Clark Mautrin, Shadowtroll

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NAME: Clark Mautrin
USERNAME: ClarkM (secretly Shadowtroll)
STATUS AS BREACHER: Registered but not publicly known
CONCEPT: Master Forum Troll
POWER LEVEL: PL8 / 120 pp

Personal Details[edit]


A smiling man of slight build, good health, and excellent teeth. He is dressed in well-tailored clothing and appears to be somewhere around 30. Behind him lurk small, dark forms and red eyes in shadows.


Clark Mautrin had a secret identity as a supervillain long before he ever Breeched. Well, sort of. ("Clark like Superman?" "Clark like my grandfather.")

For years a troll has plagued alt.metahuman. He is a clever, invasive troll with a thousand identities and a dozen MOs. He will start arguments as a Marvel zombie or a Vertigo elitist. He will talk shit superhero about movies and claim secret knowledge of scripts. He knows every technique to start an argument, but it's always only a matter of time before he's uncovered by the brave veterans of alt.metahuman and banished. They call him Shadowtroll. (They also often call him "asshole".)

Shadowtroll spaces out his appearances, only stopping by every couple of months and building to an explosion within a matter of days. He appears to post from all over the worlds, with no consistent ISP, making it impossible to ban him permanently.

But you see... it's all for the fans. Performance art of a sort. After getting particularly drunk one night, Clark concluded most people posting on alt.metahuman do it because they secretly want to be heroes. To be a hero, you need a villain. So he created "Shadowtroll" to be the board's villain, the instigator, the bad guy, whom the rest of the community could take satisfaction from periodically vanquishing. Clark's sales job takes him on periodic sales calls over the world, making it possible for 'Shadowtroll' to pop up from convenient internet cafes.

Then one day... the trolls started showing up for real. Little shadowy beings, silent and red-eyed and able to slip through walls like ghosts. Clark thought he was going crazy until he realized he was a Breacher. They come out of his body and go back in to rest, and have all sorts of creepy powers. They take his orders, too... up to a point. His little Shadowtrolls.

But it's easy enough to pretend they aren't his. Lately spinning stories and makig sales has become easier than ever. He hardly has to try anymore. Now he just has to decide what to do with his abilities.


Surprisingly neurotic and insecure for such a charmer. He's got a 'Woody Allen' quality about him where he can constantly be complaining and worried but just be so darn likable about it that you don't hold it against him. When stressed he likes to go troll to make himself feel better.

Game Stats[edit]


STR: 10
DEX: 12
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 32/14

36 pts. (18 of the charisma is Enhanced Charisma and can be nullified, extra efforted, etc.)


Bluff 8 (+19/+23)
Computers 7 (+9)
Diplomacy 8 (+19/+23)
Gather Information 6 (+17)
Intimidate 6 (+17)
Language 2 (Spanish, Mandarin)
Knowledge: Popular Culture 7 (+9)
Knowledge: Business 7 (+9)
Profession: Salesman 6 (+9)
Sense Motive 7 (+10)
16 pts (64 ranks)


Attractive 1
Fascinate (Diplomacy)
Luck 3
Equipment 6

Total 13 points


Enhanced Charisma 18 (costed above) - Clark was always a man with more than his share of charm, allowing him great success as a salesman for a variety of industries. Lately, though, he hardly even has to try anymore. He always seems to know the right thing to say or do to charm even the hardest target.

Emotion Control 8, Power Feat: Mind Blank AP: "Trolling the Masses" Emotion Control (Limited - Emotion of Hate Only -1, Area: Burst +1, PF: Mind Blank) – 18 pts (With a little more effort, Clark can twist the emotions of others.)

Summon Minion 8 (continuous +1) PF: Progression 2 (up to 5) PF: Mental Link PF: Sacrifice Drawback: Involuntary Summoning (-1pt; occasionally Shadowtrolls appear on their own when he's not paying attention or asleep and scamper off on purposes of their own.) 27 pts

Shadowtrolls look like gremlin-like beings of solid darkness, about 5 feet tall and pitch black, with spiky protrusions and glowing red eyes. When they wish, they can transform into true shadows. They are all apparently mute, though they seem to have no trouble understanding others. Even Clark doesn't so much 'speak' to them through his mental link as grasp basic concepts they wish to get across. Despite his mental link, he has trouble keeping track of them sometimes and, he strongly suspects that some of 'slip out' as he sleeps to carry their own agenda.

Though seemingly identical to everyone else, Clark is perfectly capable of telling his Shadowtrolls apart. In a fit of obscure comics-related trivia, he has named them Myron, Leander, Herman, William, and Athena.

Total 45 points.


Base Attack/Defense[edit]

Base Attack +0 - 0 pts.
Defense +0 - 0 pts.


Attack: +0 Unarmed Strike, DC 15 Damage Save
Defense: 10 (
Toughness Save: +1 / +4 w/vest


Reflex 0 ranks (+1 total) - 0 pts
Fortitude 0 ranks (+1 total) - 0 pts
Will 10 ranks (+13 total) - 10 pts


See 'Summon Minion'.




30 Equipment Points have been spent as follows:

Combination cell phone/PDA = 2 Masterwork Laptop Computer = 2 Sports Car (Alpine A110) = 7 Undercover Vest (bought in concern for the future) = 4 Masterwork Wardrobe* = 4

  • Not in the gamebook, I am defining a wardrobe as a broad selection of exquisitely tailored clothing suitable for most social occasions or events and providing a +2 bonus to appropriate interaction skill checks.

(Total = 19)

Clark recently received a large commission on a deal he was able to broker utilizing his enhanced abilities and has bought a condo consisting of several floors of a skyscraper in downtime New York, equipped with a host of conveniences.

Skyscraper Condo Size: Large, Toughness: 10 Features: Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Garage, Library, Living Space, Security System. (11 pts.)

Shadowtroll Stats[edit]

POWER LEVEL: PL8 / 120 pp


Living shadows.


The Shadowtrolls are almost certainly in some way reflective of Clark's subconscious. However, they're not very communicative and their thoughts often remain a mystery, even to Clark.


STR: 10
DEX: 20
CON: 18
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

Total 18 pts.


Notice 7 (+7)
Search 8 (+8)
Stealth 13 (+18)

7 pts (28 ranks)


Attack Focus Melee 8
Dodge Focus 8

Total 16 points


Immunity 7 (Fear, Starvation, Suffocation (all), cold, vacuum, sleep) - 7 pts

Supermovement 2 (wall crawling, Slithering) – 4 pts

Insubstantial 4 (vulnerable light) – 20 pts

Concealment 4 (All visual senses; -1 only in shadows) – 4 pts

Speed 2 (shadowtrolls can dart from place to place at 25 mph) – 2 pts

Teleport 8 (medium: shadow -1; PFs: Progression 4 to 2500 lbs) - 12 pts AP: Darkness Control 6 - 1 pt

Supersenses (Darkvision) 2 - 2pts

Comprehend 2 (Understand all Languages, Read All Languages - 2 pts

Strike 8 - 8 pts

Protection 4 - 4 pts

Regeneration 6 (Disabled 2, Recovery Bonus +4) – 6 pts (When destroyed, a Shadowtroll can make a recovery check every hour to regenerate inside Clark, with a +4 bonus to checks.)

All powers = 7 + 4 + 20 + 4 + 2 + 13 + 2 + 2 + 8 + 4 +6 = 72 pts


Base Attack/Defense[edit]

Base Attack +0 - 0 pts.
Defense +0 - 0 pts.


Attack: Strike +8, DC 23 Toughness Save
Defense: 18 (10 flatfooted)
Toughness Save: +8


Reflex 0 ranks (+5 total) - 0 pts
Fortitude 7 ranks (+11 total) - 7 pts
Will 4 ranks (+4 total) - 4 pts


Drawback: Mute - 4 pts


Abilities 18pp + Skills 7pp + Feats 16pp + Powers 72pp + Combat 0pp + Saves 11pp – Drawbacks 4pp = 120pp