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Doug Gardner is a fairly lithe, fairly scrawny young boy. With noodle arms, wispy legs and a tiny bit of stubble on his chin. His hair is deep black and his face is typically in a calm, quizzical manner. He's most often noticeable by the various DnD books he keeps under his arm at most times.

Artificer: Doug remains mostly the same. Only now he has a pair of goggles on over his forehead and wears a studded leather armor that is hanging with various knick-knacks and trinkets. Occasionally he wears heavier armor over his left arm or legs, but this is only so that he can apparently augment them with powers.

Barbarian: Doug suddenly seems to grow a foot taller and his once scrawny and lithe form gains twice his weight in muscle. Doug's hair grows out to his shoulder and his clothing turns into a tanned animal skin with various bones hanging off him. A wicked axe is typically slung over his shoulder.

Bard: Doug gains a goatee and mustache and his physical beauty seems to enhance ten fold. He gains a poise and elegance to him that cannot be matched and his voice becomes smooth, calm and sensual. His clothing changes into a kaleidoscope of bright, vibrant colors and he gains a mandolin on his back.

Cleric: Doug becomes cleanly shaven and gains a much straighter posture. He wears heavy looking armor and carries around a large collection of holy symbols on his waist.

Druid: Doug suddenly gets a longer beard and a much calmer look to him. His clothing changes into a combination of darkwood bark and some bits of tree leaves. His hair grows out to his back and he gets a tall, long staff along with a pair of tiny technicolor glasses.

Fighter: Doug gets a scar over his right eye and a much more rough and tumble look to him. He wears old, worn looking metal armor and carries over a dozen weapons on his back. Each one looking worn down and dirty, but still as sharp as the day they were bought.

Monk: Doug becomes shirtless, gains a pair of worn out white pants and a staff on his back. Several tattoos adorn his body and he once again gains a muscular physique to him.

Paladin: Doug gains metal armor again and is clean shaven once more. This armor is a combination of silver and gold and he gains a longsword which glows brightly as light shines on it. He stands taller than ever now. With a look of pride in his face.

Ranger: Doug gains a 5'oclock shadow and a green hood and cloak over his body. He wears studded leather armor again and has a cunning yet playful grin on his face. He gains an incredibly odd weapon from this. A double edged scimitar with a bow-string tied to the tips of both blades, giving it both the statistics of a sword AND a bow.

Rogue: Doug gets a black cloak and a 5'oclock shadow again. Doug suddenly hunches over and looks less-assuming than anyone else in a room. Almost as though he were part of the scenery. The shadows contrast his face much harder than before. His armor this time is a normal chain mail and he holds a knife in his hand that has a completely black colored blade.

Warlock: Doug gets a maliceful, almost evil grin on his face and his arms spark and crackle with untapped elderitch energy. He gets a goatee again but this one seems more evil and dangerous than before and he changes into a pair of purple and black robes.

Wizard: Doug gets a book, a pair of glasses and a blue robe. He has a much more inquisitive look in his eyes. Although he seems bored half the time.


As Doug. He has a passing interest in most things but a great love of fantasy and fantastic stories. Doug is generally fun, easygoing and ready to please. Although he's easily persuaded and pretty easy to annoy. He does a lot of research so he probably knows about most adventurers and such in the world.

Artificer: Doug becomes much more interested in the mechanical side of things. Constantly asking how things work, what enchantments are used or how people gain the powers that they do. If shown a mechanical or magical device (or farbeit BOTH) he will most likely have the thing taken apart in a matter of minuets just to see how it works.

Barbarian: Doug thinks in much more simple terms. Can you eat something? Is it hostile? Is it an ally? What does it want from me? He doesn't ponder on the deeper meaning of things and prefers to answer questions as simply as possible. And when exposed to a threat he has only one answer: break it in as hard as you can. Doug isn't STUPID in this form. Far from it, he can actually be rather clever. It's just that he would rather focus his mental efforts on better ways to enjoy life than discovering some deeper meaning to it.

Bard: One word: Womanizer. In Bard form, Doug loves the ladies and with his charisma and charming ability, the ladies love him. He could easily persuade any woman in the school right into his bed while in this form but thus far he's held himself back enough to not go completely over the edge. Suffice to say, Bard Doug understands what makes women swoon better than anyone and he is perfectly willing to charm people who come up to him.

Cleric: Doug gains a much more hellfire and brimstone attitude toward religion. To him: there is black and white, there is good and evil and his mission is to punish it. He will take unnecessary harsh (sometimes borderline) evil actions to accomplish this goal. However he's been able to hold himself in check to remember that there is a line you can cross.

Druid: Doug becomes a hippie. Plain and simple. He no longer cares about conveniences of technology and seeks simply to enjoy nature in all of it's splendor. Taking from the trees. Talking with the animals. And generally enjoying the natural world. He also becomes much more laid back about most things. Preferring to think that there's no such thing as good or evil and that we're all apart of some great natural balance.

Fighter: Doug becomes much more grizzled and hard headed. Constantly using military slang and reminding everyone that making foul ups gets you killed on the battlefield. He becomes partway drill-sergeant. Partway Solid Snake.

Monk: While Doug's druid form is more laid back. His monk form is much more at peace with the concept of balance. He seeks to train his body and mind in all things and as such is almost completely content with whatever life gives him. Always calm, never panicking, and always with a good euphemism or saying.

Paladin: Doug becomes an epitome of "White knight". Constantly willing to take blows for ladies, upholding chivalry, believing in the power of good and always respecting those who are good. In this form, Doug almost becomes a super-enhanced version of his normal self. As he's even more kind, good natured and helpful. But is also very easy to fool and trick. The only difference is that if he is fooled he will no doubt avenge his honor in the most violent way possible (the book of Paladin code specifically says this is OK).

Ranger: Doug becomes a daredevil and risk taker. Constantly goading enemies or fooling them with cunning or wit. He throws off one-liners, makes wisecracks and generally makes banter whenever he can.

Rogue: Doug suddenly speaks in short, simple terms and becomes much more interested in the acquisition of wealth than he was before. To say he becomes greedy would be wrong as Doug merely sees wealth as a fringe benefit. The competition and the ability to say "I outwitted you and took your stuff" becomes top priority and he is willing to do anything to see others get flustered by his own wits.

Warlock: Doug losses almost all morality like this. He suddenly becomes a dark, dangerous and almost entirely malevolent entity like this. Constantly destroying anything in his path or anyone in his way. He loses almost all regard for human life and seeks to simply satisfy his own insatiable hunger.

Wizard: Doug becomes aloof and absent minded. Loosing much of what you would call "wisdom" in the favor of intelligence. Doug becomes incredibly booksmart like this and can easily quote nearly any passage of any book if you tell him the line and the page number. However he becomes much more prone to forgetting other bits of information, even important ones like: there's a giant monster plotting to end the world.


By himself. Doug has no powers other than the ability to turn into his alternate forms. However he can only do so while concentrating and it takes him about 6 seconds to do so. So switching in the middle of combat is nearly impossible for him.

Artificer: Doug can augment any object with supernatural powers and build practically anything.

Barbarian: Doug becomes much hardier, powerful and strong. He also gains the ability to rage and the ability to notice when he's about to be attacked.

Bard: Doug gains super-persuasion powers and his music can alter the emotions of anyone listening. Doug can convince anyone of anything in this form and he can also inspire others with his word.

Cleric: Doug gains the ability to heal and boost others and himself. He also gains the ability to call on different deity's for help. Working as a sort of "freelance" cleric. He can gain nearly any power, depending on what god answers his prayers.

Druid: He can control animals, manipulate plants, summon elementals (and control the elements) and even change his shape.

Fighter: Doug is a tactical expert like this and practically impossible to beat in weapon combat. He can use practically any weapon as though he were born with it and can also teach and lead an attack almost perfectly.

Monk: Like this, Doug is nearly impossible to beat in hand-to-hand combat. His sheet power and speed when unarmed cannot be matched.

Paladin: Like this. Doug is most effective against evil opponents. Both a combination of fighter and cleric, he's truly devastating against demons or undead.

Ranger: Doug is fair in woodland guerrilla warfare, sniping and sword combat. He has some of druids abilities to talk to nature but he's mostly a good tracker and fighter.

Rogue: Doug can hide himself and move around practically anywhere invisibly. Doug can also make attacks from the stealth to deal extra damage and he is best at dodging attacks like this.

Warlock: Ironic that the form Doug lacks the most control in happens to be his strongest. Dough's blasts in this form are devastating and can level an entire city block with a snap of his wrist. Not to mention his ability to summon and control demons and the undead.

Wizard: Doug's powers seem almost limitless here. He can transform people into frogs, create bridges from thin air and even call down meteors and asteroids to strike opponents where they stand. If only he wasn't so damn absent minded...


How Doug got the ability to turn into these different forms nobody knows. He's pretty tight lipped about it as well. All that's known is that Doug apparently came from a normal family with normal lives and a fairly normal set of values. None of his family has shown any sign of wizardry or supernatural power. So the exact reason as to how he can do this is still up in the air. It's theorized Doug may have tapped into forces beyond his control, but he assures people who warn him about his powers that they're something he can handle with complete care (except for maybe Warlock but he doesn't use that much...)


Doug joined TIME because he loved the idea of being an adventurer and he figured that he was the best (as in the most versatile) kind of adventurer there was. One who could be any class a DnD book offered. So he joined up for the sole purpose of saying "Look at what I can do! I can be useful as well!"

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