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The old city. Far from the bastions of steel and glass that tower above you, from the little warm cafes tucked into street corners, from the lights of the billboards that dance in your eyes even after you stop looking. No, this is the quarter of the rich and old, the original settlers, now as worn and rooted as the old stone buildings which they inhabit. The families here bicker, feuds linger started from slights centuries ago. Cathedrals, botanical gardens, galleries, mansions- all stand for the world to see and gawk at. Built and maintained through the pride of the clans that live here. The proudest of all of these families- the Jackdaws.

You are one of them- at least you were. A cast out, a misfit, a distant descendant. You live in the city, some of you as far away as possibly from the cold statues of the old district, but still it calls to you. Black tendrils of the old world have started to weave their way into the new, wrap around skyscrapers and bloom onyx flowers to blot out the sun. You are being pulled back into the intrigues and scandals of years ago, into the charcoal hearts of the kings and queens of legacy, back into the gothic.

Player Characters[edit]

(All credit to chaomancer for the format)

Kara Miller, Rift of the Vampire

Gillian and Joan Milgard, Rift of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Archer DuBrygg, Rift of C. August Dupin


Kara’s Loft

Archer’s Apartment

Milgard Manor

Shaded Park

Jackdaw Manor


Jackdaw Family:

  • Lord Ambrose Jackdaw (deceased)
  • Lady Ida Jackdaw - current matriarch of the Jackdaw clan, in mourning
  • Isabelle Jackdaw - Eldest daughter of Ida and Ambrose, mother of Tommy
  • Lily Jackdaw - Middle daughter of Ida and Ambrose, wealthy socialite and co-owner of the Boatswain Casino
  • Marion Jackdaw - Youngest daughter of Ida and Ambrose, social media star
  • Eliot Jackdaw - Youngest child of Ida and Ambrose, mysterious, possibly an alcoholic
  • Tommy ‘T-Rex’ Garcia - Isabelle’s son, loves comics and video games

Miller Family:

  • Ysabet Miller- Mother of Adam and Allen, obsessed with tradition, petty
  • Adam Miller- Quiet introspective twin brother of Allen
  • Allen Miller- Brash and outgoing twin brother of Adam

Gullith Family:

  • Agnes Gullith- Elder Gullith, leads alongside Arthur, wants to investigate the Jackdaws, choleric
  • Arthur Gullith- Elder Gullith, leads alongside Agnes, wants to investigate the Jackdaws, melancholic
  • Amanda Gullith- Agnes and Arthur’s daughter, blonde, bubbly, sharp as a knife.

Seer Family:

  • Theresa Seer- Gruff elderly leader of what’s left of the seers, observant and sharp
  • Gregory Seer- Currently obsessed with Kara, has the stem of a champagne glass through the palm of his hand

Hinton family:

  • Joseph Hinton-Till - Friend of Gillian’s, tired with life in the old quarter


  • August Clare- ???
  • Clare Family- ???
  • Cassandra and Bernard Dour- arranged flowers at the funeral


Episode One: The Broken Crow[edit]

Jackdaw Mourner.jpeg

Lord Ambrose Hygarth Jackdaw has died

Dear reader, we regret to inform you of the untimely passing of the beloved patriarch of the Jackdaw family. He leaves behind him his loving wife, three daughters, son, and numerous grandchildren. Friends will remember him as a man of principles, a man of taste, and above all a man whose love for all manner of forgotten lore overpowered most else in his life. A funerary service will commence this Friday (the 14th) at 6:00pm followed by refreshments and recollections of Ambrose’s life back at the Jackdaw family home. You are expected to arrive promptly at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the funeral and be seated in your designated place.

Any and all condolences for the bereaved will be received in the form of emotional reparations (see gift register included) by which the family can remember the deceased and will ease their suffering in the midst of this most trying of times.

If the gift that you have chosen is too large to taken by hand please ship it to the address printed on the letter, it will be most gratefully received.


Eleanor Sloane, Family solicitor (see business card in envelope)