian Edge

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First Episode TBD
Concept Former Companion
Theme Song TBD
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Full Name Christian Bishop Edge
Legal Status No Criminal Record
Known Aliases None
Age 24
Birthplace Osiris
Favored Weapon Rifle


Some say companions are a rare breed: beautiful, refined, intelligent, and sensual. Christian Edge might be even rarer: a second generation companion. Christian's parents, Sophia and Maxwell, were both companions at the temple on Osiris. They fell in love and, with the guild's blessing, retired and married. Both looked back on their time in the guild fondly, so it seemed only natural that their beautiful son was given over to the temple at age twelve.

From there, Christian grew into the very model of a companion. He was never lacking for clients and he loved the guild. All seemed well until one particular client slipped through screening. His tastes turned out to be a bit too extreme. Christian was forced to defend himself and, in the process, the client died. He turned out to be the son of a certain high ranking official in the military. The guild was able to shield Christian from criminal charges. However, he felt guilt over what he had done and, worse, over what the guild had to do to protect him. Christian left and headed to the Rim. He went to work at the Heart of Gold for another former companion, Nandi. Even there, trouble seemed to follow. Christian was forced to put the shooting skills he learned in the guild to work, defending the Heart of Gold alongside his fellow whores and a group of mercenaries. During the fight, though, Nandi died. Some looked to Christian, as a former companion, to lead. Instead, Christian ran.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Beautiful. Christian comes from good stock and is, honestly, a touch vain about his appearance. One of the few allowances he's made himself since leaving the Guild is to make sure he dresses as well as possible, under the circumstances. So far, his wardrobe's survived. So far.

Psychological Profile[edit]

Christian has been trained to be non-judgemental, calm, and compassionate. He didn't abandon those ideals when he left the Guild. He truly believes in them and does his best each and every day to understand each person as an individual and each problem as a temporary obstacle that can be overcome. His preference is always a non-violent solution but he realizes that's not always possible.

Character Sheet[edit]

Agility d8
Strength d4
Vitality d8
Alertness d10
Intelligence d10
Willpower d8

Advancement Points Earned/Spent: 63/56


  • Allure (d8): Christian's parents were both companions. He was a companion. It is, honestly, more than just being good looking. Christian has been so trained in how to present himself, both psychologically and physically, that it is instinct to be as alluring and attractive as possible.
  • Highly Educated (d6): As part of companion training, Christian has received education in a wide variety of topics. Companions are expected to be able to converse with a client on any subject with eloquence and intelligence.
  • Leadership (d6): While he has, so far, shied away from a leadership role, the truth is Christian has a natural talent for helping others. Had he stayed a companion he likely would have ended up an instructor.
  • Steady Calm (d4): It takes a lot to rattle Christian. In his entire life, he has only lost his cool once.
  • Talented (d6): Children are selected by the guild because they are beautiful, yes, but always because they are intelligent and possess a certain... something. Even at the age of twelve, there's the spark that will eventually evolve into seductive talent.
  • Licensed Companion (d8): Christian was re-licensed and enjoys all the benefits of being a Companion, including access to the Guild database and access to a good source of income.


  • Branded (d6): When a Companion kills a client, word gets around. The elite of the Core and, perhaps, beyond, will have heard of the scandal and might very well treat Christian accordingly.
  • Credo (d4): Words mean something. Christian knows this. That's why he always keeps his. A promise, a contract, they're important.
  • Deadly Enemy (d6): While he isn't wanted by the authorities, there's still a powerful political family out there who aren't happy with Christian because of the death of one of their favorite sons.
  • Loyal (d6): Christian was so loyal to the Guild that he left when he believed he had shamed them. He's likely to transfer that loyalty to another group.
  • Memorable (d8): Companions aren't trained to blend in. Christian could no more hide his allure than he could learn to breathe water.


  • Animal Handling d2
  • Artistry d6
    • Painting d8
  • Craft d6
    • Cooking d10
  • Discipline d6
  • Influence d6
    • Barter d8
    • Diplomacy d10
    • Seduction d12
  • Knowledge d6
    • Appraisal d8
  • Linguist d2
  • Mechanical Engineering d2
  • Medical Expertise d2
  • Perception d6
    • Empathy d10
  • Performance d6
    • Dancing d8
  • Pilot d2
  • Survival d2
  • Technical Engineering d2
  • Guns d6
    • Rifle d8


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