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A Character in the City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower campaign


An Ex-firefighter who got burned out due to the unusual number of arson in the city, Garry became a rift in the mist of a episode of questioning his life recently after leaving the service. It was a stormy day as he walked through park gathering his thoughts when he saw a poster for the latest version of the Agents of Hope, "Agents of Hope: 4ever helping". Remembering his sister's and his favourite kid shows and how they lead him to want to be a hero. As he looked at the poster it seemed to start to glow and turn from a poster to a animated scene of th World of Hope till something shoot out of the poster hitting him. Garry awoke in his bed the next day, at first thinking what happened was but a dream till he saw a confused and distressed Kuruudo in his room and the small but subtle changes in his body. Garry dived into the role of protecting people as much as he could as a adult man agent of hope, questioning what it means and if he was worthy of such a role. It was during this amateur heroine that the Watchtower found and invited him to join.

Now Garry spends his time serving the order or volunteering at the rainbow centre, spending as little as he can afford odd jobbing to fund his living expenses.

Crew Relationships[edit]

Name Help Hurt
Sebby 1 0
Roger 1 0
Baku 1 0
Kara 1 -1

To your Mythos, one of them seems like the modern-day/real world version of a character in its legend. If they were your foe in the legend, take a Hurt point on them. If they were your ally or loved one, or if you were their rescuer, take a Help point on them. Hmm. Agents of Hope sounds like a show that'd have a helpful cuddly-tapir baku. (A show more like Puella Magi Madoka Magica would probably have the twisted one!) Cuddly-tapir baku helps someone get over a fear of something giving them nightmares.

Gary once took Sebby on a ride on Kuruudo as part of a mission, what was the mission and did it bring us closer together or farther apart. The mission was surveillance and I think it brought us closer together. I think sebby got used to being blown around and maybe kuruudo had a lil bit of a acrobatic show off spirit which made it fun.

BlueRain/Gary once witnessed Kara expressing her Mythos at full power. What did they thought about it? (If it scared them, take a Hurt point on them. If they appreciated it, take a Help point on them. Also this event seems to play into my characters defining relationship's some one protected the focus of your relationship take help on them. I'm not sure what the situation would have been, perhaps Kara unofficially expedited some insurance work by going full vampire dominance on some investigators who thought they could get away with not paying up after an LGBT club burned down? I like the situation, most likely it would have been at the rainbow centre being used as a meeting place and Gary walking in on during the meeting likely carrying refreshments. While he would have been shocked at first, he would appreciate that such abilities are being used to aid rather the to harm his community. That makes sense. I'm imagining him walking in to see Kara pinning an insurance man to the wall, full rift-power charisma and strength as speed turning a little awkward as the refreshments arrive :) On the same page here, maybe with an awkward "I'd just leave these here." from Gary as he leaves.

One of them makes you feel weak and vulnerable or one of them actually has the capacity to break through your defenses. Take a Hurt point on them. Kara as a vampire for better or worst his mythos identifies you as a "agent of despair" and as a member of the antagonistic force it is assumed your actions are always by intent even when they are not. I think this one fits really well, and honestly, the vampire Mythos probably does belong classed as an "agent of despair." Also, once you've watched her interact with others a little, there's got to be a little bit of you that wonders if Kara is fooling you into thinking she's on your side. So I think that fits well!

One of them once witnessed you expressing your Mythos at full power. Ask them what they thought about it. If it scared them, take a Hurt point on them. If they appreciated it, take a Help point on them. Roger's Mythos is frickin' Odin. A magical girl controlling the rains isn't going to scare him. He'll appreciate both her mystical abilities and her ability to heal others, which is not one of Odin's strong points.

Garry Nuthean, the Magical Man[edit]

MYTHOS: Shining Bright Agent of Hope Magical Girl BlueRain LOGOS: Socially Active Gay Man
Mistress of The Soothing Rains


LGBTQ+ Community Member

(Defining relationship)

How is a burned out man worthy of such a title "I nurture the community like it nurtured me"
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Hydro kinesis A Mutual support network
D Expression of hope and joy D Politically aware and active
F Binding Whips of water. G Wide and diverse range of friends and contacts
G Soothing healing balm
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A Won't Harm Innocents A Targets of hatred and bigotry
C Floods of water B
Kuruudo the Rain cloud


Are they my friend or are we using each other?
Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags:
A ♫♩Riding on a rain cloud♫♩
g Protective weather
j Small Shojo mascot ally
Weakness Tags:
A Easily blown off course
Anime Hero in the real world


What does it mean to be a kid's show hero?
Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags:
A Body that follows anime logic
C Always back to the status quo
H Guardian of the Innocent
Weakness Tags:
A Lasting Aura of Bright Anime Aesthetic