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A Character in the City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower campaign


Sabine marksman was born and raised in a household of assassins. By ten years of age, she could field-strip a rifle. By twelve, she was going on the safer missions with other members of her family. At fifteen, she did her first solo kill of a mid level yakuza boss who had seen too much, and needed to die. Her mission went smoothly and he fell ten stories to his death from his balcony. The exfiltration went smoothly, and that was a never ending cycle of missions until she found herself in the city, In a house that wasn't hers, with a child that wasn't hers. That was the start of her new life, but she is still assassin grade material, and the kit that killed hundreds comes out at night to play in the city. She found that PI work earned money, plus her Swiss account had been untouched. She used the money to set up shop downtown, and to find a new meaning to her previously ordered life.

Crew Relationships[edit]

Name Help Hurt
Kara 0 0
Roger 1 0
Baku 1 0
Gary 1 0

Baku, do you admire/secretly desire my guns? I don't think so - he might recognise manufacturers or maybe even models, but wasn't paying attention really to infantry training as a temporary soldier, and never felt any affinity for firearms. The only thing he took heed of was hand-to-hand training; it awoke his interest in competition. It was also a way to fight back against the hazing of draftees common in many of the ex-USSR militaries. The only type of weapon he feels attached to are the tonfa his father made and taught him.

Roger, sebby once protected someone dear to you, possibles form you. Were you upset or glad?Given Sebby's methods, I think the answer might be ambivalent, but that doesn't fit well with the game mechanics. Let's go with grateful, but also with a lingering sense of unease. And let's say Sebby protected Roger's wife and children from a group of muggers.

Sebby took garry to the firing range. How well did you adapt to firing a gun? As well as expected for a first timer, aimed it like a firehose and was slow to adapt to the explosion like noise of the weapon by the end of it could fire with out flinching and at least hitting the target.

St Sebastian aka sebby[edit]

MYTHOS: St Sebastian LOGOS: Mercenary Assassin turn PI
St Sebastian


set of carefully maintained military hardware


If death can't stop me, what can? Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
What quality most often protects you: cannot die Most important thing to me: a scratched and battered 308 magnum
Against what type of attack is your defense especially useful: cannot be harmed by mortal weapons What component added to your items can change it's function: telescopic sight for the 308
What tactics do you use when employing your defense scare tactics What conceals the fact you are using your possessions: sound suppressor
What other gear do you possess: a pair of custom 8-shot 44 magnums
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
What personality trait derived from your defense gets in the way: overzealous What habits do you display around your gear possessive
A What can prevent you from using your gear time pressure
Master of the impossible shot


Another case, another paycheck


How far can I push my luck? Shots with a camera aren't as satisfying, but They're a lot more socially acceptable.
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
Most common way for mythos to affect world: bless with good fortune What do you do with your time: investigative PI work
Useful reverse effect: drain good fortune What trick have you picked up doing what you do who needs sleep anyway?
Useful Tricks: bounce bullets off walls Who usually helps you: Samantha, my daughter
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
Repercussions: sense of foreboding At the end of the day, what are you left with: a pain behind the eyes