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<Random_Nerd> So, let's see.
<@Lili> (Hey Leo, can the zep have a tv?)
<deMontreal> (Sure, assuming there's someplace with enough space)
<Random_Nerd> So, Leonardo had made a Abhorrent God-Defying Rift-Stapler. Lillimund had made a Steampunk Plot Device Rift-Sealer, and bragged about her kung fu.
<Random_Nerd> Senko was snide about both.
<@Lili> (Whoot! I'm Lili. I can make space.)
<@Lili> Both sealers or both the rift-sealer and the kung fu?
<Random_Nerd> All of the above.
<deMontreal> I also had them put in a catapult.
<Random_Nerd> Oh, and you don't actually have magitech guns, just rift-sealers and kung fu.
<Random_Nerd> And a catapult.
<deMontreal> that way we can throw someone... I mean something at it.
<Random_Nerd> So, is everyone ready?
<deMontreal> (Any bets on how long before Senko goes on a ride? >:> )
<@Lili> Sure! Are we outside of Sky or there?
<@Lili> (Never make a sucker bet.  :) Plus, she's one of their's, they'd just throw her back.)
<Random_Nerd> You're currently in Town.
<Shounen> in all that Shounen napped mostly, right?
<Random_Nerd> Yep.
<Shounen> then (yawn) ready!

  • deMontreal comes in with a second 'stapler' and more restraints.

<deMontreal> and a ridiculous amount of chain


<Random_Nerd> Two of the spiderbots stowing all the gear appear to have acquired nautical caps somewhere.

  • @Lili polishes her Rift-Sealer and adjusts the lightening bolt jar.

<deMontreal> "So. It would seem that the machines I use to monitor ... things ... pointed out that some of my overly lethal weaponry would be ... counterproductive."

  • Shounen daydream of fly with my pidgeon over the far fields

<Random_Nerd> When de Montreal says that, the camera cuts to a map of Celestia after projected use of Nightmare Weaponry. There's... a lot of red.
<@Lili> (The catgull should have a cap too.)
<deMontreal> "This can, however, restrain any riders that come through."
<Shounen> (cap = hat?)
<@Lili> (Yep! Sailor hat.)
<Random_Nerd> The cat-gull, curled up next to Shounen, dreams of eating an entire BLT sandwich on his own.
<deMontreal> "So that they can observe whatever happens."
<Random_Nerd> (They can, of course, attempt to evade it using miracles and so forth. But hey, MPs and miraculous actions don't grow on trees, in a conflict.)
<deMontreal> (Oh... Scene?)
<Random_Nerd> (Miscellaneous. Everyone gets an XP if it's a good one.)
<deMontreal> (New rule?)
<Random_Nerd> (New rule.)
<@Lili> The Rift-Sealer seems to be a cross between a sewing machine, a nail gun, a riding lawnmower and golf-cart umbrella. Lots of cogs and gears, along with the steam producers, the interdimensional sewing foot and bobbin and a needle of meteorite. The jar of caught lightning crackles merrily on the side. There appear to be racing stripes.
<Random_Nerd> (This one's still in flux. Oh, and double the current XP counts, and the costs on Quests.)

  • deMontreal tells his bots to replace a railgun with a 'stapler'.

<Random_Nerd> Sailor-Capped Spiderbots: Chitter!
<Random_Nerd> Scurry!
<@Lili> "And if you press this button here, it develops legs and can walk on its own! I got the inspiration from watching some of deMontreal's spiderbots trying to move a watermelon."

  • Shounen enter scene with sleep sign on face

<Shounen> "Gooood morning or evening or night!"
<@Lili> "Hello, Shounen! Ready for a busy time?"
<Random_Nerd> Of the two Impossible Perversions of Science on display, Lillimund's is shinier and de Montreal's is more ominous.
<@Lili> (Well duh.)
<Mrs_Senko> (or "Ms. Cartaign's looks impossible and Mr. de Montreal's looks like it would kill the user.")
<Shounen> "what busy time Lili?"

  • deMontreal makes sure the tesla gun in mounted up front

<@Lili> (Oh and if I want to add miracle points to my machine, do I do it now or when it is in action?)
<Random_Nerd> (How does it say on your character sheet?)
<Random_Nerd> (I think it's when you're using it, but it doesn't really matter.)
<Random_Nerd> So. You know that, Because Magic, to get to Celestia takes a long and stressful journey, that you must take alone.

  • deMontreal tries to think of what else needs to be mounted...

<Random_Nerd> You've seen how this sort of bends things to fit, if they don't match up.
<deMontreal> (And remember, 'Tesla gun' really means 'uber-taser with scary electrical thingies')
<Shounen> "Leo, how add lockers?"
<@Lili> "Okay, so we're going to be in horrible danger and so forth, so I'm going to veg out at the tv! 'Son Wukong, Monkey Detective' is on!"
<deMontreal> (When did you become a lolcat?)
<@Lili> (He's still sleepy.)
<deMontreal> "Ariadne? Mount some lockers in the quarters."

  • Shounen blink to Ariadne

<Random_Nerd> Ariadne salutes.

  • Shounen smile back

<Random_Nerd> On the television, Chief Buddha yells at the protagonist for stealing the Peaches of Immortality to use as bait in a sting operation.
<deMontreal> (Noting Senko's quiet today. Yay!)

  • @Lili somehow has popcorn. *throws popcorn at the screen* "Boo! Bad Chief Budda! Don't you know that Son Wukong is trying to get the bad guys?"

<Random_Nerd> Ariadne and the Spiderlings go and fetch some of the lockers that you get locked in in nightmares about bullies. Despite having never been used, they smell of old gym socks and fear.
<deMontreal> "Full systems check time.
<Mrs_Senko> (Just a tad distacted)
<Random_Nerd> Chief Buddha, on the screen, yells that Detective Wukong is a loose cannon who can't be counted on, and that from now on, he'll report directly to Lieutenant Tripitaka.
<@Lili> "Ooo, he's cute! Okay, I can take more of Tripitaka."
<Random_Nerd> Dt. Wukong scowls, and lights a cigarette as he storms out of the Chief's office.
<deMontreal> "We should launch. No sense waiting until there's another attack."
<Random_Nerd> The spiderbots bolt the lockers into place.
<Shounen> "preempitive? Is so .. so active! We can always wait Leo"
<deMontreal> "No, I want to get there while the sun's still out.
<deMontreal> "So that people can see what we do."
<Shounen> "Ah, you are all for the fame! Aren't you? Then I approve :-P"
<@Lili> (Plus, Shonen can be shinier in daylight.)
<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. Is Shounen taking over the world so that he can take a nap undisturbed compatable with Leo's plan of Showing Them All?)
<Shounen> (right! )
<Shounen> (I don't know and Shounen will not worri of that 'till he take over the world)
<deMontreal> (It all comes down to whoever gets catapulted into the rift for annoying LdM)

  • @Lili stretches and does a small workout while she watches tv. There will be fighting and the cogs of justice grind fine...

<deMontreal> (Come to think of it, we've completely lost Chuubo, haven't we.)
<@Lili> (What if Lili asks you to catapult her?)

  • Shounen frown at lili over zealousness

<Mrs_Senko> (I....really want Senko to get catapulted. Is that bad?
<@Lili> (Yes we have. You may not launch Chuubo.)
<Shounen> (we can recontract him so we can launch him (Chuubo))

  • deMontreal brings cameras...

<Random_Nerd> (So, it's possible to get to the Sky without the long alone etc stuff. But it takes breaking a level 3 auctoritas, and you have a conflict coming up.)
<@Lili> "I'm sorry, Shounen. But I and my Rift-Sealer shall shine and defeat the Riders and there shall be fame and happiness for all! That gets my blood-substance pumping!"
<deMontreal> "Ahem. Anyway. Everyone who's coming, board. Now."
<@Lili> (Saving MPs. I take the hard long road.)
<Random_Nerd> On the television, Dt. Wukong threatens a dragon bartender to see what he knowns.

  • @Lili is already aboard! Folks are welcome to join her in watching her show but don't go for the remote.

<Random_Nerd> The spiderbots look at Leo uncertainly.
<Mrs_Senko> "Well, if you two are competing, I shall be the referee."
<Shounen> "well, a least this round there are locks..." *hug catgull* because well fear of the experience
<deMontreal> "Ariadne, did you choose another bot for Plan B?"
<Random_Nerd> Minion #34 flies over and lands on Shounen's shoulder, and then starts purring.
<Random_Nerd> Ariadne shakes her spidery head, and then points a limb at herself.

  • deMontreal has a pile of meteoric iron chains loaded.

<Shounen> (minion 34 is catgull?)
<deMontreal> "Hm. I assume you backed yourself up?"

  • Shounen enter the DxM

<Random_Nerd> She points at the Abhorrent Intelligence-Copying Apparatus, and nods.
<Random_Nerd> (Yes, the catgull.)
<deMontreal> "All right. Stay in the hold by the weaponry, and back up the auto-loaders.
<deMontreal> "Don't load yourself into the catapult until I explicitly say so.

  • deMontreal all aboard...
  • Mrs_Senko boards

<deMontreal> (In case it isn't obvious, Leo had a long talk with his Mech of Original Sin in the interim.)
<deMontreal> to Lili: "That is the control panel for your starboard turret."
<deMontreal> "We have spiderbots as backup for the loaders."
<Shounen> "how many spiderbots?"
<@Lili> "Why do I have a turret? I thought I was going to be out closing the rift?"
<deMontreal> radio: "Alvin, pop the top."
<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and it seems that someone had grabbed the yarn and the hamburger from the Mechanism's hopper)
<deMontreal> "It's what your rift-closer is mounted to."
<Random_Nerd> The zeppelin bay doors begin to open
<deMontreal> (In that case, change all that introspective stuff to MAIM MAIM KILL KILL WHERE'S MY CHAINSAW?!?? :p )
<Shounen> "but but I believed Lili device was cable remotable?"
<Random_Nerd> Catgull: "Mew?"

  • deMontreal powers up...
  • Shounen scratches catgull after the hear

<deMontreal> (Transition scene?)
<@Lili> "Well, I'm going to go out with my Rift-Sealer. I want to see it up close and in action. And that's why I gave it a seat and an umbrella. Did you know that you can still get skin cancer in Celestia?"
<Random_Nerd> (One XP to everyone.)
<deMontreal> "That sounds...unfortunate."
<deMontreal> "Buoyancy to max. Straight shot this time."
<Random_Nerd> (So, do you have any specific plans for the "long, arduous journey, part of which you must take alone" part?)
<Random_Nerd> The gas envelope expands to its full extent.
<deMontreal> intercom: "Brace yourselves. Remember, at some point we'll be dealing with the illusion that each of us is alone.

  • deMontreal locks the controls.

<Shounen> (Mine is hide in a locked place with catgull and a baseball mace)
<Random_Nerd> The Deus Ex Machina continues to rise into the afternoon sky.
<deMontreal> "Nobody panic when that happens. No one is leaving the ship until we're damn good and ready."

  • Mrs_Senko stays next to her button panel.

<Random_Nerd> The island of Town below grows smaller and smaller.
<Random_Nerd> But you're just up above the land, not in the Sky.

  • Shounen look for a room with only one door and lock in with catgull

<Random_Nerd> And with that, Shounen vanishes from his room.
<@Lili> (Hmm..I could hear the Rift-Sealer collapse into pieces or be theoretically dragged into the tv set or such.)
<Random_Nerd> Shounen, you're on a path on a mountain that stretches into the sky.
<Random_Nerd> #34 isn't here.
<deMontreal> (I periodically de-poltergeist my lab as a matter of course.)

  • Shounen yell "Oh crap! No, not again!"

<Random_Nerd> As for the rest of you, the Deus Ex Machina rises, but no moment of transition happens.
<Random_Nerd> #34 flies past all of you, and out an open window.

  • Shounen sigh and start to dradly follow the path to the sky

<Mrs_Senko> "That's odd..."
<Shounen> drearily*

  • Mrs_Senko goes to check on Shounen

<deMontreal> "Illusion. There shouldn't be any open windows at this altitude."
<Random_Nerd> And yet.
<deMontreal> "We'd feel it."
<@Lili> (Is that the mountain that Jasper was talking about?)
<Random_Nerd> Things that are not on the Deus Ex Machina: Godzilla. Elvis. Shounen.
<@Lili> (Darn, I was hoping for Elvis being in some forgotten corner...)
<Shounen> (who say that Shounune ad Elvis are not the same? :-P )
<deMontreal> (Things that Leo gives a damn about: ________ )
<@Lili> (Well, neither of them are on the zep...)
<Random_Nerd> Out in the ocean, far below, the ships of the rats look even smaller than they usually do.

  • Mrs_Senko returns. "Mr. Soun is absent."

<Shounen> (right Lili, is an evidence)
<deMontreal> "Physically, or just mentally?"
<Shounen> (lol!)

  • deMontreal checks the instrumentation...

<Random_Nerd> Shounen, the mountain appears to be roughly the size of the entire world, and this is looking distressingly like it's going to involve physical exertion.

  • Mrs_Senko looks out the window to check for falling Shounens

<Random_Nerd> None are apparent.
<Random_Nerd> According to the instruments, you are very high in the sky. And... that's it. Nothing unusual is happening.

  • Shounen look around for minion
  • Shounen wish to found a friendly giant fire ant colony or thelike....

<deMontreal> "... hm... no transition?"
<Shounen> (ride the ant!)
<deMontreal> (Is that a euphemism?)
<Random_Nerd> Your minion is missing.
<Shounen> (a memory of "It came from desert" from when I was young...)
<@Lili> *is still watching tv* "That's probably just an illusion, de Montreal."
<Random_Nerd> The only friendly fire ant colony nearby is hardly giant at all.

  • deMontreal checks his nav instruments...

<Mrs_Senko> "Perhaps we aren't high enough. We should try flying through that cloud."
<Random_Nerd> The rate of acceleration of the DEM slows as the air thins. This is definitely higher than you were last time when the transition happened.

  • Shounen ponder IF I make them made a stretcher to transport me...

<deMontreal> "I'd rather be able to see where I'm going... it's more practical that way."
<Mrs_Senko> "Well, maybe the wind blew the castle on the clouds further east."
<Random_Nerd> Problematic! The number of ants it would take to carry you even very slowly is greater than the number in this colony!
<@Lili> "Now you're sounding like Senko, deMontreal..."

  • Shounen sigh

<deMontreal> "Good point. What's stranger is that I said it rather than Senko.
<Shounen> "well, little ants, seem like I have to walk" *wave to the ants*
<Random_Nerd> The Tiniest Ant In The Colony snorts at you, and starts jogging up the path on his own.
<Mrs_Senko> "It's my good influence."
<@Lili> (*would make the sign against Senko's influence but Monkey's on!*)

  • Shounen start a few momonts to the ant an then offer a finger to clim to the ant

<deMontreal> "If I were really operating under your influence I'd have headbutted a support column."
<Random_Nerd> The Tiniest Ant soon gets so far ahead that you can't see him. But given that he's a very tiny ant, that isn't all that far.
<deMontreal> are we on course?
<Random_Nerd> You don't really have a course other than "Up, until Magic Happens."
<Random_Nerd> As far as that goes, the Up is working but the Magic isn't.

  • Shounen sigh to the prospect of walking all that road and start following the tiniest ant

<Mrs_Senko> "No you wouldn't. Self-inflicted concussions are foolish. My influence forbids them."
<Mrs_Senko> "Besides, magic never happens."
<Mrs_Senko> "Things happen because one makes them happen with hard work and dedication."
<deMontreal> "Then explain how exactly we transitioned to Celestia last time?"

  • @Lili snorts at this. "What would you define as magic, then, Senko?"

<deMontreal> Are we over the clouds?
<Random_Nerd> Yep.
<Mrs_Senko> "Hard work and dedication, Mr. de Montreal."
<Random_Nerd> There appear to be no magical palaces on them, and no rift in the sky.

  • deMontreal looks around for cities

<Random_Nerd> The only cities in sight are far below, on the island.
<Random_Nerd> And they, or rather it, looks like a greyish speck.
<deMontreal> "Oh. Wait."

  • deMontreal stops the ship.
  • Mrs_Senko pushes buttons and pulls levers.

<deMontreal> "Lili. Senko. Would you kindly locate Soun?"
<Mrs_Senko> "..."
<Mrs_Senko> "He is absent, Mr. de Montreal. We have already established this."
<deMontreal> "Yes. And he shouldn't be.
<Random_Nerd> Soun, you have a long hike up the mountain. While on this hike, you wrestle a troll and are aided by a family of goats. Somehow, this experience manages to be incredibly tedious.
<Mrs_Senko> "No. He shouldn't. Mr. Soun is adept at doing things he shouldn't."
<deMontreal> "It is therefore ... practical ... to determine what happened to him."
<Random_Nerd> Always before you are teeny tiny ant footprints, mocking you.
<deMontreal> "And I'm starting to wonder if you're ill."
<Mrs_Senko> "It is more practical to assume he went home to sleep."
<deMontreal> "How, exactly?"

  • Shounen run faster to catch the roadRunner ant

<Random_Nerd> (Senko, XP.)
<Random_Nerd> Shounen, you think you're gaining on it. The tiny mocking ant laughter is getting louder.
<@Lili> "Maybe only one person has to be alone and work horribly hard to get us somewhere and because Shounen hates to work hard, the magic picked on him and we have to wait till he finishes his quest?"
<Mrs_Senko> "Past experiences with Mr. Shounen indicate it is the highest likelihood."
<@Lili> (Wow, the ant laughs? Supervillain ant.)
<deMontreal> "So, you're saying we should just wait?"

  • Shounen grit his tooths and keep going

<@Lili> "At least until the show is over. Commercial breaks are ever so annoying."
<Random_Nerd> And as you see the ant ahead of you and are about to overtake it... there's a moment of shock, and you find yourself standing on a cloud.
<Shounen> (indeed Lili)
<Random_Nerd> Jasper Irinka waits there, with #34 on her shoulder.
<Mrs_Senko> "No. Waiting would be just as fruitless. I'm saying we should ignore the matter of Mr. Soun."
<Shounen> (is the boos battle now?)
<Random_Nerd> #34: "Mew!"
<@Lili> "Shounen would be greatly hurt to hear of you ignoring him, Senko."
<Shounen> "34! So you were with Jasper! oh, Hi Jasper!"
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Did... you... weren't you bringing the airship?"
<Mrs_Senko> "Then perhaps he shouldn't avoid lessons and sleep all the time."
<Shounen> (thak Lili to make my defence)
<@Lili> "He is a busy young man. He meets so very many people."
<Shounen> "I ... *gasp* I ... was in the airship thn on the muntain that followed ant .. then find you *gasp*
<Shounen> "
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Mountain?"
<Mrs_Senko> "Busy?"

  • Shounen point to the path I came "there"

<Random_Nerd> The Deus Ex Machina stops rising. The air here is now so thin that you have mo more lifting power.
<Mrs_Senko> "From my experience, Mr. Soun is the exact opposite of 'busy'."
<Random_Nerd> There's no path, and you seem to be just pointing at a cloud.

  • deMontreal moves toward the cloud...

<@Lili> "But there's all of his minions, he's trying to litter train the catgul, he supervises the detentions of any minion so that they don't have to go through it alone..."
<Shounen> "that is strange! But the ant can confirm!"

  • Mrs_Senko checks a telescope

<@Lili> (Was it a Rider ant?)
<@Lili> (Did it have tiny starry eyes?)
<Random_Nerd> The ant on the cloud says nothing. He isn't confirming a thing.

  • Shounen look around for tiniest ant
  • Shounen shine for the ant

<Random_Nerd> Tiniest Ant: *stares up at Shounen with segmented eyes filled wiht doubt*
<Mrs_Senko> "His band of miscreants only cater to his wishes so he doesn't have to do any work himself."
<Shounen> "one moment Jasper" *run to ant*
<@Lili> "Oh Monkey. Internal Affairs will surely put you under the Five Elements Mountain for this debacle..."
<deMontreal> "Which would indicate that he has learned admirable leadership skills.
<Random_Nerd> You finally have risen so far... that the television signal fuzzes out to beyond the point of watchability.
<deMontreal> "Which you have yet to teach."
<@Lili> "That's because they respect him as a leader, Senko. You do things to help your leaders and your leader takes care of you."
<Shounen> *accusatory stare!* "Ant talk! I know you know we were on a muntain path! Came on talk!"
<Random_Nerd> The ant shakes his head.
<@Lili> "...awww...I won't know who killed the seedy casino girl with the trained marmoset assassin..."
<Random_Nerd> (Well, her head. But still.)
<Mrs_Senko> "That's next semester, Mr. de Montreal. Patience."

  • Shounen shine and repeat the question to the ant!

<deMontreal> "Hm. Wouldn't the fact that he has learned it before you taught it mean he's more advanced than you?"
<@Lili> "Well, since my tv is fritzed, I am going to walk away from everyone else and see if I get abducted by aliens. Last one on the zep has to pay the gas bill!"

  • @Lili heads toward the kitchen.

<Shounen> (evry thing is better with some shine on also isn't she inspired to help me?)
<deMontreal> "And if, as you say, he's the slacker of the class, and still manages to beat you...
<Random_Nerd> The ant uses the boost in skill related to Shounen to use its Annoying Non-Confirmation skill at level 3.
<Mrs_Senko> "No. It just means he has a natural aptitude for it. Something you do not, Mr. de Montreal."
<Random_Nerd> In the kitchen, there appears to be a large polar bear. Also, it isn't a kitchen, it's a cave.
<deMontreal> "Isn't it part of your job to encourage natural aptitudes?
<deMontreal> "So, if you didn't...
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "That ant's here all the time. It proves nothing."
<deMontreal> (I'm trying to Explain that Senko sucks as a teacher. :p )
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Well, I think it is. I can't always tell if it's the same ant, they look the same to me. Uh, was that racist?"
<Mrs_Senko> "You seem to have a skewed understanding of the education system, Mr. de Montreal."

  • Shounen defeated, return to Jasper "damn Ant he is so annoying! Don't talk!"

<Random_Nerd> Polar Bear: "Growl!"
<@Lili> (Ah-ha! The secret is that we need to be apart! So, have a great row and stalk out of the room and last one in the zep has to fly it.)
<Shounen> "uhm... being you not an ant ... no, maybe"
<Random_Nerd> The ant doesn't actually put on a pair of sunglasses. But something tells you that if it could, it would.
<deMontreal> "You seem to have a class of students that feels it is necessary to go elsewhere to excel in studies and nurse their natural aptitudes."
<@Lili> (And it was speciest.)
<deMontreal> "Strange."
<@Lili> "Oh. Huh. A polar bear! How...forgive!"
<Mrs_Senko> "That's not how natural aptitudes work."
<deMontreal> "Anyway. I need to be here at the controls in case something comes up.

  • Shounen look the other side

<deMontreal> "So, again, would you two go and find Soun?"
<Random_Nerd> The polar bear stands on his hind legs, assumes a boxing stance, and starts bouncing back and forth while throwing jabs in the air.
<@Lili> (What two?  :) I already left the room.)
<deMontreal> (Oh, right.)
<Mrs_Senko> "I was assuming that was why you are here at the controls."
<Random_Nerd> de Montreal, Senko, you two are alone aboard the DEM.
<Shounen> "anyway Jasper, Is a pleasure to meet you again!" *smile*
<deMontreal> "So, again, would you go help Lili find Soun?"
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "So, what's the plan?"

  • @Lili takes on the Stance of the Mexican Mole Lizard.

<Random_Nerd> The bear smiles faintly, and hops over to near you.
<@Lili> (Which, as a part-time Luchadora, she would know.)
<deMontreal> "... and our other passengers?"
<Shounen> "I dunno, wait for the later comers to .. come? In the mean time I would like an icecream"
<Mrs_Senko> "Mr. Soun doesn't need my help to sleep. I have my own buttons to press."
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Good plan! We have the best ice cream up here, I'm not even kidding."

  • Mrs_Senko presses some button illustratively.

<@Lili> "I much prefer wrestling, Senor Bear. But if you must defend your honor via fistacuffs, who am I to deny you your shining moment?"
<deMontreal> "Your buttons, much like your attempts at teaching, lead to absolutely nothing.
<deMontreal> "In this case, though, that's deliberate."
<Random_Nerd> Boxing Bear growls out the polar bear equivalent of "Ha! Wrestling can never surpass the elegance and depth of the Sweet Science!"
<Shounen> "Suhuper!" *folow Jasper*
<Mrs_Senko> "How did you know! I mean....why would you think that I am deliberately leading you to nothing?"
<Mrs_Senko> "That is a preposterous accusation."
<@Lili> "Bah!" *stands up in boxing stance* "I do not wish to hurt you, Senor Bear, but I must press on. I have a kingdom to save and the end of a tv show to watch."
<deMontreal> "Huh. Didn't realize it was deliberate."
<Mrs_Senko> "Well it wasn't."
<deMontreal> "That explains so much."
<Random_Nerd> Long story short, Lillimund fights two polar bears, an oversized raccoon, and is midway through dealing with a kickboxing ostrich when she closes her eyes in the cave and opens them in the Ice Cream Parlor of the Gods, on a stool next to Shounen.
<Mrs_Senko> "No it doesn't."
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Oh, hello. Glad you could make it, Lillimund."
<@Lili> "No, no, you're leading to hard with your...oh. Hello, Jasper. Hello, Shounen. I have had an interesting journey." *looks around* "And I would like a pineapple milkshake, please."
<Shounen> "Hi Lili! Finally some other came!" *pointing to the icecream* "Ah, did you want one? "
<@Lili> "Oh and hello, minion catgull."
<deMontreal> "You realize I have machinery that detects sin, including lies, yes?"
<@Lili> (But did you bring it?)

  • Shounen order for Lili

<Mrs_Senko> "There's no such thing as a sin detector."
<Random_Nerd> (He left it at home. How... impractical.)
<deMontreal> (It's hooked to my spiderbots, remember)
<Mrs_Senko> (My memory has no bearing on Mrs. Senko's assertations.)
<deMontreal> "You'll recall I demonstrated that machinery by the Lopsided Mermaid."
<deMontreal> "Maybe if you took a moment to consult your notes."
<Mrs_Senko> "Parlor tricks, Mr. de Montreal. You merely programed in the results you wished us to see."
<@Lili> "Jasper, please tell me that you caught the end of the latest Monkey Detective show?"
<Mrs_Senko> "If you keep this up, however, you could make a fine living as a stage performer."
<deMontreal> "Oh, for fuck's sake... GET OUT OF HERE SO WE CAN TRANSIT, CAPTAIN SENSELESS!"

  • Shounen give an icecream to catgull and if tiniest ant is here some to she too

<deMontreal> "We need to each be alone to pull it off!"
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "No, I've been up here, in Celestia. We don't really get your earth-television."
<Mrs_Senko> "I will not."
<Shounen> "I can ask to sminion #23 and #12 or #13 if they have the show on tape"
<deMontreal> "So, you don't want to save Celestia, then?"
<deMontreal> "I can't leave the controls, you keep wanting to steer us into clouds.
<deMontreal> "Which up here means we'll wind up in someone's basement."
<@Lili> "Ooo, thank you, Shounen! I just missed the end of the last episode as we were trying to figure out how to get here. I left Senko and deMontreal verbally fighting and hopefully one of them will bring the zep with them. I didn't build a transporter device into my Rift-Sealer."
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "So, I was wondering... what, exactly, is down on the ground, other than Town? How do people get there from magical places like Muspelheim and Russia?"
<Mrs_Senko> "You are a very rude man and, whether you approve or not, I am your teacher. If you can't treat me with respect, you shall not find me cooperative."
<@Lili> "Well, some people walk there through secret ways, like Luthi. And some people come on boats!"

  • deMontreal sets the ship to all stop

<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Oh, yes, Luthien. Where was she from, again?"
<Shounen> "You are welcome Lili, ah these two always fighting!"
<deMontreal> "Do. NOT. Touch. the Real. Controls."
<Mrs_Senko> "..."

  • deMontreal heads down the hallway.
  • Mrs_Senko touches the real controls.

<@Lili> "I..don't know. I found her walking into Town and she just looked so helpless and so I took her in and told School she was my daughter and I make sure she gets a meal every day and stickers when she needs them."
<Shounen> "That make me think maybe Leo and teacher Senko are flirting? Like grown up sometimes hide a love interest in a fight to keep distances"
<@Lili> "..."

  • Mrs_Senko switches a button from her control panel with the real one and goes to work on her own to steer the ship toward a cloud.

<Random_Nerd> I'd describe Leonardo's journey here, but it's trippy and kinda screwed up and not really appropriate for children. Suffice it to say that when he winds up in Celestia, he has part of a scorpion stuck between his teeth, and leave it at that.
<@Lili> "I don't think I want to think of Senko and deMontreal making out. For one thing, Senko's married. And for another thing, now I can only think of tiny little spider-babies with starry eyes..."
<deMontreal> >ptui!<
<@Lili> "deMontreal! You totally didn't hear that, did you!"
<Random_Nerd> Senko, after a little bit of piloting through the clouds, you find the one that has the magical palace on it. Totally not difficult! Obviously Leonardo was just steering in the wrong direction.
<Shounen> "Like marriage matter something for these modern peoples!"
<deMontreal> "If my theory and my impression of Miss Senseless is correct the ship should be plowing into something important any moment now."
<Random_Nerd> The Enigmatic Tiny Ant goes over and stares at the scorpion bit.
<Random_Nerd> There's a bump outside as the Deus Ex Machina comes to rest.
<Shounen> (so Leo is with us?)
<deMontreal> "Called it."
<Mrs_Senko> "That was easier than the last time."
<deMontreal> (I should be getting Explaining XP, damn it.)
<Mrs_Senko> (I was considering just taking the zeppilin back to the school.)
<@Lili> "The zep didn't plow into the building. It was a light parking tap."
<Random_Nerd> Leo arrives here a moment before the Deus Ex Machina does.
<deMontreal> "Jasper. Anything happen since we last met?"
<Shounen> "Leo, ice cream?"
<Random_Nerd> (It's tough for Senko and Leo to get XP when they're just playing off each other, because they're both too... Senko and Leo... to admit befuddlement.)
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "I finished knitting a scarf!"
<deMontreal> "Senko! It is not practical to steer into buildings!"
<Shounen> "Cool! You have to show me that scarf"
<Mrs_Senko> "Mr. de Montreal! Stop using words you don't understand!"
<Random_Nerd> The DEM is fine, except that the paint is a bit scratched.

  • Mrs_Senko searches for the emergency-paint-touch-up kit.

<deMontreal> "Now put the damn controls back the way they were!"
<Mrs_Senko> "Busy!"
<deMontreal> to Jasper: "That's nice. I meant with the rift and the Riders, you realize."

  • @Lili goes and checks to make sure that the Rift-Sealer isn't damaged! She also shows it off to Jasper! See how shiny?

<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "I don't think they knit."
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "That thing is very shiny, Lillimund. Did you make it yourself?"
<deMontreal> "Aha. Anyway. Lili and I have competing rift-sealing devices.
<deMontreal> "We should get that thing shut one way or another."

  • @Lili is very proud. "Yes, I did! Isn't it awesome? I can't wait to try it out on your rift!"

<Mrs_Senko> "Mr. de Montreal! Where did you pack the emergency paint-touch-up kit?"
<Shounen> "One is evil the other not?" *pout*
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Okay. What's the plan to deal with the Riders?"
<@Lili> "I shall attempt to seal the rift and as I do, they shall attack me and I shall defeat them with my superior kung fu."
<deMontreal> to Senko: "The spiders have it!"
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Oh. Okay."

  • Mrs_Senko searches for the spiders.

<Shounen> "Ariadne made the plan?"
<deMontreal> "My stitcher should also be able to trap and hold riders."
<Random_Nerd> The spiders don't seem to be anywhere in sight... and then, with a popping sound, Ariadne appears, and plucks a bluish beret off her head in disgust.
<@Lili> "How soon do you want us to be deployed, Ruler of Celestia?"
<deMontreal> to Shounen: "No, they have the paint set Miss Senseless wants."
<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Well, I'll need an hour to prepare the Celestial Navy. Or did you want to go on your own?"
<Shounen> (to me?)
<deMontreal> me likes the idea of more witnesses.
<deMontreal> (oops)
<Mrs_Senko> "Ah, a spider! Mr. de Montreal says you have the emergency paint-touch-up kit. It is needed to touch up the paint on the hull."
<deMontreal> "man your cannons as well, just in case."

  • Shounen cuddle catgull while wait to go fight raiders

<Random_Nerd> Jasper: "Then I'll notify the High Admiral."

  • deMontreal examines the beret...

<Random_Nerd> Ariadne makes a sound like a train whistle, scurries into the cargo bay, and returns with a paintbrush and some paint.
<Random_Nerd> It's made of some kind of synthetic fiber, and smells faintly of owl.
<deMontreal> "Remind me to check her telemetry later..."

  • Mrs_Senko holds her hands out to accept the paint and brush.

<Random_Nerd> (So, should we stop here, and do the actual Rift-Closing thing next session?)
<deMontreal> (That is probably a good idea.)
<Shounen> (sure, ok to stop here)
<Mrs_Senko> (Yeah)
<@Lili> (Sounds good to me. Senko has no notion of good brushstrokes and the true art of a hull.)
<Random_Nerd> Oh, and another XP to everyone.


<Random_Nerd> So, too whimsical?

  • Mrs_Senko is now known as Verithe
  • Shounen is now known as Angelo

<deMontreal> I wouldn't say that.

  • deMontreal is now known as Knockwood

<Angelo> Nope Ilike that travel
<Verithe> Mrs. Senko is an expert in the Bleak Academy school of art.
<Knockwood> How about the ... interaction between Leo & Senko?
<Random_Nerd> It was all I dreamed it would be and more.
<Random_Nerd> And the cap of it, to me, was that of course when Senko was alone, she'd be able to bring the airship to its destination.
<Knockwood> Leo would rather the ship not look like a war crime until after we actually do one, thankyouverymuch
<Angelo> With an ant follower can I user What the Heart Dream of to have a giant ant to ride around?
<Random_Nerd> Hmm...
<Random_Nerd> Perhaps! How does What The Heart Dreams Of work, again?
<Knockwood> She ran into a building!
<Random_Nerd> But the right building!
<Verithe> She's obviously so much better at navigating the thing than Leo is. ;)
<Angelo> sorry is "Not just a dream" that I continue to call the wrong way
<Angelo> it make something to be at reach of the dreamer
<Knockwood> Of course the moment I turn my back you fiddle with my controls.
<Verithe> Your controls were faulty. She fixed them.
<Angelo> so my plan would be ant -> follower -> instill need to be a giant ant -> use not just a dream -> profit!
<Random_Nerd> Yeah, that could work.
<Angelo> :-D
<Knockwood> Shounen's right, if this keeps up we'll wind up paired up in fanfiction
<Random_Nerd> It wouldn't make the ant giant instantly, but it'd start growing quickly. Probably be the size of a dog by the end of the week.
<Random_Nerd> Is there a pairing that Leo would prefer?
<Angelo> next session from Tiniest Ant to my dog size Ant!
<Knockwood> Sovereign's head on a platter
<Random_Nerd> (Nightmare Engine and Lillimund, and Leo watches.)
<@Lili> (Ew.)
<Knockwood> RN, you said yourself Leo's too scewed up for a relationship
<@Lili> Doesn't mean he wouldn't try.
<Random_Nerd> Which makes him perfect for fanfic shipping!
<@Lili> For Science, man!
<Verithe> Fanfic loves screwed-up ships.
<Random_Nerd> Characters who are too screwed up for a relationship must be shipped with everyone.