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Michael James Watson As she enters the med bay she finds Lacy and the other three in med beds. Vek sits at a table with a large green man in green chainmail. A hologram of a structure floats in miniature between them.
The green warrior says, "Is this the one?"
Vek nods, "Yes, but the payment is mine. No debt is given from her. "
He says, "Lord Vek, thinks me not greedy? The payment is fair. 3 battle worn shields of steel forged in Amber. Its a small thing you ask and a good one. The payment is fair. Will you allow an introduction?"
"Yes, " Vek says, "by order of rank, Lady Alvah of Amber, Princess of Talgwir, this is Lord Bandal of Crusa, who has stood guard to the High Lord of Chaos. He is a Masoja of Guard. He is going to run our friends up to Tentar for us and keep an eye on them till i can arrange the police to raid the squat."
He rises, bows, "Greetings from the Iron Fences of Crusa."
Lord Badal.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah had replicated herself some clothing a simple summerdress this time.
She made sure Cicero was clean and fed as well before walking back.
Looking at the 4 young people she tilts her head looking slightly guilty. But that feelings goes quickly away seeing the man in green armor.
She stops let the men talk. She then bows her head out of respect.
"Greetings, well met Lord Bandal of Crusa. And thank you for being willing to do this. "
Alvah then looks at Vek.
"I was thinking is it even smart for me to stay here in Randal? This got messy quick. And these... well... kids are the victim of me being careless."

Michael James Watson
Bandal smiles, "Its not a favor. I am being paid. But it is a pleasure to work for someone so deep in Amber. I shall dine well at home with stories of this service."
Vek chuckles, "Give it no mind. Lacy and I have a deal. And the four of them have gotten caught at worse. Blame Arlo for turning it into a circus. Besides, you are looking to race here. A little notoriety can be good for your rep. And..they will have to pretend this was all a big mistake and it gives you an in to the circles of Tentar on your own, not riding Carissa' or Arlo or my coattails. Think about getting an condo the A Arena. Squating in the team lounge is colorful and all.. but its not a long term thing"
Vek says, "In fact, Lacy and the three will probably love the knowledge that they were partying with King Vance of Vulsara's sister. That's big rep. They will almost certainly seek you out again. Sure, you got them in danger. But you got them out too. Life goes on. Besides, You didn't just leave them shadow tossed and forget about them. That's what a lot of your elders, and certainly mine, would have done."
Bandal says, "Yes, reputation is all. Among my people even causal encounters might build reputation. What better currency is there, be it good or bad"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Bandal,
"Ah yes, i heard about the importance of these kind of stories. Well then it is a win-win situation no? "
Turning back to Vek she smiles slightly.
"alright, well i am not much for reputations... i believe when you have a reputation people tend to start have certian expectations, and certain expectations give stress and disappointment for the one time you cannot maintain the image people expect you to have."
She waves her hand back and forth letting Cicero bob along with it.
"It just sounds so tiresome. and i am not to certain about that name the red shadow... Red is not my color. "
Then pauzing for a second she clicks her tongue
"but on the other hand it is nice to not ride on coattails anymore. And it could be a fun little drama when there has to be admitted that i had done nothing wrong ofcourse... "
She blinks to Vek
"NO i would never do that. i took them on a weird as shadow walk, it is my responsibillity to bring them back. and what are 19 bikers... with the help of my little friends the fight went quite fast. "
Alvah chuckles " so it is basically that isn't it? reputations not only for Dufiro, Masoja " inclining her head to Bandal
"Okey i'll stay, i'll see if i can get a place which is probably easier when this thing will come to light that they wrongly accused me and Arlo. From there i'll just do... the things i do i guess. and continue learning cause that is why Arlo and i were here."

Michael James Watson
Bandal says, "Think not that Lord Vek is wrong. Many elders in Chaos would have just killed these 4 or left them without a second consideration for the lives lost. That they worry you speaks well of you Princess Alvah. "
Vek says, "The Dufirosim are misunderstood by many in power. They think them slaves, abyssals. Mostly the Dufiro are merchants. Not good or evil. Though there are those that are good and evil in all the races. Even Death and War."
Bandal says, "Of course a predilection for good or evil is inherent in certain races. There are few good Masoja of Death. There are few evil Masoja of Life. And nearly all the Wisher Masoja are good, in general, if not aloof"
he goes on, "It is a common view among our people that we can tell the trader by his usage. Many Avasa or Masoja are bound against their wills. Then when they break free they must try to gain something for reputation's sake. Thats why so many stories of us rest on our being violent or cruel. Why not? A wizard binds a Masoja of Warfare against his will, for no payment, and when he breaks free he ravages the wielder, siezing what power he can. A workman is worth his hire. But then he is marked as violent or murderous. Yet the same Masoja might well have given long and good service for a fair price. It is the wizards that make our reputations cruel. Some of us bask in even such reputations"

Amber Bronkhorst
Smiling to Bandal she nods "Thank you again, well yes i know in some things i am the odd one out in the family. But i don't mind. They are my ways and i stick with them. Perhaps that should be a part of that reputation... the red shadow... who cares... "
Alvah laughs.
Turning to Vek she frowns.
"Yes Jurt explained that to me when we were dealing with a young Knowledge one. He also explained the names to me who that works and what is proper in conversations, dealings and summoning. "
Listening to Bandal she nods
"that does sound wrong yes, but i understand the need of reputation then. "
Alvah grins and asks if the elementals want to come play.
"well if it wasn't for these four the fight would have been way harder. I owe them. and i promised we could soon dance again. So i might be doing that first. "
She then looks seriously at Bandal
"I never make promises, but, i am commited to learn more about Dufirosim, apparantly unknowingly i was already surrounded by a few. "

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "Oh some of the family would think as you. Gerard, Julian. Hamilton. In fact most the Amberites who serve in Mandalay would have behaved as you, considering the lives of these 4. and the lives taken, those were put at risk by the beings themselves."
Bandal, "Yes, names are all. You know my conversational name, my personal or common one, but speak it a thousand times in shadow and i would never know.. My calling name i would hear used. If it spoke a request i might attend. MY summoning name is in the book and its how we are called to service. My binding name may force me and being forced, i may commit horrors against my will and at the cost of my reputation"
Bandal.."of course...We come by names in many ways.. I feel 4 unnamed baby elementals attached to you. If you name them, they will grow stronger. In time they will grow enough to need a tome written for their Spirit Race. You can facilitate that in time. Such is how my race grows. Once spirits though, you would have to bargain for their service but your aid to them would make the price a pittance"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up at Vek she smiles
"well that is actually good to know. Gerard seems like a decent guy, rest i haven't met yet. Perhaps in time. "
Turning to Bandal she nods
"Yes, names are very important. It is actually sad to realize that within the Dufirosim there are such a way to forcefully bind. LIke you said Lord Bandal to probably commit action which would go directly against what you would actually do. "
Alvah conciders things a moment she then nods
"so if i name my four friends they will grow and become more their own person? and personality? are there other things i should know to help them?" Shrugging she says
"i do not care that i would have to bargain when they grow, i feel that they should grow as they wish to grow. And if i can help them i will, if that changes our relationship at a point so be it. "
Booping Cicero on the nose she grins
"everything is susceptible for change. Change is movement and if movement stops things start to go stagnant and rot. "

Michael James Watson
He says, "Yes, giving them names is easy and they will grow into them. So make them fair. Elementals like performing their form. Yours are probably clumsy. rambunctious, undisciplined. They can't maintain corporeal form long. A name would at least make them longer lasting. In fact, I would consider it an honor, and an addition to both our reputations, if I aided in your naming them. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide
"i think that would be a fantastic idea! If it helps my friends grow, then i gladly accept your aid naming the little elementals. And what better way for me to learn a bit more."
Her eyes then travel to the four on the medbeds
"But shouldn't they first be brought to the place so they will return safely home? Or do you need more time Vek to make sure the authorities get there in a short time?"

Michael James Watson
Vek looks at Ban, "Well?"
He says, "Princess, Alvah, let us name them first. IT will take but a moment., My effort in placing and guarding these 4 might take time. Hours at least, and may include my handling threats. It speaks well that you call them friends.. Call them forth and lets see them"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs "Alright!"
She then holds her hands invitingly up as she did before the fight calling them to her.
"come on out and play the four of you. "
She makes sure that Cicero is tightly around her arm and shoulder in case of sudden gusts of wind.
Looking up to Bandal she smiles a fond smile remembering now the fun they had when she was a child
"According to Nur, they have been my friends for a long time, since my early youth. "
When they appear she smiles at them greeting each of them.

Michael James Watson
Bandal looks at them, then stops, "Nur? The Dufrieanalat gifted these to you? I see. Yes.. One of the 4 main lines. So.. what shall you call them? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Bandal and nods
"he said he once summoned these to play and i bound them myself. or well like he explained it was more like kittens seeking out their favorite person to play with." She laughs.
Then looks at Vek.
"Do you know the earth movie 3 men and a baby? apparantly kind of true for me."
She then turns her attention back to her elemental friends. HOlding her hand out to the earth one she says..
"i'm thinking Menos, it means Force and strength, and that is something what really showed earlier. "
Gesturing to fire she smiles
"Was concidering Sindri, a name given also to the spark that created Mjolnir. "
She grins at Air
"Choros, because of their love to dance. Even with wounded people. The name was given to a legendary dancer in ancient times. on the shadow i grew up in." Chuckling softly.
Holding her hand out to the water one she nods
"and for you i was thinknig Mayaan. origin from Hebrew an old language where my name is from as well, Mayaan means spring of water and life"
She looks at them all and then to Bandal
"What do you think?"

Michael James Watson
He nods..."So has been recorded in the halls of Fire, Water, Air and Stone. And for my fee, i want a holovid of this movie, Threemen and the Baby..." He laughs, as does Vek.
Ban says, "In truth they are fine names. Worth to grow into. Now that i see them i know the truth of it. They bound themselves, a common thing, after they were called by the Dufrieanalat to amuse you. It is possible he called many different ones many times if dancing you was a common thing for him. It is a common practice among my people and I have done it myself with my own children. These are new. Come from the wells. They are not children born, such as my concubines and I have had. If you treat them well, they will serve you well. They will grow knowing your treatment. The Dufrieanalat is mercurial but wise. In truth, if you wish to pay me for this service, tell the Dufrieanalat i witnessed the naming. Honor is reputation. Now.. I must go. Lord Vek, a pleasure doing business with you."
He and the 4 disappear

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles "i'll arrange a holovid for you. No problem."
Listening to Bandal his explanation she nods and looks proud at her four friends who now have names.
After Bandal leaves with the four she looks at Vek.
"Well didn't know i would learn this much today. Thank you as well Vek for helping me out with the four i dragged along with me in shadow. Happy tha tis going to be resolved soon. "
She then looks sideways to Vek
"do i owe you anything for that? We do not really know each other and i just want to make sure there is no miscommunication between us. I did cost you a gig i think, you were performing weren't you? when i reached you by trump?"

Michael James Watson
"A gig? I own the club. And the building, and much of the for owing me...not payment. No. Just consideration. Someday I might need your consideration. When that day comes, weigh my crimes against my kindnesses. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles she then nods
"alright your place. got it. still a shame that your performance was interupted. "
She then frowns a moment and raises an eyebrow
"Concideration, hm yes, you will have that. When the time comes. Should i worry about you now? Are you expecting certain trouble to come your way, or is this more the just in case when it happens?"

Michael James Watson
"I am not expecting anything to happen. But isn't that always when it does? My relationship with Amber is fragile. I'm on good terms with Random, Bleys, and Caine. Gerard detests me as an agent provocateur. Vance is so deeply in my debt that it might be enough to save me from an executioner's block. I've hadd little experience with Delwin, but i know to be respectful of his powers. Having his daughter thenk well of me can't hurt."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Very well i can understand that and absolutly appreciate that. Hmm well i still have some quesions you might answer then. "
She smiles leaning back against a wall.
"You know about the Bursain deck right? Did you know you are in it now? it changed not to long ago. Any clue what that might mean?"

Michael James Watson
"Yes, i have a deck.. I was made aware i was in it. My understanding is that the forces of shadow effect it according to certain powers regarding the Sigil of Bursain. Trump decks are potent tools, especially ones connected to high order inscriptions. There is a suggestion that anyone listed in a deck isn't really dead. There are at least 4 known dead Amberites not listed in the deck. They died on the pattern. The Bursain deck changes frequently and i think whoever has the red sword is prompting it. Did you know you are now in the Azcala Deck?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"What i understood of the Bursain deck, that it has to do with two camps the blue and green and who is involved with who to get teh rock gaurd right? and what will happen with it? It even came in some people their visions, did you know that Bene.... "
Alvah stops and backtracks what Vek says
"You say what? there is an Azcala deck? i am in the Azcala deck? how do you know? and are they workable trumps?"

Michael James Watson
Vek pulls out a leather box in a production move. He rolls it open. In it are a number of decks. Some he pulls out and lays before her, some he taps as he talks.
"King Random's Deck. A King Oberon Deck, The Deck of Monsters, The Pirate Deck, the Hero's Deck, the Mandalay Deck, The Hellmaidens of Hendrake Deck, the Bursain Deck, The Azcalan Deck, the Alamond Deck, the Deck of Realms, The Deck of Useful Things. A Blank Deck."
He picks up the King Random Deck, the Pirate Deck, the Bursain deck, and the Azcalan Deck, and with a one handed shuffle cut sets each down with part of a dek up and part of it facing down and Alvah's card in all of them on the top
"And two more. A Deck of the Courts, which i am in. And My own deck, of trumps i have created"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah follows Vek his movements as he shows the decks when he cuts the decks and reveals all of her trumps on top she stares at them.
"how the fuck did my trump end up in the Azcala deck? they couldn't just have gotten it right? who controls that deck?"
She frowns looking up at Vek.
"Can the Azcalan's use these trumps? as in should i soon expect a call from my mother?"
She smiles but it is a bit of a painful smile.

Michael James Watson
"I think Cihalas is Tonacat's trump master. Yes, these are working trumps. My contact in Azcala, who gave me one of his decks, says that the feel of the deck opening is distinctive. like a habenaro sauce in the mind. He tells me that the way these trumps are made they do not allow mind to mind attacks because so many of the people in them are batshit crazy enough to try zorching each others brains for the hell of it. Delwin went into Azcala, did some stuff, and got out. Then this card appears in the Azcala deck.. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles
"so you know fully my heritage and all that? since you know exactly who my mother is. "
Staring at the trumps she nods
"ofcourse she is the trump master, so she knows i am in there, possible she put me in the trump deck then. And good to know that if i feel spicy in the head that it is from Azcala. " she can't help but chuckle at that thought.
"So it is just for contact like the basics, can you travel through them if a person invites you? Because if the person would refuse it would become an mind attack right. FOrce of will... psyche."
Stretching she groans.
"yes yes i know dad went to Azcala, he was in a tower of some sorts. it is that Vance and i trumped him that we were able to get him back to Vulsara. Wait.... could it be that i set foot in Azcala? that that changed things? cause dad was attacking some woman, she pulled Vance and me through the trump while stopping dad. So i was in Azcala for a few minutes while Vance got us out again. "

Michael James Watson
"I assume the Azcala deck is a transport deck. I can't open it. You don't have one of these do you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head.
"no i got the standard king Random's deck two of them. the pirate deck the bursain deck. and apparantly i have some extra cards which Vance and dad found weird... but honestly, this whole trump business is a bit.... weird. "
She reaches in her pockets and finds her own decks.
"and they look like tarot cards... why. can you cast fortune or advice with it?"

Michael James Watson
He picks up the Azcala deck.
"I'm a practiconer so i treat them carefully. I don't try reading fortunes using them because i know what forces empower them and i don't want those forces thinking they can guide my actions more then they already do. Asking them a question might get an answer you don't like."
He hands her the deck, "Take it. You have more need of it then I do. Its just a collector's item to me."
He peals a card off the blank deck. Scrawls on it. Handing it over its a rough picture of him.
"This is a Force Card. It will call me immediately. I am strong enough to refuse the summons but if you use it, i will come"

Amber Bronkhorst
Hesitantly she takes the deck.
"thank you Vek but, honestly i do not know how close i should get to that side of the family. "
SHe looks a bit uncomfortable.
"you know that one of the major theories is they want to just use me, together with the rock guard so Azcala won't be a squiggle anymore. "
Alvah smiles at the rough picutre of Vek.
"wow, that is fast. thank you. handy to have a panic button like that with a strong person like you. " Alvah winks.
Then a sigh follows. she flicks through the Azcala deck. watching the picture.
"at one side i just want to confront, on the other side, i know it could be very well suicide. Benedict was afraid that next to being sanctified they also had done a blood thing which would prepare me as a priest. They have several diamond hearts of me. Which can form a problem.. And still.."
She looks at the card with the sigil, recognizing it from Xozla when he held it up and remembering the appeal she felt to it.
"And yet it somewhere calls..."

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "If you find yourself in trouble in Azcala, faced with a dangerous royal say, call on Quetzal. He may not come but the fear he might is enough to scatter many of the royals. If you are near death call on Chicomecoatl. She is not of the Tonacat faction but is the goddess farmers. She will be sure you are fed and none of the royals, even Tonacat will cross her because everyone needs to eat. If you are in the presence of the Red Sword call me."
He stands and get a bottle from the med lab and pours two beakers of bright red alcohol.
"I would like to get my hand on one of those hearts again. A lot to learn from them. Also, Chaos hates Azcala almost as much as Amber hates Azcala. Im not sure why. A lot of the early years of the realm are scrubbed from history and as much study as i have done, in real terms i am still quite young. Less then 70 years in Amber."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah takes the beaker and sits down in a chair. She listens and repeast the names in her head so she won't forget. it seems information that might save her life.
taking a sip from the bright red alcohol she then looks at Vek thougthfully
"what would you want to do with such a heart? I know where one is. But it depends what you would do with it. And i wondered that why so much hate other then the sacrificing and the constant hate towards Amber, Tonacat really has something crawling up his ass about that. "
She then blinks hearing his age
"that doesn't sound that old no. but Chaos moves faster right? Time is so freaking confusing. the Shadow i was stranded on with Lacy. time was bonkers there.
But i digress, thank you for sharing those names with me. Doesn't matter if those people would come. if it gives me a breather to get out or some space between me and them that is already a great help. "
Swirling the red alcohol in the beaker a grin appears on her face.
"guess i have to get there soon anyway. Recover something and pick someone up who is still there. and who knows maybe i'll see the red sword there. There is talk it might be in Azcala. "

Michael James Watson
"THose hearts are potent.. Im not sure what can be done with them but i thinks its safer to know then be surprissed"

Amber Bronkhorst
Watching Cicero slither over her arm and hand holding him up to her face she nods slowly
"I have one, well not with me, it is safe in Vulsara base with someone i trust. I know Vance and Celakat want to study it to. Maybe if you all work together on it. You will surely find answers quicker. " she sips the drink again.
"do you need the one whose heart it is as well?"

Michael James Watson
Vek chuckles, "Vance and I might want to study different things."
He sips, "As for Needing who it belongs do, no idea. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"then again my question what exactly do you wnat to study. look you probably guessed it. but i have one of my own hearts. It is being kept safe. I am willing to have it studied for certain things, but i have also seen what it can do Untara showed me. "
Alvah smiles
"So i'm sure you can undersatnd i want to be careful. That is why i said you can perhaps work together with Vance and Celakat. they want answers to. and i am actually a willing person from Azcalan blood and a mix of Amber blood to sit my ass down adn be studied. "

Michael James Watson
"Let us just say then that I don't want to study your heart. Not in a magical way, at least. There are a lot of types of research Vance and Celakat can not do. Such as in the Hendrake hall of Sorcerers. They study battle magic there. Right now Vance has a bigger price on his head in Chaos then just about anyone. My own part in the Abyssal Affair with Vance has been ruled on and it led to my being officially released from fealty to Chaos. But i am still in favor with the house. Such things change quickly but certain things can only be researched in Chaos."

Amber Bronkhorst
Sitting back listening she slowly nods.
"I see, well perhaps we can get another one for you. They keep making them. Even with dad his daring escape and getting Acolna out with his mate. Acolna casualy cut the heart out of his mother. "
Alvah shakes her head
"Just so weird."
Sipping the drink she flicks through the trumps again. Everytime she sees her mother she stops a bit longer to look at her. Actually seeing an image of her for the first time.
She can see what Hagalta meant that they look similar here and there.
She tries to compare the image with the small fragile memories she has of her past.
The woman yelling and trying to beat Yeni, where Alvah stepped in to protect. The woman in her memories. The blurry non descript face.
She tries to fit it. Now she has an image.

Michael James Watson
"My contact is religious. So getting a heart from her is unlikely. She comes from one of the less bloody regions though. They practice symbolic sacrifice. They practice animal sacrifice in the process of preparing meat for service. Once a century they commit human sacrifice. Then its a volunteer, not a royal. She says she knows the ritual and if i happen to capture certain royal i should call her. I have not entered Azcala personally"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Yeah heard other regions hold diffferent type of saxrifice, some just use a tomato as symbology. Much healthier choice."
Her fingers carres the surface of the trumps as she speaks feeling if it feels the same as the other trumps.
"I am sure i'll be there soon enough. Which royal is that by the way? Since i can emergency call you. Maybe i can help out there to."

Michael James Watson
"Well, come on downstairs if you like. I have a GiG..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up from her pondering she nods
"Alright. But won't i get arrested for the kidnapping of certain young people? Either way would still love to see and hear you play."